Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

© All rights of this belong solely to the author and it may not be distributed


4. 4

"Why didn't you tell me? Hello. Carly. Wake up"

I groan whilst opening my eyes and I find Jodie standing over me, her hands on her hips

"What?" I sit up confused and she flicks her perfect hair over her shoulder

"I said why. Didn't. You. Tell. Me" she says every word slowly like I'm stupid. Shoot she looks furious. Does she know Luke came over last night? How do I explain it? It was just a movie and beers?

"Jodie, I, it was just a spare of the moment thing-" she lifts her finger to stop me from talking and then holds the bridge of her nose

"Daddy marrying Jennifer is not a spare of the moment thing. I've just spoken to him on the phone, he said he's been thinking about it for months. Jennifer? Really? I feel like Cinderella right now, I'm about to have an evil step mother. she's horrible!"

I look at her flabbergasted. So she doesn't mean Luke? That's good but I can already feel her putting me in a bad mood

"Jodie you don't even know her that well. Jennifer is amazing. Plus dads happy, that's all we should want?"

"Well he might be happy but mom isn't!"

"Why does it even bother mom? She has Tom?"

Jodie shrugs and I throw the duvet off me. I look at the bedside clock, it's only eight o'clock. How can my sister look so fabulous and refreshed in the morning when I look like I have a dead cat on my head accompanied by panda eyes. She must have got the good genes. Five minutes later I leave the bathroom feeling more awake and refreshed, Jodie is sitting on my bed looking through my phone and I snatch it off her

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Don't be so touchy, I was just being nosey. Seeing what my little sister has been getting up to"

"Oh my god you are infuriating!"

I lock the phone and put it on the bedside table. Fortunately I don't have any private texts, heaven forbid I should have secrets!

"Girls, breakfast" mom shouts up the stairs and Jodie smirks before leaving the room. I flip her off before following her. Four weeks. I only have to survive this for four weeks.

"Where's Tom?" I sit at the table and butter some toast. Moms breakfast consists of bacon, sausage, eggs and mushrooms. Again with the meat thing! I don't eat it!

"He's gone to the school. The annual summer time ball is being held there this year as there's a wedding at the town hall so we couldn't do it there"

"I thought it wasn't being done anymore?"

Mom shrugs and solemnly sits down opposite me, sighing dramatically for effect

The summertime ball. The most pointless thing I've ever heard of. It's just an excuse for the rich and fabulous to get dressed up. It has no significance, not really anyway. But it's been a tradition now for fifty years. When my mom and dad was married she never went, mostly because at one hundred dollars a ticket she couldn't afford too. Of course when she got with the "fabulous" Tom she could afford to go. Families take their daughters who have just turned eighteen as a "welcome into society". Last year some hooligans set fire to the paper lanterns that were hanging in the trees outside and the board who organise the dance vowed never to do it again. Looks like that didn't last long. Unfortunately

"He's getting married? I thought you was just teasing me Carly" Moms fork bounces off the table and I look at her. Jodie rolls her eyes and I suddenly feel like I'm twelve again. Torn between hurting my moms feelings or my dads, although the resentment towards my mom made it easy to not feel as torn as I should have

"I don't know, depends if she says yes?"

Moms bottom lip quivers and she excuses herself before quickly leaving the room

"What the hell was that about?"

"I don't know? Maybe she's menopausal?" Jodie says uninterested and I'm tempted to go and make sure she's OK but I already feel like enough drama is following me around "So anyway, I'm going to the mall today as Calum's parents have gone away until Tuesday so he's having a few drinks at his place tonight, it's nothing big but any social gathering requires new clothes. Wanna come shopping? You could do with some clothes, you've hardly brought anything with you!"

"Jodie I have enough clothes. Besides if it's just at his house I'll just wear a T shirt or something?"

"Wow, a T shirt and jeans. How sexy and unoriginal. Anyway I'm going now I'm bored. See you later alligator" Jodie picks up a piece of toast and makes her usual exit which consists of her hips sashaying from side to side. I walk like a heavy footed dinosaur in comparison. I sigh and look around the kitchen. Eating breakfast alone whilst comparing myself to my oh so perfect sister. Great

An hour later I am showered and ready for the day. I've put minimal make up on as I have no interest in doing it and my outfit consists of converse, denim shorts and a plain white tee. My phone rings and when I see Amy's name on the screen I answer it straight away. She's my saviour whilst I'm here

"Hey Amy"

"Hey Hun. I've volunteered for the ball committee. Anyway the meeting is running way later than planned. Do you want to come to the school? Should be here for a few more hours?"

I hold the phone away from my ear and shake my head in disbelief. Do I want to go and listen to boring people talk about a boring ball? Let me think?

"Hmm, no. It's cool. Do you want to go out later? Calum, this guy I've met, he knows Jodie's boyfriend, well anyway his parents have gone away and he's having a get together at his house?"

"Sure, I know Cal. Sounds like fun. Shall I come to yours first? Say seven?"

"Yep. Sounds like a plan"

"OK. See you later"

I end the call and sit down on the kitchen stool deflated. Jodie is shopping, mom is being a drama queen, Amy is helping Tom and his spawn of evil friends organise a dance that I had no idea she even cared about! When did she start caring anyway? We used to laugh at the people that attended them. How they spend too much money on suits and dresses that they usually look hideous in anyway. She's gone to the dark side! I spend another half hour moping around the house before finally finding the courage to walk up Luke's driveway. The garage door is open and I hesitate for a moment before going in. My chemical romance is blasting from a stereo and I can see Luke messing with something under the hood. He's too engrossed and the music is so loud he hasn't even noticed I've come in. I watch him wipe the sweat off his brow and I can't help but notice his arms are quite muscly.

Someone grabs my ankle and I let out a shriek. I run towards the wall and put my back against it as I try and steady my erratic breathing. A guy who has his back on a skateboard rolls out from beneath my truck and he laughs uncontrollably, covering his face due to the hysterics of just scaring the shit out of me! (Though thankfully not literally!)

"Jack, what the hell. Carly, you OK?"

I feel my cheeks blush and I wish I would have worn more make up to cover my scarlet cheeks! I nod my head as he presses his lips together whilst smirking. So he doesn't literally laugh in my face I turn my attention to the person that just nearly given me a heart attack

"So you're Jack? Luke's brother?" I know the answer before he even speaks. Of course he is Luke's brother, they look alike although he looks a little older

"I am indeed. Sorry about scaring you. I thought you was Jodie" He's now standing up straight and no longer loitering underneath my truck. He wipes his hands on his shorts and smiles

"It's ok, I think I'm just about breathing normally again. So anyway, do we have any news?" I gesture towards the Chevy and Jack grimaces

"So far, from what I've seen you need a new cooling system and an exhaust tip but if I were you I would just get a new exhaust altogether. Underneath the hood isn't looking too great either. It's an old truck, you might be better off just scrapping it"

"No" I say too quickly "I'll find a garage and have it fixed. I can't just scrap it"

"We'll work on it" Luke's hand rests on my arm but then he quickly moves it away when Jack raises his eyebrows

"We will?"

"Come on Jack, you know we can get it fixed up in no time. Plus Carly will end up paying through the roof if she takes it to a garage"

"Ok, fine. But I can only work on it when I have the time. It will take us about three weeks at this rate. And it's up to you two to get the parts"

I nod eagerly and when I look at Luke from out of the corner of my eye he's leaning against the wall, smiling as he watches me. I turn my attention to Jack

"I'll pay you, for the work you do"

"Don't sweat it, I owe you for being a jerk and nearly scaring you to death" He grins and I sigh relieved that they are going to save my little piece of history that is known as my truck!

An hour later I have hummed with forced enthusiasm and nodded along as Jack points out what needs changing and fixing. In all honesty it's going over my head. I know how to change a wheel that's about it. One of his friends comes by to see him and they go inside the house leaving Luke and I alone in the garage. He passes me a diet coke and I climb into the Chevy. Luke sits in the passenger seat and I run my hands over the steering wheel whilst balancing the can between my knees

"So do you really think you and Jack will be able to fix it?"

"We'll give it a good go. Can't do any more damage" he shrugs and I lightly smack his arm

"I've heard that joke before off Calum and I didn't appreciate it then. Hey speaking of Calum, I take it you're going to his house party tonight?"

Luke nods his head whilst taking a sip from his can and then he looks out of the window. He's looking at a concrete wall, is that surely more exciting than having a conversation with me? I'm not dull am I?

"Luke? You OK?"

"Yeah. Are you going tonight?"

"I am, I think my friend Amy is coming too. She knows Calum. I don't know if you know her?"

He finally looks at me but he doesn't say anything. He almost looks disappointed that I said I was going. We sit in silence for a few more minutes and I can't stand the tension anymore

"Hmm, OK. Well maybe see you later? Thanks for all your help Luke"

I get out of the truck and slam the door with more force than I intended. Brilliant! I don't want the door falling off too but woah, total head screw alert. One minute he's offering to fix my truck to save me money then the next minute he looks at me as though I'm a pain in the ass

"Carly wait"

I stop just before I make it out of the garage and then turn to face him


"I think he's going to ask you out"


Luke sighs exasperated as he walks towards me

"Calum, obviously"

"He is? But he doesn't know me?"

"I don't think its your brains he's bothered about"

"Hey what does that mean?" I'm utterly offended. Well not too offended as I feel oddly flattered someone finds me attractive but that's not the point

"Look Carly, you're a nice girl. I don't want to see you get hurt. Cal has a bit of a reputation that's all"

"I think I'm a good judge of character thank you very much. What's the big deal anyway? Are you jealous?" I don't know what on earth possesses me to ask that but the words leave my mouth before I can stop them. He opens his mouth to say something but then closes it again. I see his jaw clench and we both stare at each other. I'm angry because Luke has suddenly decided that he knows what's best for me but I'm unsure what he's so mad about!

"Carly, what are you doing?" I turn around and I'm greeted by Jodie's false, pained smile

"Came to see what was going on with the truck. I was just leaving"

"Be a darling and take these back to mom. Tell her I will need them all pressed and hanging up in my wardrobe before they crease" Jodie holds out ten bags of shopping and I nearly topple over as I take them off her. I hate shopping, that's why I avoid it. I'm sure Jodie has strengthened her muscle core because she's always at the mall and she didn't even break a sweat carting these about with her

"Hmm, ok. See you later"

"Bye Carly" Luke calls out and I turn around to look at him. He's pulled Jodie towards him and she giggles in delight that clearly he's in a flirtatious mood. He looks at me before closing his eyes and kissing my sister. I decide there and then, Luke Hemmings is a moron!

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