Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

© All rights of this belong solely to the author and it may not be distributed


7. 7

I walk into his chest with such a force I actually stumble backwards. He holds my arm and I steady myself before shrugging my arm out of his grip. He narrows his eyes and then I see his jaw clench as he closes his mouth. I shake my head and go to walk past him but he pulls me back and corners me so my back is against the wall and he stands in front of me

"Luke what on earth do you think you are doing?"

He sighs and then rubs his temples

"You don't want to be here Carly, plus your mom phoned"

I press my back harder against the wall and try and steady my breathing. Being around Luke is like having the oxygen knocked out of you but I don't want him to know he has this effect on me. He shouldn't have any effect on me at all

"Wow, quite the son in law aren't you. Looking after your girlfriends sister. And why shouldn't I be here? I have every right to be. I was invited, the same as everyone else"

"Do you even have the sense of smell? This place wreaks of weed. Don't tell me you smoke it?"

I scrunch up my nose and inhale. OK, I guess I can smell weed. I look past Luke's shoulder and people around me look chilled out, too chilled out, high even. This makes me even more angry. Calum didn't look high, just drunk, but the people he hangs around with, they must be into this sort of stuff I guess? That's what makes my skin crawl, people using drugs this way, especially with what happened ...

"Carly, I'm taking you home"

Luke's voice snaps me out of my dark daydream and I shake my head. No. Amy is here. People I know. Nothing will happen to me I know it

"Shots, shots, shots"

A guy who I have never met walks past with a tray of what looks like tequila and I grab two of the shots off the tray. I hold one up and grin before tipping my head back and downing the drink in one

"You're not clever" Luke's voice is condescending and this annoys me even more so I down the other one for effect

"I never said I was clever, I also didn't know you was such a good boy when it came to pleasing my family. So my mom called you? About what?"

His hand leans against the wall just above my shoulder and he moves in closer

"She said you and Tom had got into a fight and you had gone to see Amy. She is really worried about you. Just go home, please Carly. This place, these parties, they can be toxic"

"You know Luke, I think I actually preferred it when I thought we wasn't going to talk to each other" he steps back wounded by my words and for a fleeting moment I'm about to backtrack, that is until the random person who is handing out tequila walks past again. I grab another two shots off the tray and push past Luke. He lets me leave

Two hours later I hold onto the wall like it's going to stop me from falling. Falling way way down into the floor. Like the floorboards are going to eat me up and I will be dragged into the depths of hell. The rational part of my brain desperately tries to tell me I will be fine and I just need to sleep and drink a litre of water, the drunk part of my brain tells me I've drank too much and I'm going to die. Luke has been like my shadow all night. Watching me with a scowl on his face as I made friends with people I don't know. The people that are smoking weed (although obviously I don't smoke it) and I made friends with the people that seemed to have the endless supply of tequila. Tequila. Just even thinking about the word makes me want to vomit! I hold onto the wall and walk towards what I think is the bathroom. I stumble, I heave, I whimper dramatically. I am never drinking again, if I get through tonight then I will never ever ever ever ever touch another drop of alcohol. This is hell. I put my hands on a door and push it open, I can hear someone talking but the room is in darkness. This isn't the bathroom. How can it not be here? I'm pretty sure it was here last night? Has Calum changed the rooms around? I'm about to walk away but the voice coming from inside is Amy's and curiosity gets the better of me

"I just, I love him, you know what I mean? But we can't be together, not yet anyway. This is messed up. What am I going to do?"

I frown as I hear her voice break. She can't be talking about Ashton surely? No one falls in love with a person after one day! Do they? My thoughts go back to Luke. Where is he? Maybe I should find him and apologise for my behaviour. I feel like he's been babysitting me from afar tonight. Well, he did intervene at one point when I tried to get on the kitchen counter to dance but he had just pulled me down abruptly and then walked away without saying a word. Asshole!

"Here have this, it will make all those thoughts go away" I hear a males voice and without thinking I press my ear against the door to try and hear better. That isn't Ashton's voice, granted I haven't heard him talk much but that is definitely not his voice. Take what? What is he offering Amy? How drunk am I? It feels as though the door is moving and the floor is getting closer to my face. Oh crap it is, I'm falling! I try and put my hands out to break my fall but it's too late. My body hits the carpet with a thud. I'm aware that the side of my head hurts but it feels so good to be laying down. Maybe if I just closed my eyes for a moment ....

Luke's POV

"Carly? Oh shit. Carly are you OK?"

I'm half way up the stairs when I hear Amy's panicked voice so I run up the rest of the stairs two at a time. I'm greeted to two legs sticking out of one of the spare bedrooms and when I see the pink converse I know it's her.

"Wait, you know this chick?"

Rob the local smack head is leaning over her although he's looking at Amy confused. I push him out of the way with a little too much force and he falls back into the wardrobe

"Fuck! Hey man, what's your problem?"

I can't even look at him, I'm too busy watching Amy frantically rubbing her nose

"Luke, I was just talking to Rob. I had no idea she was outside. She just fell, is she OK-"

I lean down and push Carly's hair away from her face. I hold her cheeks in my hands and when I'm positive she's not unconscious or dead I softly shake her

"Carly, Carly it's Luke. Wake up" she stirs beneath my touch and I have to stop myself from laughing when she weakly tries to push me off

"Go away, it's too early to wake me up. Shhhhh" she's incoherent and her head flops back on the floor, I don't think she's hurt, she's just really pissed

"I'll call Tom or Coleen. They should come and get her-"

"They are the reason she's in this mess. I'll sort something out" I scoop Carly up so she's in my arms, her head falls against my chest and I'm surprised at how light she is. Not saying I thought she would be heavy, I would never say that about a girls weight but she's lighter than I anticipated and I hate to admit because I shouldn't, but I like the way she feels against my chest

"She could stay at mine, just give me half hour" I watch Amy hold onto the door frame and I actually feel disgusted with her

"The only thing you need to do is get that shit from around your nose. Coke? Seriously Amy? Do you think Carly needs to see you like that? You're the only friend she has here and you're spending your time getting high? What is wrong with you?"

Amy takes a few steps back and sits on the edge of the bed. Her eyes start to roll and she smiles blissfully, consumed by whatever rob has just given her and then she shuts her eyes. I haven't got time for this.

I walk downstairs and straight out of the house. Thank fuck my mom let me take the Range Rover tonight. I swing open the door but stop when Carly wraps her hand around neck, pushing her body against mine even more

"I'm here, I'm here" I feel like an idiot trying to soothe someone who is too drunk to understand me. This is an absolute nightmare. I put her in the car as best as I can and when her head softly rests on the back seat I take my jacket off and wrap it around her.

When I'm sure she's not going to be sick in the car as she's too comatose on tequila I lock the car door and walk back into the house. Calum is still making out with the red head in the kitchen but I get his attention. He wipes her tacky lipstick off his mouth and gestures for me to join him in the corner of the room

"What's wrong? you ok-"

"Robs upstairs with Amy, she's taken something and he gave it to her. Sort it out Calum"

"Shit! drugs? In my house? What am I going to do?"

"I don't know, but I've got to get Carly home. She was passed out on the floor. This party you are having, its gone too far"

"I know Luke. Shit! Is Carly OK?"

I nod my head whilst a deep sigh leaves my mouth before I can stop it

"You like her don't you?"

"She's Jodie's sister, of course I don't. I'll get Carly home, just sort Amy out OK?"

I go to leave and I'm pretty sure I hear Calum say "it's going to get complicated" but I choose to ignore him

I start the engine but then turn it off again. Fuck! Why does she have to be drunk? Why did Colleen have to phone me? I need to stay away from her. I have to. I turn to face her but her blonde hair has covered her face. I push it off and she slowly opens her eyes

"Carly, can you hear me?"


"Do you want to go back to your moms tonight?"

Her eyes now blink wildly and she wraps my jacket closer to her body

"No, let me sleep here. Please? Did my mom tell you what he said to me? He's horrible Luke. I hate him"

A tear falls down her cheek and regardless of how much I try and keep a distance I lean over and wipe the tear off her cheek

"Hates a strong word, but I can't force you to do anything you don't want to do. Are you sure you don't want to go back? Just for tonight? Sleep off the alcohol and think about this tomorrow?"

"No!" She repeats again but this time with more of a harshness to her tone and I face the road as I smile to myself. She's bossy but in a cute way I guess. I turn on the engine and decide to drive. I should take her home I know I should but for some reason I know this will upset her and for reasons I shouldn't explain I don't want to be the one to make her unhappy

For two hours I drive but I'm tired. I can't take her back to my place, my mom would go crazy. She won't even let Jodie stay over so she would definitely flip out if I walk in with her pissed up sister

"Carly, seriously you have to wake up! I cant drive all night!"

"Hotel, I have cash in my purse. Drop

Me off at a hotel"

She's still half asleep and I nearly hit my hand off the steering wheel in frustration. She hasn't even got her purse on her and trying to have a conversation with a drunk person is useless but maybe a hotel wouldn't be a bad idea? It's not until I look at a road sign I realise I've drove out of Sydney and now we are about an hour and a half away from home! Damn colleen for phoning me, I don't want to be involved with family drama. My eyes start to close and I roll the window down to keep me awake. It's no use, it's after one o'clock in the morning and I'm too tired to drive. Screw this.

After paying for a room and somehow not thumping the sleazy guy on reception in the face I somehow manage to get Carly to walk the short distance towards where we are staying for the night

"My mouth is so dry. My tongue feels fuzzy, I think I have fur on my tongue. Oh no" Carly starts to cry and after reassuring her tongue looks perfectly fine I resort to having to pick her up again. I swing open the door and carry her over the threshold. I put her on the bed but she sways side to side. I quickly pull the duvet cover back and she slumps onto her side, thankfully her head lands on the pillow

"The rooms spinning, am I dying? Luke I don't like this" she holds her head and my teeth bite down hard on my lip ring

"Well serves you right for getting so drunk!"

Her eyes open and when she focuses on me I watch her eyelashes hit off her cheeks as she blinks shocked

"Don't shout at me, I'm sorry. I really am"

"Go to sleep Carly, it's been a long night"

She sits up quickly and I rush over as she coughs, don't be sick. That's gross. I hand her a bottle of water out of the mini bar and she drinks it gratefully

"where are you going to sleep?" Her question is so innocent that I actually hate myself for imagining being next to her

"The floor"

"Luke don't be silly. That will be uncomfortable. Stay with me? It's a double bed. Thank you for paying for a hotel, I swear I will give you the money back tomorrow"

"It's no problem, just go to sleep" she smiles at me weakly and then falls back down, dragging me half way down with her


"Luke" she drags out the U in my name and she is really starting to piss me off but her soft laughter breaks the frown on my face and I shake my head to try and distract myself from looking at her

"Stay with me Luke?"

"I will be right next to you, just on the floor"

"No, stay with me. Please. I don't want to be alone" her voice fades into a whisper as sleep consumes her. I wrap the duvet around her so she's tightly secured but she can still move if she needs to get up to vomit and then I get into bed next to her. I stay still on my back and then turn the bedside light off. Maybe if I don't look at her I won't have to admit any feelings for her. Tomorrow she will be going back to colleens, she will pack her clothes and then she will leave. Yes I want her to leave. I barely know her but I can't stop thinking about her. She will leave and then I will never think about her again. I have to stop thinking about her


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