Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

© All rights of this belong solely to the author and it may not be distributed


5. 5

"We are already late can you please just hurry the hell up!"

I throw Jodie a look that says "shut up" and look through my wardrobe again. Nothing, I have nothing! I have no clothes! I have nothing to wear! Oh the perils of being a girl, even looking through all things mom has accumulated for me nothing looks decent enough. Not when Jodie is wearing a body con dress that looks as though it has been painted on and Amy is wearing a gorgeous pleated skirt with a tucked in vest top. Yes I said I was wearing jeans and a T shirt but for once I don't want to look like the plain boring sister

"Tick tock tick tock times ticking and oh look, I've just aged seventy years!"

"Jodie I have no clothes! Just go without me. I'm not going"

I throw myself on the bed and put a pillow over my face

"Well if you're not going I'm not going. Hey let's just stay in and order pizza. I'm not bothered about this party anyway" I smile at Amy, grateful that she is willing to have a night in with me when she could be out

"Oh my gosh you two are bore whores. Just go and find something out of my wardrobe and stop being so dramatic! I've already done your hair and make up you may as well wear my clothes too"

It's true Jodie has done my hair and make up and she has made me look different but in a good way I guess. My hair is softly waved and my make up is not the usual natural look but I don't look like a drag queen either. I have smokey eyes and nude lips. I'm even wearing false eyelashes, granted it took her over half an hour to do them but how was I to know my eyes wasn't going to stick shut. It was a natural worry obviously. I sit up and knot my hands in my lap nervously

"Hmm I'm not sure, you're clothes aren't my usual style-"

"Damn right they aren't, I wouldn't be seen dead in anything you wear. Give me five minutes I'll bring you in a selection"

I watch her walk out the of door but I don't feel offended she hates my clothes, ever since we were both old enough to start deciding what we wanted to wear she made it quite clear that my fashion sense was dire! I live in a small town, no one cares about things like that. Amy let's out a sigh and I turn to face her

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing, it's nothing" she locks her phone and puts it back into her bag "you missed out today you should have come. Toms a really cool guy"

I let out a grunt of a laugh and then cover my mouth

"Are you joking?"

"No, I mean, not just Tom but everyone on the dance committee. They are just friendly that's all. You should get involved"

I get on my hands and knees and look under the bed

"Hello, hello is Amy out there? I've seen to have misplaced my best friend" she lightly kicks me and I sit up

"Carly, stop. It's just nice to have people listening to me you know? I feel valued"

I feel like a total bitch. Amy hasn't had an easy life so far, in fact far from it. Her dads an alcoholic and her mom copes with it by never being at home. She's had countless affairs but as long as her dad has a beer in his hand he's happy to turn a blind eye. Amy fell into a bad crowd a few years back, she started drinking and smoking pot, thankfully that phase in her life didn't last long. Amy isn't a quitter and she wasn't ready to take the easy route by turning her emotions off with vodka

"I'm sorry Amy, I wasn't being supportive. If you're happy volunteering then I think that's awesome. Really"

She smiles shyly and she's about to say something but Jodie bursts through the door and throws some dresses on the bed

"So help me god you have ten minutes to choose something and get changed. Go, now"

I walk to the car and pull the dress down but try as my might it doesn't stretch the fabric! I went with the only thing that I could fit in. It's a black bustier top that goes into a clinched waist and then a pale pink skirt flares out from the waistband. Jodie literally wrestled me to the ground to try and make me put on a pair of heels but I wouldn't even consider it so I'm wearing my black converse. I don't care if it doesn't match, I am not breaking my neck due to a pair of heels. Tom has kindly offered us a lift, and as grateful as I am I still consider him to be the devil. Amy sits up front and talks about the dance whilst me and Jodie sit in the back. She doesn't make conversation with me as she's too busy on her phone so I watch the familiar sights of Sydney pass me by. Ten minutes later we pull up at Calum's house. The front door is open and even from the car I can hear music playing

"I thought it was a quite party?" Tom asks dubiously and Jodie rolls her eyes

"You know sometimes Tom I seriously think you bypassed your teens and just turned thirty eight!" I press my lips together to stop myself from laughing, yes Jodie is out of order but she says it how it is and I can't knock her for that. We all thank him for the lift in unison and then get out of the car. He hesitates for a few moments but then drives away

"OK girls, show time"

Jodie walks into the house and I link arms with Amy

"We don't have to stay long if it sucks. Carly you look petrified?"

I take a deep breath and try and compose myself, it's just a party, a simple get together with people I don't know. Great. Just great

My expectations of the party were right. Just loud teens that have drank too much and think they are uber cool. I can't find Jodie and I've given up looking for her. Amy has caught the attention of one of Calum's friends, I think his name was Ashton? They are sitting in the garden and I decide not to intrude, I don't want to be a gooseberry. I've seen Calum a few times but every time he has come over to talk someone has dragged him away. The kitchen is the only quite place in the house which I find surprising as this is where all the alcohol is but then again everyone has congregated in the living room as that's where a guitar hero marathon is underway. I have a few shots of tequila and then pour myself a beer. After drinking the two very quickly I decide to sip the third one

"Hey what are you doing in here loner?"

Calum teases me the same way he has done the last few times I've seen him and I roll my eyes

"I'm not a loner I'm just enjoying my own company. I'm awesome don't you know!"

Calum laughs and hands me a tequila. I scrunch my nose up before he taps his glass off the side of mine and then we both tilt our heads back and take the shot. I shake my head whilst grimacing and then wipe my lips

"Wow, that was harsh"

"Yeah it was, wait you have some by your mouth" Calum moves closer to me and his thumb gently brushes the side of my mouth. Even though he's wiped the remaining tequila away his thumb still gently strokes my cheek

"Carly, I really want to take you on a date"

My eyes widen for a moment and I lean my back against the kitchen counter

"Me? Why?"

"Why not? You're here for a short time, summer is about having fun, I want to have fun with you"

"I don't know, I don't really date and aren't you a bit of a player"

He moves his hand away from my mouth and laughs as he pours me another tequila

"I presume your sister has told you that?" I pretend to zip my mouth shut and he grins. Actually it was his best friend but I think it's best on this occasion that I let Jodie take the blame for this "Carly I'm a nice guy. One date, just go on one date with me and if it's that terrible you never have to see me again. Ever" I bite my lip as I weigh up the pros and cons. Do I like him? I'm not sure? I haven't really thought about it. Plus it will take my mind off. Luke. Luke. Luke who is standing in the kitchen doorway watching me and Calum. Luke who tried to make me jealous earlier by kissing Jodie in front of me

"You know what, I would love to go on a date with you. Shall we say Wednesday?"

"That sounds good to me, I'll pick you up about seven?"

I nod my head and then we clink the shot glasses before I swallow mine in one and then excuse myself. I smile at him before walking past Luke who I ignore and make my way upstairs to use the bathroom. I've drank too quick and even though I'm not drunk I am definitely tipsy! I lock the bathroom door and sit on the edge of the bath. I lean my head against the cool tiles and take a deep breath. A date, I'm going on a date. Is it a total loser thing to admit I've never been on one? Back home no one really pays attention to me but that isn't a bad thing because there's no one I really like. I know here there's only interest in me because I'm like the new girl, not totally the new girl as I used to live here but whenever I've visited here before I've spent my time either alone in my room or at the beach with Amy. This is my first attempt at being sociable and look where it's got me! Lusting after my sisters boyfriend and then agreeing to go on a date with his best friend. I reapply some make up and then open the bathroom door. Luke is leaning on the wall opposite and he looks like he's in a pissy mood. He's wearing all black again and I'm about to ask if he has any colourful clothes but he speaks before I can

"Your sister has left, a few people have gone to the beach. I can take you if you want? I think your friend is pretty occupied with Ashton" he gestures towards one of the bedrooms and I roll my eyes. Another thing about Amy, the lack of attention off her parents means she gets attention any other way she can

"I should get her and go home-"

"Now this I have to see. You're going to burst in on your friend when she's with a guy? Quite the good girl aren't you? Don't be naive, they aren't discussing the wallpaper" he bites his lip ring whilst he grins and I'm half tempted to throw my beer in his face

"What is your problem? You liked me yesterday? I thought there was even a chance we could be friends but now you're acting like a dick and I don't like it"

"I never said I was your friend Carly"

"Well fine, maybe I will just go and speak to Calum. He wants to be my friend" I walk towards the stairs but Luke gently holds my arm and pulls me back

"You agreed to go out with him"

"Yes I did but I don't see what that has to do with you? Get off of me" his jaw clenches and for a moment I think he's going to let me go but suddenly I am being half dragged towards a door. He pulls me into a bedroom and then closes the door behind us

"Luke what the hell?"

"I just, I don't want you to go out with him, it doesn't feel right"

"What does then even mean?"

"He's just been with a lot of girls, ask Amy"

I look at him confused and then a sick feeling comes over me

"He's been with Amy?"

"Hasn't everyone?"

My mouth falls open in disbelief and I can't believe he's being such a jerk

"Well have you been with her?"

"No, but that's not the point"

"I'm going, maybe focus on the relationship you have with my sister and keep out of my business" I go to open the door but he steps in front of it, blocking my way out

"Luke, please stop this"

"Your sister isn't here. Doesn't that tell you what our relationship is like? She's gone and I'm here"

"well then go, why have you stayed anyway?"

"Do you want to know?"

"Go ahead, enlighten me" my voice is dripping with sarcasm and yet he finds it amusing

"I find you intriguing, that's all. Your sister and I, we have been going through a rough patch, she's high maintenance and I was thinking, is this what I want? Then you pull into our street polluting half of Australia with your truck and when I spoke to you, I felt something. An instant attraction? I don't know?"

"Luke, this is insane-"

"Carly I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. It's crazy and silly and its fucked up I know but, you're beautiful"

I suddenly feel like the room is spinning, beautiful? Hasn't been able to stop thinking about me? This feels foreign to me and wrong

"Luke you're with Jodie, you can't say things to me like that"

"I know I can't but I have, don't go out with Calum. Please? I don't like being a jealous person"

"Yeah well I don't like being the kind of person that speaks to her sisters boyfriend this way. Now please, just let me leave"

He steps to the side and I pull on the door handle

"I will get someone else to fix my truck. I won't say a word to Jodie but for the next four weeks I think we should avoid each other. I'm not here to keep you entertained whilst you tire of my sister. Don't use me to pass the time away because you're unsure of what you want"

"Then answer me this, have you thought about me?"

We both stare at each other, neither of us backing down and I won't answer his question, I can't. He looks away and I take this as my queue to leave. I leave the house, I leave any thought of Luke behind and right now I wish I could leave it all and just go home

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