I Wanna See You Strip

Calum has always stripped for Michael but what happens when Calum wants Michael to strip for him? This is a finished short story!

© 2015 all rights reserved as distributed this may not be distributed, modified or reproduced in any way without the authorization of me or my co-writers


3. His Hand Still On Michael's Cheek

Now, Calum didn’t mind stripping for his boyfriend. He really didn’t, but sometimes he wondered what it would be like on the other end. He wondered and one day he decided that he wanted to know, so when he and Michael were alone, he looked to his boyfriend. He wasn’t as demanding as Michael, when it came to this, so with a soft voice he simply asked. “Michael? Will you strip for me?”

Michael looked like he’d seen a ghost, when Calum asked him this. He wasn’t sure what to say. He couldn’t move like Calum and he definitely didn’t feel as sexy as he knew Calum was. He should have taken lessons, because somehow he’d always had an idea, that this day would come at some point.

“Please, Michael.” Calum pleaded. “I do it for you all the time!” Calum said and hoped it’d convince Michael that one time wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

“Yeah, but you’re not as clumsy.” Michael muttered. “And you’re ten times sexier than I am, I swear to god, you’re just going to laugh at me.” He added and looked away from his boyfriend for a second, before turning halfway back to him again.

“Michael don’t worry! You’re not that clumsy!” Calum tried, inhaled the air between them and spoke again. “And hell, Michael you’re the sexiest guy I know! Please.” He tried again and just looked at Michael, waiting for him to react.

“But I’ve never done it before.” Michael tried haft heartedly, he actually sort of wanted to try, but yet he couldn’t help but hesitate. Calum was just too good, what if he expected Michael to be just as good?

“Just try. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Calum said and caressed Michael’s cheek with one hand. “You’ll be sexy.” He added; his hand still resting on Michael’s cheek.

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