I Wanna See You Strip

Calum has always stripped for Michael but what happens when Calum wants Michael to strip for him? This is a finished short story!

© 2015 all rights reserved as distributed this may not be distributed, modified or reproduced in any way without the authorization of me or my co-writers


5. Without Pushing Him Too Far

It happened so fast, none of them really realized what was about to happen, before it did. Michael was laying on the floor; face down a sock in his hand. He’d managed to almost get it off before he fell, and it slid off the rest of the way, when he tripped and fell. Calum put a hand in front of his mouth, but it didn’t catch the laughter escaping from his throat.

“That’s the second time you fell for me, Mikey.” Calum laughed. “Are you okay?” He then asked, the laughter slightly suppressed.

The next things to happened, were just as quick and when Michael fell. In just about two second, Michael had jumped up from the floor, knocked over Calum and pinned his hands to the mattress above his head; Michael hovering above him, with a knee on each side of Calum’s hips. “Don’t you dare laugh at me!” Michael growled at Calum.

Calum wasn’t laughing anymore. He looked at Michael and recognized all the signs in his boyfriends face and behavior, of lust. If was clear that Michael had a plan. A plan to punish Calum for laughing at him and Calum actually couldn’t wait. “What if I did?” He smirked, knowing exactly how to push Michael just a little bit further, without pushing him too far.

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