1. concert


This story begins in 2013.

Letst start first.

I'm bri irwin.

Yess the sister of ashton irwin

But nobody can know it.

For the hate .

Even the ather members of 5sos don't know my.

I'm 18 years.

Live in england.

Same whit my best friend.

Katie she is 18.

I'll cal here mutch kate idk whay.

The best friend ever.

We meet on the internet.

She is a ashton girl.

When i here it i did my best for not to laugh

Letst start


Pov bri



Yess kate?

I won 2 meet and greets whit.

5sos and 1D.

Awh kate i'm so happy for ya.

Weirdo you go whit my.

Ow ya yeey😁.

Now i see my brother back.

Shuld he know my.

Hmm yess its only 1 year.

Bri bri i gone meet fucking ashton what dress shuld i take.

Katie take tht dress whit ashton is my drugs and his ass is my dealer he gone like it.

Bri are ta shure.

Yess 100% katie.

And bri you shuld take stressed depressed luke hemmings is pengiun obsessed.

Haha okey kate.



Oh god today the day of the consert.

See my brother back.

Bri time to wake up.

Grrrr katie wanna sleep.

But in 1 hour com the car.

The car the car??

Ow wait the car who bring us to it okey katie i'll be ready in 30 min.

Oki i'll waiting.

A hour later the car was there.

Here we go

To my brother

To the consert.


This is my first story

So hope you like it

The nexst part com's tomorrow promises

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