The Virgin Game~ N.H

"Let's play a game."

Those four words were a huge mistake.

Niall Horan is a singer in a local band at ChesterHigh. He is the heartthrob, the guy most girls would call just for a hookup.

What happens when one of his band mates suggest to play a game?

A game that would make him choose in the end.


1. Prologue


Harry scoffed, "Nice try, but I can easily get her into bed than you could with your tiny dick."

Liam sighed, "Guys-"

"Oh really Harry? Are you sure about that?" Louis interrupts, pushing past Liam and taking a seat on my sofa in my room.

Harry smirked, taking a seat on my bed besides me, "Even Niall has a better chance than you." The curly haired boy draped his arm around me.

Woah, why involve me into this?

"Boys, is this really necessary?"

"Shut up Liam," Louis hissed, "Y'know what? Fine. Let's play a game."


Yup, I created another Movellaaaaaa💕🌸💕 I'll still update my other one though, just thought I should make a Niall Horan fanfic... Plus I'm excited and I just had to post the prologue😁

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I'll update soon xx



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