Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


5. Suits

*3 months later*

December. I can’t believe it’s almost end of the year. These past months have passed so fast. I was swamped with work and now we are really close to signing this big contract I was working on with my team. Tomorrow I’m meeting the lawyer representing our client. I open my closet and start searching for my smart black dress. I usually dress pretty casual to work, representable but casual, but I really like wearing smart dresses and heels too. It’s 6AM and my alarm goes off. I take a shower, wash my hair and style it put my dress on, put a bit of makeup and have some breakfast. I’m leaving my flat something after 8AM and even though my meeting is scheduled for 10AM I need some time to prepare everything. As soon as I get to my office Rosie comes in “Morning Lottie ready to close this bitch?” she chuckles. “I've done this before but this client is the biggest I've ever signed. I hope I won’t fuck up.” I sigh. “Don’t worry babe you won’t fuck up! You are great at your job so stop whining and be awesome as usual.” She smiles at me and leaves my office. “Miss Kinghly? I’m sorry for interrupting but we have a problem. There's been a misunderstanding with the print and they’ve printed the wrong billboard. Could you please come with me and try to speak with them? They are being very unreasonable.” This young boy says and I can tell he is a bit scared. “I have a meeting in 15 minutes can’t Rosie deal with it?” I stand up and gather my stuff. “I’m afraid not miss.” Great. “Fine I’m going to fix it. You go and tell Lily to wait for that lawyer I’m meeting and show him to the conference room and if I’m not there tell him to wait.” “Yes miss.”

“I am so sorry I kept you waiting, I had to deal with a great problem so please accept my apology.” I say as I run through the conference room door and close it. “No problem I haven’t waited for long.” I hear familiar voice say. I turn around and see him standing by the table. “Charlotte? What? You work here?” Zayn gives me his best smile and steps up to greet me. “Zayn? Hello. You are the lawyer representing my client?” We shake hands. So professional. “I had no idea you work for this company” he starts. “Yes, I’m the head of this department.” He smiles “Well I’m impressed.” “Thank you. What about you? I thought you work at the university.” I remember him saying that when we met at that restaurant. “Yes I work there but I also do legal consulting and represent few clients.” That must be time consuming. “So my idea of this meeting is” he starts and takes the papers in front of him “we go very quickly through this paperwork and sign them, and after that I’m taking you to lunch. Does this plan work for you?” He asks but his face says I have no other option but say yes. “Okay so let’s start.”

We are seated in the restaurant near my office and already have ordered. “So I haven’t bumped into you since your birthday. How have you been?” he asks me “Busy with work, always working late because I’m the best boss and I've sent everyone home so they don’t have to be in the office in the middle of the night. Let me tell you our client was a big pain in my ass. Off record of course” I laugh. “And how about you? I was wondering back in that club why you had to leave so suddenly. Jay asked about you when we went back to our booth.” I sip on my wine. “I just didn’t want to interrupt your celebration and you were with your boyfriend so you were in good hands. I haven’t been to the studio in a while have you?” I choke on my wine “Wait what? Boyfriend? Who?” he looks confused “You know the one who joined us at the bar?” he smiles “Oh you mean Louis? He's not my boyfriend.” I laugh. “Oh sorry I assumed.” “No, no he is just a good friend.” I smile at Zayn. So he thought I had a boyfriend huh.

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