I Wanna See You Strip

Calum has always stripped for Michael but what happens when Calum wants Michael to strip for him? This is a finished short story!

© 2015 all rights reserved as distributed this may not be distributed, modified or reproduced in any way without the authorization of me or my co-writers


1. Their Lips Graced Over Each Other

Michael and Calum had been together for a long time now. Being who they were, it wasn’t strange that Michael fell for Calum one night at a club, where Calum had had a little too much to drink and felt a little too confident; deciding it was too hot for clothes. It’d been a private party, with a pole in the middle of the room, so everyone could use it if they wanted. Until right then, it’d only been women, grinding against the pole, but Calum decided it was his turn. He’d gone up to the pole, grabbed it with one hand and swung himself around it sloppily at first, before he really began. He’d been stripping like a pro and brought all the girls in there to shame, with how well he did it.

Michael quickly found himself staring with his mouth hanging wide open. He didn’t notice himself getting up from his seat in the sofa, when Calum had already stripped his shirt and were undoing the zipper of his skinny jeans. Michael didn’t know how Calum managed to get out of his jeans, looking so graceful and sexy, but he did. He got out of them, while Michael made it over the floor towards stripping Calum. Right then, when Calum’s gaze locked with Michael’s, the slightly older boy tripped over his own feet and fell on his face. Smack. Right in front of his friend.

“Oh my god, Mikey are you okay?” Calum asked as he helped Michael up from the ground. He couldn’t help but giggle though. “You could’ve just told me; you didn’t have to literally fall for me.” He laughed a little harder, but he suddenly seemed much more sober than he did before, when Michael just blushed and turned away. Calum had caught Michael’s chin with one hand and turned his face back towards him. Calum leaned in. Their lips graced over each other..

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