I Wanna See You Strip

Calum has always stripped for Michael but what happens when Calum wants Michael to strip for him? This is a finished short story!

© 2015 all rights reserved as distributed this may not be distributed, modified or reproduced in any way without the authorization of me or my co-writers


7. Make Each Other Feel Good. Always.

Michael played with Calum’s nipple a little, before tugging at his shirt; only to realize that he couldn’t possibly get it off of Calum, in their current position, making him groan in frustration. “Strip. Fast.” He ordered before letting go of Calum and getting off him.

It didn’t take Calum much more than a minute, to get out of his clothes. He didn’t bother the least to try and make it sexy for Michael. He didn’t have to, he just had to be quick, so he was. When he’d only just gotten his clothes off, Michael grabbed him around his upper arms and pushed him against the nearest wall possible, letting their lips collide. At first the kisses were hard and firm but then then got more and more sloppy and wet.

Calum bucked his hips, grinding against Michael who placed his hands against the wall to support himself. Michael then let out a moan against Calum’s lips. Calum smirked in triumph and moved his hips again.

Michael broke away from kissing Calum, to kiss across his jawline and then move down his neck. He let his teeth attach to the skin where Calum’s neck met shoulder.

“Touch me.” Calum moaned with his head thrown back against the wall. It didn’t take long for Michael to obey, by placing a hand on Calum’s naked hip; softly digging his fingertips into the tan skin that he loved so very much.

Michael suddenly realized, just how good it actually was, that he knew just what Calum wanted and what he liked. He was going to make Calum feel so good, he’d forget that he even saw Michael try to strip for him earlier. He was going to make Calum feel so good and Calum knew it. They were going to make each other feel so good. Always.

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