Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

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8. 8

It's official. I'm in hell. I try to open my eyes but they stay firmly shut. My mouth feels disgusting, like I've swallowed a cat. It's like the roof of my mouth and the inside of my cheeks are covered in fur. I need water, I need it now. I always keep a bottle of water on the bedside table. I reach over and my hand hits off the surface a few times. No water. I'm going to choke on my own tongue at this rate. My hand flaps around on the surface for a few more minutes but nothing. It's empty. I slowly open one eye and the room sways. The same way it does when I'm on the boat with dad and Jennifer. But wait ... This isn't the boat. This isn't my room. This isn't even my room at my moms house. Where. The. Hell. Am. I? I look down at my waist and there is an arm draped over it. What the actual-

I slowly turn over and I'm faced with Luke Hemings who is sound asleep. Oh my gosh I've been kidnapped! Abducted! He is clearly some type of pervert. I sit up too quickly that I'm pretty sure my head is about to leave my neck! I hold onto my hair to steady myself and just like a bad dream, most things come flooding back to me.

The tequila, Luke stopping me from dancing on a kitchen counter, the argument with mom and Tom. Oh no, mom. I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone. Seventy missed calls, thirty text messages and fifteen voice mails. She is going to kill me! Twenty of the calls are off my dad. She must have told him me and Tom had argued. I am in so much trouble. What am I going to do?


The room feels as though it's caving in on me and my ears have this horrible buzzing sound yet somehow I hear his voice. I hold my phone to my chest and close my eyes. This still doesn't explain why I'm here?sleeping in a bed next to my sisters boyfriend. I'm wearing jeans and my vest, this a good sign. Clearly we didn't do the dirty but why was I sleeping next to him? Why am I in the same room as him? Is this is house? His bedroom is different to what I thought it would be?


He voice echoes through the silence again. If my mom and dad don't kill me then I know for a fact Jodie will

"Yes?" My voice is all croaky so I clear it and try and act more normal "I mean, yes Luke?"

"Are you ok?"

Am I ok? Am I ok? No I am not!

"I think so, I mean I feel kind of poorly but I think it's down to the fact that this is a terrible hangover. Nothing two painkillers and water won't cure. Are you ok?"

"Carly, you sound like your mom. Seriously, are you ok?"

I take a deep breath before turning around to face him. Wow he looks good for someone that has just woken up! No Carly no, behave!

"Luke what the hell happened last night? Are we at your house? Why are we in the same bed? Please, please, please tell me we didn't do anything?"

"That's quite a few questions!" He gets out of bed and stretches. His T shirt rises up exposing the lower part of his stomach. I quickly look up at the ceiling. I am in so much trouble

"OK to answer your list. One, you decided to take a nap on the floor so I put you in my car. Then you decided you didn't want to go home. No this isn't my bedroom it's a hotel room obviously, are you still drunk?" He sits down on the bed and the space between us is minimal so I wrap the duvet around myself "And no. We didn't do anything"

I let out a sigh of relief but when I look at Luke he's frowning


"Nothing, it's nothing" he hands me a bottle of water out of the minibar, I literally drink it in one

"So where exactly are we?"

"Mona vale. You didn't want to go home, I did give you the choice. Multiple times in fact"


"So what are you going to do?"

Good question. I just wish I knew the answer!

"I guess I need to go home, get my things and then leave I suppose"

"Good" he idly plays with his lip ring and I'm astonished at how offended I feel


"Good as in the fact at least you know what you are going to do"

"Oh. Right. Excuse me. I'm just going to use the bathroom"

I leave him to watch T.V and when I close the bathroom door and look in the mirror I nearly scream in horror. My mascara has smudged all under my eyes and I resemble something out of the walking dead. The only saving grace to the day is the hotel supplies disposable toothbrushes and a small tube of toothpaste. After washing my face and brushing my teeth I tie my hair into a loose ponytail and go back into the bedroom. Luke is lying on the bed and when he looks up a grin spreads over his face. Oh haha. Yes it's funny I look such a mess isn't it

"So, are you ready to go?"

"Sure" he stands up, putting some money that was on the side into his pocket and then he smiles which takes me off guard. At least he's being friendly "I'm kinda hungry though. Do you want some breakfast before we head back?"

"You read my mind. I'm so hungry" I don't mean to sound so dramatic but I am literally famished! We sit in the car and make our way to wherever we are going in silence but I can't stand it for long

"Have you spoken to Jodie?"

His hands hold onto the steering wheel tighter but he doesn't take his eyes off the road

"Yeah, and your mom. I said I saw you at the party but that was it. I couldn't say that we are together. Can you imagine what they would say?" He looks at me briefly from the corner of his eye but he soon looks away "let's eat here"

He's chosen an American themed pancake diner and the smell of syrup when we walk in makes my mouth water. We find a booth and Luke sits opposite me, handing me a menu to look through. Not that I need to look, I know what I want. A waitress comes over and when Luke smiles at her she shyly pushes a strand of her hair behind her ear

"What can I get you guys?"

"Coffee. Black. Thank you" his voice is clipped but the waitress still smiles at him like he's some sort of Adonis

"And what can I get you?"

Well not food! If he's not eating then I can't, that's humiliating

"Hmm, water, extra ice please"

"Wait, you're not ordering food?"

He sounds like he's in a pissy mood. I should have just suggested we went straight back home

"It's rude to eat if you're not?"

He looks at me with a scowl on his face before turning back to the waitress

"Pancakes, syrup on the side"

She turns to face me and I feel like in heaven some angels are singing a happy tune. Rejoice! I can eat if he is!

"OK, can I get the four stack of pancakes with syrup on the side please? Also can I have a side plate of hash browns with a side plate of eggs scrambled? Also can I change my order of water to English tea please? Thank you" she nods before taking away the menus and Luke laughs

"What's so funny?"

"Carly, you have the appetite of a horse!"

"Excuse me that's really rude!"

"It's not a bad thing. I actually like girls that have an appetite. There is nothing worse than taking a girl out for food and she orders water and a salad. If I wanted that I would date a rabbit, which is wrong. So so wrong. What I meant was, before you took offence, you weigh barely nine stone and yet you eat more than I do! You're as light as a feather. Maybe you should eat more"

"I actually weigh ten stone - wait, how would you know if I felt light or not?"

The waitress puts our drinks down in front of us and Luke leans back in the booth when she leaves

"Well I carried you last night"

"Excuse me?"

"Carly you could barely lift your head let alone walk unaided. What was I meant to do?" He shrugs and I can feel my cheeks burning through sheer humiliation

"Thank you Luke. I'm sorry. Really, really sorry"

I'm on the verge of crying when he unexpectedly leans over and holds my hand. I feel the air leave my lungs too quickly and my mouth slightly parts as I try to compose myself. His thumb makes shapes on my palm and before I can think of what is right or wrong I put my other hand over his. I don't look at him, instead I concentrate on the way his hand feels in mine. How soft his touch is, how he leaves a trace of goosebumps over my skin as his fingers skim against my wrist

"Breakfast is served"

And just like that, the waitress unintentionally ruins the moment

We eat in silence, we don't even talk in the car. The silence is almost defeaning but Luke looks so deep in thought I don't disturb him, that is until we are one block away from our street

"What shall I say?"

He turns the ignition off and leans his hands on the steering wheel

"I've spoken to Calum this morning. Your mom has been there three times. She even searched the house looking for you. Amy bailed, she didn't leave with Ashton so you can't say you were with her? I don't know what you're going to do Carly? But you cannot mention that I was with you. Please!"

I take off my seat belt and go to get out of the car but then shut the door as I turn to face him

"You know what? I'm having possibly the worst, weirdest, strangest most horrible twenty four hours of my life thanks to that argument with mom and Tom and all you can worry about is people knowing you helped me? What is so wrong with that? I am so grateful last night that you were there. God knows what sort of situation I could have woken up to this morning but you were there for me. Why do you act like it repulses you so much? Is what we did so wrong because we didn't do anything Luke, we didn't-"

"Carly stop. Can you imagine what Jodie would say-"

"Stop talking about Jodie. She wasn't here for me you was. I wouldn't say anything to anyone anyway. It's just the principle of how you're making me feel!"

"And how am I making you feel?" His voice raises to the edge of where he's containing shouting at me and as much as I want to dislike him this only ignites more of a desire

"Confused. You make me feel confused OK. One minute it's like you want to be my friend, the next you hate me. Then we aren't meant to be talking to each other but yet you spent all of your night looking after me. It's not because I'm Jodie's sister that you were there for me, there has to be more to it than that?"

His jaw clenches and in one swift move he hits his fist off of the steering wheel. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath


"It's best you get out here, they can't see me dropping you off. I'll call you later to make sure you're ok"

His voice is cold and distant. What happened to that sweet person who was just holding my hand? What happened to that person who looked after me because I know he wanted to not that he felt he had to?

"Carly, I've got to go"

I open the door but pause for a moment hoping he will look at me so maybe I will just get some hint about how he feels. He doesn't look

"Goodbye Luke"

Once I have shut the door he revs the engine and then I watch the Range Rover turn into another street. I'm too numb to cry, too numb to panic, all I know is I need to go home and put an end to all of this. Soon enough I will be back at home with dad and Jennifer and these few days will fade to nothing but a memory. Or so I hope

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