Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

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13. 13

I have a few options

1) I could throw myself off the roof

2) I could tell Jodie the truth

3) I could throw myself off the roof

I weigh up the pros and cons of both ideas although in reality I know that I will do neither. Luke kisses the top of Jodie's head and after finally letting him go she starts to walk this way. I've seen enough so head first I throw myself back into my bedroom. There's too many emotions going on in my body at once and I hate it. I hate the fact I want to cry, no Carly, no tears for him. I want to laugh, I always laugh when I'm in shock. Sure she's beautiful but what hold does she have over him? Then there's the nauseating feeling that sweeps over me, love. He clearly is in love with her and THAT is why he has no intention of breaking up with her. Anger. Anger is another emotion I'm feeling right now and believe me, I have never been this angry. I grab my converse and quickly shove them on

"Carly, Carly" Amy tosses and turns and I push myself off the floor to see what she's groaning about

"Are you in pain? You sound weird?"

"I need, I need, argh"

"Amy" I shake her softly but she just moans. Is she dying? "Amy" this time I hiss her name a little louder and her eyes shoot open like I've panicked her

"I need -"

"Bloody hell what do you need?"

"Water, I need water"

She holds her throat dramatically and I let out a sound of exasperation

"Really? That Oscar performance is for water?"

"Don't yell at me, I'm fragile" she pulls a pillow over her face and I shake my head before getting her some of the liquid she so desperately needs out of the bathroom

"Drink this, but let me warn you, no amount of water is going to save you from the hangover you're going to have in the morning. You have got to stop doing this to yourself. You're a beautiful, intelligent young woman but you are screwing yourself over by acting like this. I mean it, no more drinking whilst I'm here. You're going sober. Amy. Amy are you even listening?"

I pull the pillow off her face and I'm about to perform mouth to mouth as I panic she's suffocated herself but I see her chest softly rise and then fall. The drama queen is just fast asleep. If only all problems could be slept away this easily then I would definitely put myself in an Induced coma right now.

I pull the blanket over her and then quietly grab my black jacket from out of the wardrobe.

Every movement I make is delicate so I don't wake her. I open my bedroom door and then turn the handle slowly, letting out a sigh of relief as the door secures in its frame. I almost think I've done good until I turn around and bump straight into my sister.

Jodie looks radiant and her cheeks are flushed. I imagine they would be after that kiss

"Hey, where are you going?"


"Out where?"

"I don't know Jodie, for a walk. Is that ok with you?"

She narrows her eyes like she's a wild creature about to attack and I think she is but for some reason she softens

"We need to talk"

"No we don't, I think you have said quite enough. And you owe Amy an apology" I'm such a hypocrite I know I am

"Please C, we really need to talk" she gestures to her room and I follow. Mostly I'm hoping she will tell me that her and Luke have broken up and that was just a farewell kiss. A way to say goodbye maybe? She sits on the bed and I close the door behind me. I lean against the wood even though she gestures to the space next to her

"Look C, what I said was way out of line. I don't know what came over me. The drive home was shitty, me and tiff had a little argument and I didn't want to stay anymore so I came back early. I guess I was in a foul mood and then when I came back and saw you and Luke together I flipped. I'm only human, do I want to see my boyfriend with another girl? No I don't actually, especially my sister. I get insecure, I really do"

"Why do you get insecure? You're beautiful and you know it. That's why you act the way you do. You act like because you have your face and body it's ok to walk around like you're superior. What you said to me was horrible but then again it's not the first time you've belittled me but what you said to Amy was -"

"He cheated on me Carly"

As Jodie cuts me off I feel my mouth slightly fall open. Has he told her he's met someone else? Has he told her about us? I swallow nervously and shake my head


"He cheated on me. We had only been together for a month. Funny isn't it? isn't that when you're supposed to be most happy when you've just got together? Apparently not in my case. He went to a party at Calums. I didn't go, my tolerance for losers is pretty low and I can only abide so much at a time. But then I got bored and decided to go anyway. When I got there I couldn't find him, Michael was acting weird, Calum was passed out, so I decided to look for Luke. I had this horrible feeling in my stomach like I already knew what I would find. He was no angel. That's what attracted me to him I guess. Everyone knows I like a bad boy, just because Luke has the face of an angel doesn't mean he is one and I knew it. It appealed to me I suppose. Anyway I eventually did find him. Calum's parents bedroom"

Jodie let's out a shocked laugh like she's reliving that night. I'm frozen to the spot

"Melissa Michaels. She has a reputation around here. Even more than Amy"

I'm about to protest but Jodie holds up her hand

"I know she's your best friend but Amy is a time bomb C, she needs to get her shit together and quickly. You think she's acting like this and we are only seeing it because you're back here? we see it every weekend if not most days. She won't make it twenty if she doesn't get help. I will apologise to her though. I know I owe you that. Anyway back to Melissa Michaels. I was only partly shocked when I walked in and saw them kissing. And thank god at this point they was just making out. I was so mad, I pulled her weave out. Luke looked like a little lost puppy who has been found chewing a pair of shoes, in reality he was breaking my heart. I guess I'm so insecure about you two because you kind of look like her-"

"Oh, thanks" The sarcasm drips from my voice and Jodie smiles

"Not that you look exactly alike but I can see it. The opposite to me, the mousey hair, the girl next door look. I overreacted. I'm sorry C. I really am. I know you don't like being back here, especially after what happened with Jo-"

"Please don't say his name" I pull my jacket around me and silently block out his face from my mind

"I've been a bitch, I'm your sister and I should protect you and I haven't. I haven't really been here but I promise I will be. We can hang out now, go shopping, walks on the beach. It can be like old times"

"Can it?"

"Of course it can. Come here" she holds out her arms and I reluctantly walk over to her. We awkwardly hug and after a few seconds I pull away

"So we can hang out?"

"Sure Jodie, I'm gonna go. I need to clear my head over a few things"

"OK. Anything I can help you with?"

No Jodie, you are the last person that can help.

"It's ok, it's nothing major. It's just having my best friend drunk in my bed, two parents and step dad all under the same roof, a broken truck, being back here. I'll be alright"

"Ok sis. I do love you Carly"

As I turn to leave a tear leaves my eye. I'm a horrible person

"I love you too" and with that, I leave

Mom, Tom and Dad are in the living room talking about today's events. I can hear them through the door but they don't hear me sneak out. The walk to Luke's feels like it takes forever. Mostly because I keep turning back, then I change my mind and find my resolve only to walk defiantly back that way. I hear chords of a guitar softly strumming from the back yard and I nervously walk through the gate. I watch him for a moment. He's lost in his own thoughts and for a moment it feels like I'm invading his personal space. That's probably because I am. I start start to walk backwards, knowing I shouldn't be here

"Carly?" He looks up surprised, for a moment a fleeting look of guilt passes over his face but then he snaps out of it and tries to act like everything's ok, like me being here is almost normal. He goes to stand but I hold my hand up

"Please don't get up" he puts the guitar down and stands up anyway

"What is it? What's wrong?" He steps forward and I step back, suddenly feeling like a small animal that is being assessed by its prey

"I saw everything, I saw you and Jodie-"

"So now you're spying on me?" He raises his eyebrow and I grit my teeth together

"I was on the roof, it's not like I was hiding on your porch. You never had any intentions of breaking up with her, did you?"

He holds the bridge of his nose and then puts his hands on his hips. He closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh. When he opens them again he looks pretty pissed off. How ironic that he's angry with me

"Carly it's not as easy as you think. You can't just expect things to go your way. I'm trying, but there's so much to think about here, what I can lose-"

"Lose? I thought it was pretty simple. I wanted to be with you. I could have ruined what I had with my sister but it's you that has to weigh up the pros and cons?"

"You've just came into my life and fucked things up in a way. I never excepted to feel this way but you're on vacation. Jodie lives a few doors away and when you go home then what? We have a long distance relationship whilst I see her everyday? Carly if you have the answers then please feel free to speak up because I don't know what to do"

Jodie was right, just because someone has an angels face it doesn't mean they are as sweet as they seem

"You used me. You used me whilst she was away. I was just something to pass the time, to make yourself feel better whilst your relationship went to shit. How dare you-"

"Keep your voice down"

He steps forward so quick that this time I can't move out of his clutches. He holds my arms by my side and closes the gap between us

"I never said this would be easy Carly, I need time. To be happy someone is going to get hurt. I will get hurt because one day you won't be here. I won't be able to touch you, to feel you, to hold you. And I'm human Carly, as much as I think about myself I can't stop thinking about you. Tell me what to do? You think I'm perfect but I have flaws-"

"Melissa Michaels" The words from my mouth hit him like an electric shock and he lets go of me

"How did you know about that-"

"Jodie told me. She even said we looked alike. Silly me, I've been over and over it in my head why someone like you would look at me, but it seems I'm not the first person that you've used to cheat on Jodie with"

"I didn't use Melissa. It was the first time and only time I had got stoned and I was drunk. And what the hell! I didn't use you. Correct me if my memory is wrong but you wanted this as much as I did. We can still have this"

He pulls me to him but I put my hands on his chest

"No we can't, whatever this was, it was a mistake. Stay with Jodie Luke. It's what you wanted me to say anyway"

"Carly you're being unreasonable. I'm asking for time-"

"No Luke, you're asking for a free pass. You want me and my sister. Oh my god do you realise how screwed up this is. I feel sick"

Saying it out loud makes me feel light headed and dirty, like I need a shower to wash any traces of the betrayal off me. I walk towards the gate and with every step I hate myself even more

"Carly, wait" his voice is demanding, but I can hear the pain. It's not enough to make me stay

"Leave me alone. For the next few weeks pretend I don't exist, I'll forget this ever happened Luke. I suggest you do the same"

I walk back towards the house. Luke lets me go

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