Psychologist Are Wrong

The story is about how psychologist are wrong in giving medication to people that are healthy and that once they give them medication they are now not healthy and are very sick and a great risk of severe problems and also a risk of having problems for the rest of their lives.


1. Psychologist are wrong in what they do to so many people!

Psychologist are wrong in what they do here is my story! I remember going to school and I was about 14-15 somewhere around that age range. The school counselor said I need to visit a psychologist because I had a major breakdown and said things that were very serious to them so I could not return to the school until I talked to a psychologist. I went to a psychologist shortly after and about a half an hour or so or even less he said I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and gave me a prescription for medication this was the start of everything downhill from there. We got the medication then I was told to take it everyday so I did and it only got worse. So I can't remember the exact time or date but I then started talking crazy again about things that I would never do and then ended up at a hospital that I stayed for about one week and was given medication that I had to take there as well. After a week I went home and still felt the same and felt some of the side effects like dizziness. I still to this day take medication that is Lexapro and Abilify. I believe that even with a small dosage in some it can effect them greatly. I know you have many questions like why are psychologist wrong well stay tuned because I will share with you what I found about psychology and psychologist today that has been around since the early years of psychology and medication given from psychologist. Recently maybe about a week ago I watched a video about how psychologist have effected a bunch of mothers and families. The story was about her son that took Lexapro for Clinical Depression or called Major Depressive Disorder. Shortly after a few years or something went by the mothers son dies by killing himself. This was the start off the mothers journey to find answers as to why this has happened to her son and she knew he would never do anything like that but he has and her journey to find answers has begun. This one mom asked a specially experienced doctor that is against psychology himself. He said that these so called psychologist or doctors are the ones to blame and not the mother of this son that died. The doctors certainly know that this percentage of the population will have severe side effects from all the psychological medication that is taken each year which the percentage of the population was quite a number of people. He also said how there is no test to tell if these mental illnesses are even real because there is no test to say that this is a problem. There is test for a broken bone like an x-ray and there is a test for epilepsy through an EEG test. There is a test for a tumor in a brain with a MRI test. There certainly is no test for chemical imbalance in the brain because they haven't been able to see the actual chemical balance because it's not there. You can see a broken bone but not chemical imbalance. So these so called doctors have basically lied through their teeth about a chemical imbalance that can be fixed by medication that they prescribe to people. So this mother was out on her search to hear other mom's stories about their children that have died as well from different mental illnesses as well. She had many other mom's over to talk about what has happened to their children One mother said that her child had a generalized anxiety disorder and was prescribed medication for it after a while on medication the child died another mother said that her child had another mental illness and died from a severe side effect such as a grand mal seizure. Yet again the mother was out on her search to find another person that gives people medication through prescriptions She told the mother about how the medicine Lexapro had side effects that weren't even listed like heart attack, loss of coordination and much more. This is why I personally believe that psychologist are wrong and that what they do is really a sin to God. Thanks for reading and I will share more about what other disorders besides Major Depression I suffer from. 

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