Shadows. • { M:C } •

"Most of the shadows in life are caused by others standing in our sunshine."

She shouldn't have been nothing more then the coffee girl that makes Michael's favourite coffee. But the blue haired boy takes an interest of the girl who's life seemed to be covered with people standing in her sunshine and creating shadows.

• B O O K T W O O F T H E F A M E S E R I E S •



1. Story Summary.



"Shadows killed the last bit of happiness and light she had left in her heart."


Michael should've never thought much of it.

She was just the coffee girl who makes his favourite coffee.

Then why does he feel like it's his job to make this girl happy?

You could think of it like Cinderella, except this was no fairy tail, and she was no princess.

Having his wife die right after his daughters birth, Cole Fletcher was left with his only daughter, Rose.

Their relationship was strong and loving, a bond no one could understand. After all, it was just the two of them and their coffee shop, the light of Australia. Everyone who walked in fell instantly in love. Rose had her dad, and she didn't need anyone else.

But things change in a blink of an eye. And when summer turns to winter, and dawn turns to dusk, Rose finds herself lost in the dark after her father dies from a car crash.

She was only twelve.

There weren't that many people in her family, so she decided to stay with her aunt Kate, and her daughter Stephanie.

Her father had apparently given all his wealth to Aunt Kate.

Meaning she owned everything, even the little coffee shop.

Slowly, the light died out from the coffee shop, it wasn't happy anymore, it was forced.

And Rose? Slowly, her Aunt Kate took everything from her until she was left with nothing, and was forced to be their maid, and work relentlessly in the coffee shop.

She was surrounded by shadows.

She had no one.

But one day, a blue haired boy walks into the shop, and everything changes.






Book 1: Flaws ~ Ashton Irwin ✔️

Book 2: Shadows ~ Michael Clifford ⭕️

Book 3: Unbroken ~ Calum Hood ➖

Book 4: Faking It ~ Luke Hemmings ➖


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