Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


7. Modern Love

When I wake up I immediately feel the thirst. Kids that's what too much whiskey does to you! I get out of the bed and put on panties and tank top. I open the door and I’m slapped with this delicious smell of food. As I walk through living room to the kitchen Louis greets me “Good morning love.” “Good morning. Argh I’m so thirsty.” He immediately hands me a glass of water and I sit behind the counter. “Thank you.” I smile at him. “I couldn’t find much in your fridge but there were some eggs so I’m making an omelette and toasts sounds good?” he turns to get the plates. “Yes sounds great! So when are you supposed to be at work?” I ask. We never talk about what happened between us, I mean the first time we talked about it but after that we never do, we just act as usual. “At 9 so I need to hurry up.” He puts plate in front of me and pours coffee into my fave mug. “What time is it anyways?” I ask and check the clock. It’s almost 8AM. “Shit, you should’ve woken me sooner I’m gonna be so late.” I say while quickly eating my breakfast. “Sorry.” He smirks. “You're just lucky your office is not far from here! You can leave in 30 minutes and you’ll be on time!”

I finish my breakfast and run into bathroom to take quick shower. I washed my hair yesterday so it’s not greasy or unmanageable. I put it in a bun and step into the hot water. Suddenly the door of the shower opens and Louis walks in. “Hey what do you think you're doing?” I ask, taking my shower gel. “What does it look like? I’m taking a shower.” He steps closer to me so the water is falling at him. I just wash myself ready to wash off the soap I grab his shoulder so I could move him from under the water. As I do that he opens his closed eyes and looks at me. Like really looks at me. Next thing I know I’m pinned to the wall, water is falling on both of us, my hair is soaking and Louis is kissing me. I succeed to move my head so he's left kissing my neck “What are you doing? We can’t. I don’t have time for this.” I try to push him off but he's persistent. “Oh common I’ll be quick.” He says and goes back to kissing me. This time I give in. I’m lucky I don’t have any meetings today or I’d be fucked! It’s almost 10AM when I get to my office.

As soon as I sit in my chair Rosie storms in my office “Where the hell have you been?” she looks pissed. “I overslept didn’t hear my alarm, sorry. Why are you pissed I didn’t miss anything.” I check my emails. “You missed month report meeting. So there was nobody to report to!” “Oh shit that was today? I’m so sorry, but you were there and you're me whenever I’m not here.” I smile at her. Damn you Louis! “Chris was there! Honey you missed the last meeting of the year!” “Fuck!” “But don’t worry I covered for you, I said you had an appointment at your doctor you couldn’t reschedule. But I think Chris is going to want to speak to you today.” “Thank you Rosie you are the best, saving my ass as usual.” I go over my table and hug her. “So you really just overslept? Wasn’t it someone else’s fault?” she winks at me “What, whose fault should it be?” I don’t think she knows about Louis. We agreed that it will stay just between us, it’s no one else’s business what we do. “Zayn? I thought you went on a date and he slept over?” she smirks. “No! I just drunk too much whiskey while watching a movie last night, so it was hard to get up this morning. And he didn’t call me yet, anyways.” I look down. “I’m sure he will call you in no time.” Rosie smiles and holds my hand. “So are you ready with your presentation? Do you have pictures? Tell me everything about your date last night!” I laugh when she slaps my arm but she starts talking.

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