Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


4. Surprise!

“Cheers!” our champagne glasses clink as we finish our second bottle of this delicious champagne. Rosie and Olivia wouldn’t let me pay for the dinner so I decided to pay for the taxi. When we get out of the car we are in front of this new club I've never been to before. The line is crazy long but we don’t wait and I just follow Rosie. She just says something to the bouncer and he lets us in. As I walk past him I hear him say “Happy birthday” I look at him and he smiles at me “Thank you” I smile back. “Hey Rosie what did you say to that bouncer and how come he knows it’s my birthday?” she doesn’t hear me or she just pretends not to hear me. As we make our way through the club I thought I saw some familiar face. We are almost in this far corner of the club when bunch of people scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY! at me.

“Oh guuys!” I look around and see Niall, Lou and Matty, Connor, Kaya and Jay and Louis. And there is this tall curly guy smiling. “Char this is Harry, Harry this is Charlotte” Rosie introduces us. “Hiya, pleased to finally meet you. And happy birthday!” We shake hands and he gives me light kiss on my cheek. “This is going to be the best birthday party you ever had” Louis comes to me and hugs me. The waitress brings few bottles of alcohol and glasses. “Cheers to our 25 year old Charlotte, the one and only we love and wish her only the best in her long and beautiful life!” Olivia makes a toast and we all rise our glasses and drink our shots. I’m a tequila girl so that's what I’m drinking tonight. After few many drinks I stand up “Anyone interested in dancing?” I look around Niall is talking to Olivia, Lou and Matty are making out and the others are just talking. “Common guys it’s my birthday! Or should I just go on my own?” I start turning away to leave when Louis catches my hand “Yes love we are coming with you. Come on gang.” Kaya, Jay, Connor and Louis stood up and we started walking to the dance floor. I’m dancing with Louis and it’s a little bit too much so other people could think we are couple. Well Louis and I go way back, we got our history so we´re fine dancing like that.

“Love I’m gonna hit the loo I’ll be right back.” I nod and he leaves. The others are nowhere to be seen so they must’ve gone back to our booth. I feel the alcohol getting lighter so I head to the bar and order two shots of tequila. “One whiskey on ice please.” The guy next to me says and sits on a stool. After I drink my first shot I turn to him. “Want to have this drink with me? It’s my birthday.” He looks up and I immediately recognize that face “Oh Zayn hey!” I smile at him. “Charlotte, hi! Happy birthday then!” he enclosed his glass with mine and we drink our shots. “Two more please” he tells the bartender. “So I hope you're not here alone on your birthday.” Zayn says and takes a sip of his whiskey. “No, no. I’m here with my friends. Actually, Jay and Lou are here as well you should come and say hi.”

As I finish my sentence I feel an arm wrapping around my waist. “Love there you are. I came back and you weren’t there.” I smile at him. “Hey mate I’m Louis.” Louis says. “Oh sorry Zayn this is Louis, Louis this is Zayn.” They shake hands. “I should go, it was really nice to see you again and happy birthday!” he stands up “Hey wait, how about you come with us and say hi to Lou and Jay?” I ask Zayn. “No really, I should go. Hope to bump into you again soon.” He smiles and leaves the bar. “Who was that?” Louis asks me while walking to our booth. “I met him at the tattoo studio. I thought he could stay and have a drink with us.” Louis gives me his very meaningful look “You want to shag him!” he says that too loud so everyone at our booth is looking at us. “Who do you want to shag Char?” Lou asks me while laughing. “Nobody!” I sit down and pour shots for Louis and me. “When I came back from the loo she was with this Zayn guy.” He turns to Jay “She met him at your studio.” “Zayn? He's here? Why didn’t you bring him to have a drink? He's a great fella.” Jay finishes his speech “So you want to shag him Char?” Lou laughs at me. “No. I haven’t said such thing! Moving on! I’m disappointed with you Rosie and Olivia! I wanted to dance with you and you stood me up!” I pretend to be offended. But actually I really wanted Zayn to stick around. Wonder why he left so suddenly. “Let’s have few more drinks and dance okay?” Rosie hands me the shot and I agree. 

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