Out Of Bounds

In all honesty, my sister and I had never been close

But one person was going to tear us further apart

His name is Luke Hemmings

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12. 12

Is this a joke? Does the universe hate me this much? It seems like it's obstacle after obstacle with Luke and that's because of Jodie. I can't take this drama, it's giving me a headache. I look at Luke but he's eyes are fixed on her. She gets out of the car and grabs her suitcase from out of the back

"Hey bitches. Missed me? Where are you two going?"

Luke walks over to Jodie and takes her suitcase off her. She leans forward to kiss him and I can feel my blood boil as he doesn't stop it, he lets her kiss him and I'm pretty sure he reciprocated the kiss

"This is ridiculous" I throw my hands up and then put them on my waist. They stop their little love fest to turn to face me. Luke's eyes silently plead with me to not say anything and Jodie just looks confused

"What's ridiculous?"

"Well ... well" oh great now I've developed the inability to speak "it's just that -" I stop talking as a car comes screeching to a halt outside the house. It's Amy. She turns off the engine and then throws her door open. A bottle of wine drops off her lap and shatters on the concrete. I run forward past Luke and Jodie and kneel down next to her

"Are you OK? Are you drunk? Amy!"

"I don't know, I don't know" she starts to cry and then leans her head on the steering wheel

"Oh my god your life is tragic. Drink driving? Are you a fucking idiot you could have killed someone" Jodie literally bends over me to shout in Amy's face. I stand up quickly pushing Jodie away and I can see the pure anger flash through her eyes "who the hell do you think you're pushing?"

"Just shut up. Yes she shouldn't be drink driving. Yes it's wrong. But nobody needs you to be taking the moral high ground and acting holier than thou. She's clearly upset!"

"What the hell does she have to be upset about? Oh boo hoo daddy's an alcoholic and her mothers a slut. My heart bleeds for her"

I step back and feel the oxygen leave my body

"Why are you so cruel Jodie?"

"Because nobody cares about insignificant people. This is a good neighbourhood, your dysfunctional friend is going to make us a laughing stock to our neighbours. Just get her out of here"

"You're a bitch. It disgusts me to have to say you're my sister" the words leave my mouth before I can stop them and I'm shocked myself at how venomous the words sounded. Jodie grins and steps forward

"I would rather be a bitch than needy. I've seen the way you are with Luke. Giving him the puppy eyes, following him around and when I get back you are doing exactly that! Oh poor me my truck broke, oh poor me mom is with someone else" she mocks my voice and I feel my fists ball at my side "I don't care about Amy's drama and I don't care about yours either. You wish you were me. It must grieve you everyday that you are not. End of"

"Jodie stop. What you are saying is a lie and you know it. If you felt so insecure about Carly then why did you go?"

Oh way to go Luke, that's telling her. Not!

"I'm not insecure. You wouldn't even look at her. Look I've had a long drive and I'm tired. I'm going inside"

Jodie strokes his arm, clearly trying to keep him on her side because he can now see what a vile monster she is. No. I'm not letting her get away with this

"You think I want to be you? I would look in the mirror everyday and hate myself if I were you. You're a nasty, cheap, loud mouthed-"

I stop speaking as Amy pushes the car door more open which nudges me forward into Luke. He briefly looks at me before we all look at Amy who stumbles out of the car

"Jodie, my dad is an alcoholic and my mom has affairs. That's not why I'm messed up. You think you're so perfect with your big show off house and your shiny car. You have no idea how fucked up all of this is" Amy's finger points to the house and all we can do is look at her as she drunkenly rambles on. I hold her hand and stand in front of her

"Come on, let me get you a coffee or some water"

I try and wipe the mascara from her cheeks and she smiles at me sadly

"I have something I need to do first" she walks towards the garden gate and Jodie goes to charge at her before Luke pulls her back against his chest

"Jodie stop. She's drunk. Can you handle this?" He talks to me directly, his eyes fixed on me but his voice is emotionless. All I can do is nod my head

"Sure, I get the feeling that this is out of your hands anyway" he knows I'm

not talking about Amy, I'm talking about me and him, He doesn't correct me. I sigh defeated and follow Amy who drunkenly stumbles all over the place. When I turn and look back down the drive, Luke is heading towards his house with Jodie.

"Amy go straight to my room. No one will notice"

"No Carly, there's something I need to do"

"There's something you need to do? Like what?" She turns around to hug me and I'm taken off guard for a second before I wrap my arms around her

"I'm sorry" her voice is barely a whisper but I can hear her

"Don't be. We've all got drunk and silly sometimes. We'll be able to laugh about this one day" I try and lighten the situation but she pulls away and wipes the tears from her eyes

"We'll never be able to laugh about this"

"Amy you're my best friend. Talk to me. What's going on?"

We can hear laughing from the garden and for some reason this makes her angry. Amy charges through the gate before I can stop her and everyone goes quite as she walks into the garden and drunkenly tries to climb onto the wooden table in the centre of the grass. I hold her leg, her arm, anything to try and stop this embarrassing scene from unfolding but she pushes me away. I look at dad for help but he's just watching wide eyed, thanks dad!

"Amy, sweetie is everything OK?"

Mom joins me in trying to help with the drunken mess that is my friend but Amy just stops mid way and faces mom

"Colleen, sweet sweet Colleen. You're a nice person, I hope you know that?"

Mom smiles nervously as Amy pushes her off and carries on wobbling all over the place. She finally stands up on the table and wipes the sweat off her brow

"Sorry to interrupt this, gathering or whatever it is but there's something you should all know-"

"You're a disgrace" a woman who I've never seen before mutters but not quite enough that everyone doesn't hear her opinion

"I'm a disgrace? Me?" Amy laughs in disbelief "oh trust me, I'm not. You judge me but you don't know me. Oh wait it's because you know of my family right? Well let me tell you something, a disgrace can come in all forms. They can even walk around acting like they are perfect, like they have perfect lives, drive the latest cars. You want to know what a real disgrace is?"

"Amy please, stop giving them a reason to talk" I reach up and hold her hand. It's true I don't want her to be the gossip of the town. Amy has had it rough, she doesn't need to go through anymore

"What the hell are you doing?" Toms voice echoes around the garden and everyone slowly turns to face him. He charges forward and pushes past the few people that are in his way. By the time he reaches the table he is breathing heavily and if looks could kill, this would be Amy's wake

"Get off the table. Now"

I look at mom but she is frozen to the spot the same way I am

"Amy" Toms voice is clipped and sharp. I can honestly say it's the first time I've been a little scared of him. Amy flinches before straightening her back into a defiant stance

"No, I'm sick of this"

"What's going on?" Mom pulls at toms sleeve and he turns to face her

"She showed up drunk to a meeting. Another argument with the parents and it's making her emotional-"

"Oh really?" Amy laughs and now a few people have moved closer to hear mom and Toms hushed conversation

"Well come on Amy, be honest. Why else are you in such a mess?" Tom talks to her boldly but with a hint of sarcasm to his voice and this makes me hate him again. Condescending arsehole. Amy's strong exterior fades and she's falls to her knees as she cries

"Well party is over. Grab some burgers for your way home, I'm sure walking across the street will be tiring for you. Shows over people. I said party over" I weakly smile at dad as he ushers people out of the garden but it doesn't take much effort on his part. One of the neighbours, Mrs Waymont I think her name is, has offered to hold drinks in her garden, so to translate, they are all going back to hers to gossip over what has happened here. I'm sure my mom will find this humiliating. I couldn't care less

"Hey, stop these tears Amy. It's going to be ok" I push her hair away from her face and she gently holds my wrist

"It wont Carly, I'm exactly like my parents. I'm more like my mother then I like to think. It's fucked up. I've fucked this up"

"Amy, you're a good person" I sit in front of her and hold her steady as she sways from side to side

"She should say here" Mom whispers to Tom but he lets out a sound which is half laugher, half disbelief

"This isn't a hotel"

"Tom be kind, she's clearly distressed"

"Guys, stop talking like she isn't here. I'll make sure she'll be ok but she is staying here, she can't go back home like this. Come on" I put Amy's arm around my neck and hold her next to me as best as I can as I lead her towards the house "oh by the way Jodie's back" I turn for a brief moment to tell my parents this but Jodie isn't my priority now. My best friend is

I pull the toilet seat down and babysit Amy whilst she has a shower. I had horrible images of her falling over in the bath and hitting her head so I've decided to sit here and read a magazine whilst hopefully the water brings her back to the land of the sober

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No Carly I don't"

I sigh and decide to not upset her anymore than she is. I know she'll talk about it eventually but it will be when she wants to. Amy is never pushed in to do anything. I leave her to dry off and put on some of my clean pyjamas. Once she's in bed she falls to sleep as soon as her head touches the pillow so I decide to climb onto the roof. Out of my window the roof is flat and I've spent many nights out here when I haven't been able to sleep. Night has fallen and the street is eerily quite. I hold my legs to my chest and lean my head on my knees. What are Luke and Jodie doing? Is he breaking things off with her? Is he going to tell her he has feelings for someone else? I know he won't mention my name in any of this, he wouldn't to cause trouble. I was in trouble the moment I kissed him. I look up as I can hear voices down the street. My heart slams against my chest in a hurry as my eyes focus on what I don't want to see. Jodie is standing on Luke's front porch. He is standing in front of her. Her arms are around his waist. His hands are gently holding her face. She reaches up. He leans down to kiss her

Reality hits me like a slap in the face

He hasn't broken up with her at all

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