Unbroken. § Calum Hood §

"Relationships are like broken glass. It's better to leave it instead of hurting yourself trying to fix it."

Maybe he should've left it broken. Maybe then he wouldn't have gotten cut in the process.

• B O O K T H R E E O F T H E F A M E S E R I E S •



1. Story Summary



"When you see something broken, you have the urge to fix it no matter what. Even if that means getting hurt in the process."


Stella Sanders was closed off, and rude. She wanted nothing to do with anyone from the outside.

She hated change.


Her boyfriend was kind.

If you make him happy,

If you make him laugh,

If you make him feel loved,

He would be




He'd love you.

He was everything you could imagine.


Even your worst nightmare.


If you make him angry,

If you make him jealous,

If you do what he doesn't want,

He would

Punch you.

Kick you.

Hurt you.


So Stella's boyfriend was kind, and polite, and funny. But he was also Violent, and Dangerous, and Abusive.


And Calum Hood Hated him.






Book 1: Flaws ~ Ashton Irwin ✔️

Book 2: Shadows ~ Michael Clifford ✔️

Book 3: Unbroken ~ Calum Hood ⭕️

Book 4: Faking It ~ Luke Hemmings ➖

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