Sweet Tooth

We all know Gabriel has a sweet tooth right?
Well Kara is just the sweetest bit of candy he has ever tasted and now he's hooked.


1. Dreams?

My feet drag, my arms hang and my fingers feel numb. My hair whips about my face and my lips are chapped and dry. I walk on.

My head hurts, my vision is blurred and my legs ache. My back is bent painfully and I can't breath properly. I walk on.

I fall to my knees, but I don't feel it. Face first into the soft earth. The world fades and my ears ring. Is this it? 

I jolt upright suddenly, my heart hammering in my chest. I hear my blood coursing in my ears and my breathing comes in heavy ragged snippets. My vision swims hazily into focus, blurry at the edges, but everything is startlingly bright. 

It's 5:30 am and the sky is just starting to show the first signs of brightness, but the sun hasn't risen yet. I hear the first few twitters of morning birdsong as the ringing in my ears subsides.

The door breezes open and I shiver as a draft passes into my room. Cold in July. What next? 

I shrug and stand, rubbing my temples and closing my eyes. Dizzy. Like in that dream... I shake the worrying reminder from my mind but it clings stubbornly as I head to the bathroom. I think about the feel of it. It seemed so real. The pain was so... Deep.  Again, I try to shrug it off and go about my routine. 


I switch on the Tv and sink into the sofa, cradling a hot cup of coffee, blowing it gently, to cool it to a suitable drinking temperature, my dream now forgotten. On the tele, a plump woman is drawling about the weather on the east coast, far from me and therefore unimportant to me, I tune out, focusing instead on the faint ringing in my ears. I wonder if I am getting a headache... I switch of the tv and sip my coffee, continuing to listen to the ringing. It's getting louder. Maybe there's a bug in the room? I stand to look for it. 

Just as I stand there is a knock at the front door. I jump slightly and take a brief moment to calm myself. I check the time absently and shrug. It's early for visitors... Another knock. 

"I'm coming" I call, walking to the door.

I set my coffee on the kitchen side on the way, and brush my fingers though my hair, praying that I look decent. I pause and stare at my reflection in the hall mirror just before the door. 

My dark hair hangs down my back and round my shoulders in messy waves, my clothes look alright, baggy and comfortable would be the best description. As for my face, I look tired, but not un-pretty, in fact, I look quite good indeed. I smile at my reflection and return to opening the door.

I had a dream like this recently. Or... I think I did. It was dark and I had been watching TV, then when I went to investigate the knocking, no one had been there.... Then, did I wake? Or...? I don't recall.

I put my hand on the handle and turned slowly, opening the door to find a man, taller than myself, though short in himself, with bright green eyes and a debonair smile, topped off by his short messy brown hair. I find myself staring a moment.

 "Hi!" He grinned "Are you Kara?"

I nod dumbly and frown. I recognise him... But... Where from? 

Then it hits me.  I know him from the dreams...

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