Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.



“Hey babe, are you free after work? Care for good old hang at the studio with me? L

A text from Lou appears on my phone. I haven’t seen that girl for some time now, I miss that face.

“Yeah!! I can be there in an hour. Make sure you have snacks! x “

I respond and finish my work. Everyone went home early since it’s Friday but I wanted to do some more work since I was late this morning. When I get to the studio I head straight to the back room. “Hey guys!” I greet them and Lou runs towards me to hug me. “Oh god I missed you! You need to make more time for your friends!” I agree with her and we sit down on the couch after 15 minutes or so the door opens and someone walks into the studio. Jay is already there greeting them. As I ask Lou about Matty a familiar face walks in the room. “Charlotte! What a surprise are you getting some work done tonight as well?” Zayn asks with a smile that melts me into the couch. “Hi Zayn! No I’m not here to get tattooed this time. I’m just hanging out with these guys, haven’t had much time for that lately.” I smile at him. “Do you mind me staying here while Jay works on you? Or should we leave to the other room?” I ask him. “No don’t be silly I won’t mind at all!” Suddenly he takes his shirt off and sits down on the chair and talks to Jay about the pattern. I turn myself back to Lou and find her observing me. “What?” I ask and open the crisps. “Nothing. So Matty and I…” Wait a second! Zayn had an appointment tonight. “Hey Lou did you know he was going to be here tonight?” I ask quietly so Zayn won’t hear me, already knowing her answer. “Yeah.” She says casually and takes the bag of crisps. “Is that why you asked me to come? So I could see him shirtless again?” I chuckle. “You want to shag him I can make that easier for you.” Oh god! She's the devil!

When Jay finishes Zayn´s tattoo I check the clock on the wall. “I think I’m gonna go babe it’s been a long day and I need a long bath.” I stand up and put my jacket on. “Okay hun I’m glad you came over! And you need to get a new tatt soon, it’s my turn now!” Lou hugs me and then I hug Jay. I leave the studio and stop outside to check my phone to see some missed calls. I call Louis and Olivia to see what they wanted. As I’m about to find a taxi Zayn comes out the studio. “Hey you're still here!” he comes closer. “Yeah I was just checking my phone.” I smile. “Can I persuade you to have a drink with me now?” he gives me a smile to die for. “Sure” I would be crazy to say no! “I know a great place just around the corner.” We start walking.

When we get in some guy greets Zayn and we make our way to a table in the corner. “I guess you are a regular here?” I smile at him “My buddy owns this place, that was him who greeted me” he explains. “What can I get you? Two shots of tequila?” he smiles. How does he know I’m a tequila girl? “How would you know!” “I remember you drinking it on your birthday.” Hmm good memory. As Zayn leaves to the bar I look around the bar. It’s pretty full, but every pub is full on Friday. Two shots are placed in front of me and one handsome guy sits next to me. “So what's new since our last encounter?” “Oh you know same old same old, coming late to work and missing important meeting because you had few more glasses of whiskey than you should have last night.” I laugh and drink the other shot. “Oh been there done that. Once I came still drunk to a class and surprisingly I managed to teach but after 20 minutes another professor comes in and tells me I’m in the wrong classroom.” I laugh and almost fall of the chair. “Ah university times sometimes I miss it just when I hate being an adult.” “Oh I know exactly what you mean” Zayn laughs and a waiter brings us 2 more shots each. “Did you order these? Are you trying to get me drunk mister?” I laugh “No” he looks up “it must have been Ryan” I give him a confused look “My friend, the owner.” “Oh I see, so he's helping you getting me drunk” I smile “Well cheers to that” he laughs and we drink our shots. In an hour we drink 4 more shots when he has an idea “Charlotte lets go clubbing!” and my idiotic drunk brain sees that as a wonderful idea “Yeeeees! Let’s go!” I grab his hand and we walk out of the pub. “Where should we go?” I ask “Oh I know! Let’s find a taxi.” He drags me to the road.

The taxi stops in front of a club named Magic, quite cheesy name but I don’t care at the moment. We walk straight in take our jackets off and head to the dance floor. “The Dj is playing great music!” I shout in Zayn´s ear. He puts hand on my lower back and pushes me closer “He is my friend” he laughs “You have friends everywhere!” I recognise the song playing but it’s some kind of remix. “I love this song!” I move my body in weird ways and after a spin I hit Zayn´s body. I look up and see him watching me. Suddenly he leans in and kisses me so passionately I almost lose my balance. I think he notices that because he pushes me into him and hugs me. It’s like there was no one else in the club. With the end of the song came the end of our kiss. I look at his gorgeous face “You haven’t called” he looks confused “I just.. you said you would call but you didn’t.” “I didn’t call just because I’m coming to your office on Monday and I wanted to ask out for dinner then.” I blush and look down “No don’t look down I want to look in your beautiful eyes.” Can he be even hotter now? All the alcohol I have in my system overpowers me and I just kiss him hard. “Do you want to leave this place like right now?” I whisper into his ear. He nods so I take his hand and start walking to the door. We get into a taxi I say the address and we make out some more. The driver had his own private show. The second we get into my apartment Zayn pushes me against the wall and slides his hand under my tee. Seconds later his hands are on my ass and he's picking me up “Bedroom?” he says between kisses “Through the living room” I moan. He puts me down just next to the bed and I take his shirt off and kiss his collarbone, neck and lips. I push him down on my bed and continue kissing him. Well this night couldn’t have gone any better!

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