Another chapter of my life

This is a story about a very complicated person who needs help from that special someone, to make her see the world not so complicated.


3. B-day gal!

Today is my birthday. I wake up at the sound of my phone ringing. I roll over to the night stand and pick up the phone. “Hello.” I’m so sleepy I didn’t even look at the id of the caller. “Haaaappy birthday sweetie!!” my mum and dad say in synchronized and very loud voice. “Thank you mum, dad.” I smile. I miss them, I haven’t seen them in so long. “How is my birthday girl?” my mum asks. “Sleepy, you woke me up. But otherwise I think it’s gonna be a good day.” After we chat for a while I get out of the bed and make some breakfast. Since it’s my birthday I deserve a breakfast of champions. I finish my eggs, bacon and toast with a glass of fresh orange juice. Hmm maybe I’ll invite girls for brunch on Sunday. I could use some pancakes and mimosa.

When I get to work I put my things in my office and head to the conference room. Since it is Friday, now is the time for our weekly report. As I open the door there are people in party hats screaming happy birthday to me. “Oh my god. Guys! This is so sweet of you!” I have tears in my eyes. Rosie comes to me and hugs me. After we finish that delicious red velvet cake we have brief report for this week and then back to work. “Char, Olivia just texted me that she will meet us at your place after work. I have stuff I need for tonight at my office so when you're ready to head home just knock on my door.” Rosie smiles at me and leaves my office.

It’s 5 PM and I’m standing in the door of Rosie’s office. “I’m ready to go, what do you want me to carry?” I say after a glance at the pile of bags on the chair in the corner. “You can take the small bag” she smiles at me and packs her laptop. When we leave the building we walk to the underground. “So how was the date with, Harry was it?” I ask. “Yes Harry. It was amazing. Like I mean I have never been on such a great date in my life!” she's smiling and has sparkles in her eyes, she likes him “He was so polite and funny, we laughed so much. And when we left the restaurant neither of us wanted to end the date so we went for a walk, so he literally walked me home.” I laugh “Oh babe I have to meet him then. Are you hanging out again soon?” “Yes we are.” she gives me a shy smile. “So Niall is the matchmaker of the year I guess then.” We laugh as I open door to my flat.

“Are you two going to tell me what are we doing tonight? Except dinner of course because I’m starving!” I ask Rosie and Olivia. “Nah that's a surprise” Olivia tells me without any interest of looking at anyone else than her in the mirror. “At least tell me what I should wear. I was thinking this?” I show them my new black dress. It copies my body in very good way and it’s like off shoulder sleeves or whatever. “Yes!” they yell in perfect sync. “Alright then let me put it on, get some make up going on my face and curl my hair a bit an I’m ready to go” they laugh “So another hour, that's what you're saying” I laugh with them “Nah she can’t we have reservation for 9PM. So hurry up Lott!” Olivia, bossy as usual. No wonder she's the head editor in Vogue.

Finally when Rosie finishes her make up, HA! It wasn’t me who needed to be waited for! I put my red wine- ish whatever the colour is heels on. I know heels for an unknown night but I swear they are the most comfortable heels I’ve ever owned. I take my purse any my leather jacket, lipstick a bit darker than my shoes and we head out. Olivia is lucky to get the first taxi she saw so we get in and leave for the restaurant.

** So sorry its this late but uni is killing me right now. I hope you enjoy this "piece of art" haha. xx N **

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