Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

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28. I know I can love you much better than this, it's better this way

"Do you have your passport?"




"Plane tickets?"

"I've got everything mom, stop worrying! Come on we'll be late to the airport"

On Sunday morning mom paid for dad to be bailed. Toms nose was broken so after questioning he was taken to hospital. When she phoned the E.R to see if he was still there he had left but he didn't come home. Coward.

We got through Sunday as best as we could and dad, Jodie and I all consoled mom whilst she cried because Jodie was leaving and because the reality of Toms infidelity had hit her like a hurricane that destroyed everything in its way.

What did I do Sunday? I wished time could have stayed still, that somehow the hours would drag and I could hold onto Luke that little bit longer but all too soon Monday came and whether I was ready or not, time would keep moving, the world would keep on turning and I would somehow, just barely, continue to survive.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us?"

"I don't like saying goodbye, I would just embarrass you anyway by crying"

Jodie agrees and then hugs me one last time "so you know the rules don't you?"

"Yep, I can't have your room, the only clothes I can wear are the ones you've put in my wardrobe and I most definitely can't borrow any of your shoes, even though your feet are bigger than mine anyway" Jodie laughs and we both stand there awkwardly whilst dad puts her bags into the car

"Oh C, before I forget I have left you something in my room, it's on my desk. It's the phone number for Jean my personal trainer, I've also made you a little diet plan as you know what they say. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!"

I widen my eyes and look at the car

"You need any help dad?"

"No, Everything is sorted. Thanks though Angel. Jodie, colleen, you ready?"

Jodie takes a look at the house and genuinely smiles. She blows me an air kiss and then we say goodbye one last time. I watch Luke and jack pack his things into the Range Rover and I hold my arms tightly around me, like somehow they are going to comfort me. They don't. Jodie, mom and dad are going to the airport and jack and Luke are following in their moms car

"You kids ready?" Dad calls down to them and Luke throws his case into the trunk before walking towards the house

"Calum's coming over, he's literally a few minutes away. I'll catch up"

Jodie tuts and then pouts at him

"I'm leaving now so I can look through duty free. Luke, baby, You have five minutes to say goodbye, we have a plane to catch"

"I know, I'll be right behind you" I didn't know if the Calum thing was a lie but right on queue he comes running around the corner. Jodie gives Cal a brief hug and then I watch her get into the car. After one last wave dad starts the engine and they leave for the airport.

"Man I'm so sorry, I overslept. I can't believe you're leaving, it doesn't seem real" Luke kindly smiles at Calum and then playfully pushes him

"Dude stop, I will cry and you will never let me live it down. You're my best friend, I'll be home for holidays and whenever I can afford a plane ticket. It won't be too long before I'm back"

Calum laughs and then wipes his eyes "shit, I think I've got allergies! Text me when you get there"

"Of course I will. See you soon Cal" they shake hands and then Luke pulls him in for a hug "please look after her"

Calum looks at me as Luke steps away and nods his head "I'm going to go and distract jack, that should give you a few minutes" I watch him walk down the path but I don't want to be alone with Luke, I don't know if I'm brave enough or strong enough for this. He takes my hand and then he leads me to the porch where we sit down on the steps

"I have something for you" he reaches into his pocket and then places his iPod into my hands "I know you have your own but this one is mine, I spent all night putting songs on it, songs that reminded me of you, of us"

"It's perfect Luke, thank you. I don't have anything for you, I didn't think -"

"You gave me more than I could ask for, more than I could have wished for. I don't need anything else" I look at the sky and blink away the tears "Carly, do you think in a parallel universe we are together?"

I wipe my eyes and then look at him. The tears in his eyes reflect my pain and now we both know how hard letting go truly is "I know we would be together, and right now you wouldn't be going anywhere without me, because we are meant to be, We are Luke. It was just the wrong place, wrong time, wrong circumstances. I hate this, we should be together" I hold my head in my hands and the sobs make my body shake "I feel like I can't breathe, I'm not ready. I'm not ready to lose you"

He moves so he's kneeling in front of me and he gently pulls my hands away from my face. The tears are streaming down his cheeks and I banish them away with my finger tips

"I love you Carly, I wish I would have said these words everyday. I love you so much. I will find my way back to you, and when I do I don't expect you to be waiting, but I will fight for you. Don't forget, please don't forget" he desperately holds my cheeks in his hands and my fingers entwine in his hair bringing his mouth to mine. The kiss is urgent, painful, but I don't care, my emotions are shutting down and I'm not sure I can feel anything other than pain anyway

"Dude, I'm sorry, jacks ready to go" I hear Calum's voice at the end of the drive and Luke breaks away but kisses my cheeks, my neck and my forehead, like he's mentally remembering the way my skin feels on his lips

"I love you Luke" he rests his forehead on mine and we stay like this for the few more seconds we have left. Calum calls Luke again and we both sigh that this is it, times up

"I've got to go. Please, never forget. Promise me that"

"I told you, my memory is long"

"I'm counting on it" his lips softly part mine and for the last time he kisses me. He stands up and wipes his face and I hold his hand as I try and get my balance. He looks at me, as though he's waiting for me to give him one reason to stay, but one reason is not enough to outweigh all the reasons why he should go, so I silently tell him that it's ok, I'm ready now

The Range Rover pulls up and jack leans against the horn "come on bro you're gonna miss your flight"

Luke holds my hand and he goes to pull me nearer but then he composes himself, like he's remembered that this was the plan, we had just never anticipated that either of us would want to go through with it. He lets go of my hand and it falls to my side. He lets out a deep breath and then shakes his head. He's ready

"See ya Carly"

"Goodbye Luke"

I manage to hold myself together until the Range Rover disappears out of the street. I feel Calum's arms around me as he holds my mentally broken body whilst I cry for Luke. Time passes, I'm not sure how long, but he never comes back. I have no more tears left to give but I like the comforting feeling of having Calum here

"Carly, are you ok?"

"Do me a favour? Can you ask me that tomorrow?"

We get into my truck and I start the engine

"Are you ok to drive?"

"I'm ok, I just want to hang out if you're not busy? I don't want to be alone right now"

"Of course we can. I'll do whatever you want to do. I'm here for you Carly, that's what friends are for"

I start the engine and pull out into the street. The roads are clear, like they are silently telling me I can take whatever path I want to. But all that's left to do now ... Is drive

The End

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