Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


6. We have a secret

“Hey Charlotte!” I hear Rosie shout from her office as I walk by. “Hi babe what's up?” I lean on the door frame. “Where were you? I wanted to do lunch but Lily told me you already left? So where were you?” she shows me to close the door and sit down. “Oh sorry, I was having lunch with the lawyer. You won’t believe who he is!” I chuckle. “Who? You know him??” she is almost excited. “Yeah! Do you remember that hottie we met at the restaurant, the one I met at the tattoo studio? Zayn?” her eyes widen. “He is the lawyer? And you had lunch with him? Tell me everything!” I laugh “Yes he pretty much didn’t give me another choice but to agree so he took me out for lunch. And we talked about his work at university and about me how I got here and about just little things about each other.” “Aww! Did you get his number?” Rosie asks “He asked for mine, he was saying something about the Winter Wonderland. But you won’t believe what he told me!” “What? That he loooooooves you?” she laughs. “No. He thought Louis was my boyfriend and I think that's the reason he left the club on my birthday.” “Well I get that.” I look at her making her explain. “I mean whenever you two are together, preferably drunk, it looks like you're a couple. I know that phase of your life is over but you two are really something. You just have that click you know what I mean?” Yes I know what she means. Louis and I used to be together for some time but we agreed it’s better for us to stay good friends. “I know but we don’t do it on purpose I swear!” I sink further into the chair. “I know Char, I don’t blame you, or him, really.” I smile at her. “So, Harry. He's hot! When are you to going out again?” oh she's adorable look at her blush! “Tonight. He's taking me somewhere, it’s a surprise he says.” “I’m going to need details of that tomorrow, first thing in the morning, PowerPoint preferably. I like pictures” I laugh as she throws pencil at me. There's a knock on the door “Come in” Rosie speaks up “I’m sorry to interrupt but Mr. Lancy is on the phone. He would like to speak to you Charlotte” Lily says and I stand up to go to my office to speak with my boss. “Don’t forget. Pictures!” I quickly close the door before Rosie can throw more things at me.

First Thursday in a while I got home at reasonable hour. After I make quick dinner I pour myself a glass of whiskey. Hmm I've never liked whiskey but now I’m starting to get the taste of it. As the evening goes so do glasses of whiskey. I’m watching this movie Olivia told me about it’s called Sleeping with other people. It’s such a great movie and it makes you love Jason Sudeikis. I take my phone and start typing:

“Hey how was your day? Haven’t heard from you this week. :)  *send*

In a minute I get a text.

“Hi darling, it was boring AF. My boss is a dick. How about you? What are you up to now? ;) “

I smile.

“I can finally have life, signed the new client! I’m on whiskey number.. I don’t know. I’m pretty impressed with my typing skills to be honest. :D “

I put the phone down and pour myself another glass. I think I had enough for tonight. I can’t go to work with hangover tomorrow. *beep*

“Can I come over? I’m leaving the pub now. I could be there in 15. :) 

I don’t think twice and respond. I put my phone on the table and continue watching. In 20 minutes I hear the doorbell. I stand up and go open the door. As I open my head starts to spin. “Hi gorgeous!” Louis walks in gives me a kiss on the cheek and hugs me. “Hey handsome. Come in. Want some whiskey? I left you some.” I wink at him and he nods. “Thank you.” We sit down and drink. I hit play on my TV remote and we watch the movie. My head finds its way on his shoulder and it’s really comfortable. After a while I start kissing his neck making my way to his ear. I can see the goose bumps on his skin. He doesn’t wait long and turns to me, takes my head into his hands and his lips are all over mine. I climb onto his lap and grab his hair as he kisses me right at the spot he knows I love. Suddenly he stands up holding me in place with his hands under my bum and starts walking to my bedroom. In there he puts me on the bed gently and climbs over me. I managed to put his tee off and he isn’t behind with my clothes. I’m just in my underwear when I take off his pants. I surprise him and turn us over so I’m on top of him. We keep kissing while he takes my bra off. His kisses became more rough and hungrier so I do what he wants from me. 

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