Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


1. Sweater weather

September. Time of the year I love the most. Not just because my birthday is in September but mostly because of the weather. It’s just perfect, not too hot and not too cold. And there's this thing I love doing in September. Getting tattoos. So today is the day. It’s around 5 PM when I leave my office. “Bye Charlotte!” I hear Rosie’s voice when I’m passing her office. "Are you working late again? Damn Rosie you need life!” I joke. I can do that because Rosie is my best friend. “Shut up Lottie! I need to prepare for this presentation I’m giving tomorrow. And you better not sleep during it or I will hurt you. Bad!” We laugh. “So when is your appointment?” she asks. “Six? I think.” I look at my watch and see its past five. “Shit I better get going or I won’t make it in this times traffic. See you tomorrow babe. Bye!” I leave the building and get a taxi.

When I get to the parlour the first person I see is Lou. “Heey sweetie!” she rushes to hug me “Hiya. How have you been?” Since this is not my first tattoo, I have few of them actually, you know how they say: it never stops with only one, Lou and I became friends. “Oh you know same old same old. Just Matt is going to move in with me.” She says like it’s nothing. “That's great news! I'm happy for you! We need to hit the pub real soon.” Oh yeah she is dating Matty from 1975, they’re perfect together. “Of course! Can’t wait. Char you’ll need to wait a bit Jay has one guy in there. It’s going to be just a minute he's already finishing up.” She says while walking to the back in the tattoo room. When we enter Jay looks up and gives me his best smile. “Hey gorgeous! I’ll be with you in a minute, make yourself comfortable.” He points on the couch where Lou is already sitting. “This is Zayn by the way, another regular” he laughs as I look at the body covered in tattoos. “Hi pleased to meet you Zayn, I’m Charlotte.” I smile at him. He's cute. “Pleasure is all my Charlotte” he gives me this smile that makes me feel like someone kicked me in the stomach. “So what's your number? Of tattoos.” I count in my head “This one is going to be my eighth, I think. But that's nothing compared to your collection.” He laughs “Yes that's true, I think I lost count after the twentieth one, or so.” Jay cuts in “Bro you are finished. No more sessions for this one.” He laughs.

 When he stood up from the chair Lou started preparing the seat for me. This isn’t going to be long session. They never are. I tend to get pretty simple tattoos and that makes Jay and Lou mad because they are creative as fuck and they can’t work their charm on me. I changed into a tank top at work so I wouldn’t have to be just in my bra. I sit in the chair and wait for Jay to start his work. “It was really nice to meet you Charlotte!” Zayn peeks from around the corner. “You too! Maybe we will meet here again.” I smile. He says his goodbyes with Jay and Lou and then they join me in the back. “Seriously babe you should consider some bigger tattoos. I mean yours are pretty but it’s no work for me” Jay shakes his head and start drawing the tattoo on my arm. He and Lou take turns on my tattoos. So next one is going to be Lou’s work. In few minutes he's done. They have time till the next session so we just sit there and catch up. When I walk outside it’s raining. Well that's the cost of living in London. I get in the first taxi and leave for home.  I check my phone and there's a text from Olivia.

Hey Lottie, don’t make plans for this weekend. More details coming soon. xx O

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