Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

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3. 3

Whilst I was eating what the restaurant classed as a dessert (which was the tiniest piece of cheesecake I have ever seen!) I had a text message off Amy saying she couldn't make it tonight. Not wanting to be a gooseberry whilst Jodie laid on the public display of affection with Luke I made the excuse that I was tired and came home. My mom and Tom have gone to the golf club, basically the place where the wealthy come together to talk about how fabulous they are whilst they get drunk on sherry. They asked me to go but I kindly declined, Mom said she would stay with me but Tom sulked like a child so after reassuring her I would be fine they dropped me off home and told me they would see me at breakfast as they don't get back until the early hours of the morning. I stand in the living room and look at the photos on the mantle piece. Photos of me and Jodie when we were younger, photos of Tom and mom, photos of the three of them looking like one perfect family. The type of family you would see in a magazine and wish you could be a part of it because they look so happy. And I guess they are, well mom seems to be at least. I go upstairs and unpack the last few items out of my suitcase, suddenly feeling homesick even though this is technically classed as my "home" but home to me is where Dad is. Where Jennifer is, where my life is. This seems like it's all make believe. Like for four weeks I get to be the daughter my mom once knew but when I'm home I get to be who I am. The kind of girl that wears scuffed converse, dungarees and slobs out in front of the television with a pizza that could feed a family of four. Here, I eat out at the best restaurants, wear clothes that mom finds appropriate and now, I sit here home alone. Granted, it was my choice. I throw on a pair of my comfortable pyjamas that consist of a pair of leggings and an old oversized green day T shirt and go back downstairs. I grab one of Toms beers out of the fridge and then go into the living room. Tom has an endless selection of books but I'm not in the mood to read so instead I find the shining on DVD, put that in to the DVD player and turn the lights off. Settling down on the couch I throw the comforter over me and switch my phone off.

An hour later the comforter covers my face and my fingers are in my ears. It's strange, I usually like watching horror movies but that's when I watch them with someone else. It's only 10.30pm and no one is going to be home for hours yet! No Carly, don't be ridiculous. It's just a film, it's just ... A ... Film! Maybe if I had some popcorn? Like popcorn is the answer to everything but it would be a welcomed distraction right about now!

I throw the comforter off me and run to the kitchen. I look through the cupboards but all the food here is healthy. I groan as my stomach makes a loud plea for actual edible solids. I find a Chinese take out menu and order some food. Actual, real food! Not that overpriced crap I ate earlier. Rejoice! The door bell rings and the sound echoing through the empty house makes me drop my phone. I laugh nervously and shake my head. Why am I on edge so much? No doubt Jodie has forgot her key! I walk along the hallway and then open the door, I hold my arm out and lean against the frame

"I wasn't expecting you home so early?"

A few seconds pass and no one answers. I put my head around the door and nearly have a panic attack as Luke jumps out at me

"What the hell, that wasn't funny"

I gently push him and he grins whilst leaning against the door

"I couldn't help it. I saw through the window you was watching the shining and couldn't help myself. You OK?"

"No, do I look it? Oh my god my chest is tight. I can't breathe. Luke, I can't breathe. Help me" I hold my chest and lean over, desperately gasping for breath

"Shit Carly, are you asthmatic? Are you having an anxiety attack? Carly?! I'll phone an ambulance -"

I stand up straight and he looks at me in disbelief

"Ha, got you. Only joking"

"Why would you even do that? That's cruel" he says through nervous laughter and I grin at him

"What are you doing here anyway? Where's Jodie?"

"Well she decided to go into town to a club and my friends were all drunk so I thought" he holds up a pack of beers "I would see if you wanted some company, seen as that whole thing about you being tired earlier was an obvious lie"

He confidently smiles whist I step back and fold my arms

"That's sweet but I don't know Luke, I mean won't Jodie mind?"

"Maybe? Don't tell her then? Look you're home alone, I will be home alone, my dog has broken your truck and I owe you, there's an endless list of reasons why you should have a drink with me"

"And one big reason why I shouldn't Luke"

He sighs before giving me a small smile

"I get it. Worth a try though. Goodnight Carly" he leaves the beers on the porch and walks down the path

"Wait, I said there was a reason why but I didn't say I didn't want to. Just come in before the neighbours see and start talking"

He quickly walks up the path and picks up the beers before coming in. I shut the door and double lock it just in case anyone comes back. It will give me some time to get rid of my visitor. I turn around and nearly bump into him

"Sorry" I laugh nervously "so, what do you want to do?"

His eyes look into mine and he bites his lip ring before smiling

"Carly don't look so nervous, I'm not going to bite. I don't know, we could watch a movie? Talk? Drink beer?"

"That sounds like a plan to me" I walk into the living room and put the light on the dimmest setting. It's still pretty dark but at least this way it hides how nervous I'm feeling and I do feel nervous. If Jodie knew she would kill me and I still can't work out why he would want to spend his Saturday night here? Surely he has better things he could be doing?

"So what film do you want to watch? Tom has a limited selection"

Luke takes off his jacket and the rest of his outfit is black. A black T shirt, black skinny jeans and black converse. Usually this would look morbid, on Luke it looks good. I feel my mouth slightly drop open so I close it whilst mentally scolding myself. I face the DVD collection and close my eyes. I am humiliating!

"Whatever you want to watch. I'm easy"

"OK" my voice sounds like a squeak so I cough and try again "OK, well I feel like I've had enough of scaring myself for one night so-" I pick up dirty dancing and show him the case "what do you say?"

"Wouldn't be my first choice but go ahead" he laughs and I nod my head. That's a good enough yes to me.

The film starts and Luke and I sit on opposite ends of the settee but we are turned so we are facing each other

"So Carly from Coonamble. How are you enjoying your first day here?"

"It seems crazy when you say it like that, feels like I've been here longer. I hope the next four weeks don't drag like this" I think without speaking and I bite my lip as he frowns

"You dislike Sydney that much?"

"Sydney? No. I love Sydney. It's just weird being back that's all. Plus I miss home"

He nods his head slowly but he looks at me as though I'm a book he's trying to read

"What are you missing most? Do you have a boyfriend?"

I nearly choke on my beer and I wipe my mouth whilst shaking my head

"No, no boyfriend. I don't know, just familiar surroundings. I may have been born here but my heart is back by the river. I'll be OK in a few days. Anyway let's talk about you"

"You want to talk about me? Wow, a girl that doesn't like to talk about themselves that's a first" he jokingly mocks and I shrug

"Hmmm, OK. About me. Well my names Luke as you know. I live four doors away. I'm Nineteen, I play guitar and-"

"You date my sister"

I raise my eyebrows and he leans his head on the couch

"Yeah. See you know everything about me"

"Not everything"

He grins and looks at the television. Patrick's Swayze is teaching Jennifer grey how to dance. Oh I love this bit. I pull a pillow on to my lap and sit forward, totally engrossed in the film. I sigh dreamily as I watch the montage of dance steps, where Jennifer greys shoes turn from white pumps into silver ball room shoes and I wish I would have taken up dancing. I think every girl does when they watch this film, don't they?

"There's one more thing you don't know about me"

I somehow look away from the television and Luke is smiling


"I can dance"

"Are you winding me up?"

"Carly as if I would do that. Stand up" I watch Luke get up from the couch and he holds his hand out "dance with me?" It feels like all the oxygen had left my body as I look at his hand then his face again

"Luke, I can't. I can't dance -"

"There's no such word as can't, dance with me" he grabs my hand and before I know it he's pulled me up on my feet. I stand there awkwardly and silently wish I would have drank more beer

"Put one hand on my shoulder and then hold my other hand. That's right"

I do as he instructs and my hand feels as though it's trembling against his. That is until we start to move and I realise that Luke is lying. He can't dance at all. We both laugh as I tread on his foot, we both look down at our feet, obviously not having a clue what we are doing and Luke mutters that "Im meant to let him lead" He looks at the television and we try and recreate the dance steps but it's not happening. His left leg goes forward as mine goes forward too instead of back, somehow my leg gets caught against his and I let out a small scream as we both fall. I land on my back on the couch and Luke falls on top of me although his hand grasps the edge of the chair so he's holding his weight. I'm still smiling at our epic fail at attempting to dance but it slowly fades as I feel a shift in the atmosphere between us. I didn't realise how fast my breathing was but as the air closes in around me I feel like I can't concentrate on anything else. Luke's breathing is heavy and his eyes leave mine but they rest on my mouth and my breath hitches as I watch him bite his lip. I close my eyes and wait for whatever is going to happen to happen.

The doorbell rings and I open my eyes as he quickly stands up. I get up and look out of the window

"I ordered some food-"

"I should be going anyway. I've got to be up early as me and jack are going to start work on the truck" he grabs his coat and I follow him to the door

"Thanks for keeping my company Luke"

"No problem. I enjoyed it. You won't tell anyone-"

"Don't worry. My lips are sealed"

My voice wasn't meant to sound as sharp as it did, He frowns and then opens the door. The delivery guy holds my food out and I grab some money off the side to pay. When I look back up Luke has already made it to the street and I watch him walk the short distance to his house without looking back at me. I put my food on a plate and decide to eat in bed, I'm pretty tired and plus I have a television in my bedroom. Funny thing is by the time the fork reaches my mouth I'm suddenly not hungry anymore. I pull the duvet around me and try and work out what the hell just happened? Was I coming onto him? Does he like me? What would Jodie say? What wouldn't she say more like. No, this has to stop. It's just a harmless crush but I know my boundaries. He's off bounds. Way off bounds. I shake my head and turn off the beside lamp. As of tomorrow there will be no more thoughts about Luke. Or at least I will try not to think about him anyway

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