Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


2. Midnight blues

It’s Thursday morning and I´ve just finished my run. After shower I eat some granola and pour coffee into my Keep Cup. It’s sunny morning and I’m walking from the underground station to my office. I work in a PR company, and I’m head of the marketing department. You wonder how I got to be head of a department in such young age- age of 25? I have no idea either. I have been working here since my first year of university but I was only intern back then and I worked my way up during the years. First thing on today’s schedule is Rosie’s presentation. She is basically my number two. I leave my things in my office, take the prepared material from my desk and head straight to the conference room. Rosie is already there setting everything up. “Good morning Rose” she flinches because she didn’t see me come in. “Morning Char” she smiles and comes to sit next to me. “Show me the new born” she jokes. I take of my blazer and show her the arrow on my arm. “Oh that's so cute. I will get one sometimes.” “Good morning ladies” James and others are coming into the room so that means we can begin.

When the clock hits 12PM I walk to Rosie’s office and knock. She's on the phone so I just wait. “Let’s go get some lunch. On me” I say. “Sure, let’s go.” We are in the queue in this little café/restaurant thing when someone pats me on the shoulder. I turn around and there he is. Zayn, the guy I met last night at the tattoo parlour, all suited up. “Hello, Zayn is it?” I smile at him. “Hello Charlotte, yeah, funny to bump into you here.” He runs his hand through his messy hair. “We have office nearby, oh shit sorry, Zayn this is my friend Rosie. Rosie this is Zayn we met last night at Lou and Jays studio.” They shake hands. And it’s our turn to order we order our food and go aside to wait. Zayn orders his lunch to go. “So Zayn do you live or work nearby?” I ask observing him. “Yes I was on business in this area, most of the time I’m a teaching assistant at UCL, but I do legal consulting for companies as well.” Impressing! They call our lunch at the same time as Zayn’s. “It was really nice to see you again Charlotte, and of course pleased to meet you Rosie.” She smiles at him. “Next time we meet you will buy me a drink!” I joke “Very well then, I can’t wait to bump into you again then.” He laughs. “Have a lovely day ladies” We say our goodbyes and Rosie and I head to find ourselves a table.

“Oh God he is so hot Char! Why was this the first time I’m hearing his name? It should’ve been the first thing you told me in the morning. You need to sort your priorities out girl!” I laugh at her speech and we eat our lunch while I tell her the steaming details about Zayn. “So you’ve seen him without shirt and not even that makes you tell me everything you know about him? Seriously honey priorities!”

“By the way I received text from Olivia not to make plans for this weekend? What is she talking about?” Damn this Panini is delicious. “We are taking you out tomorrow. You know dinner and drinks later.” she gives me this look and smiles. I look confused. “You know since it’s your birthday tomorrow!” “Oh God it totally slipped my mind! Okay it will be fun” we finish our lunch and head back to the office.

In the evening I pour myself a glass of rosé and watch The Office. When I’m in the half of the episode I suddenly turn the TV off. I hate when this happens. This sudden mood swing. My brain is working its weird ways and makes me think about my screw ups in my life. Tomorrow I’m 25 and the only sorted thing in my life is my job. Other than that I have my friends. But no boyfriend. I mean who needs one, but it feels nice to have someone waiting for you when you come home from work. I was used to that feeling but it all went down the drain when Alex, my former boyfriend left me after 2 years of living together for this model Alysa. That was hard time for me. No Charlotte grow a pair and stop whining about Alex! You are happy now just as you are. And you are better off without him. I go to bed trying to be excited for tomorrows night.

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