I Wanna See You Strip

Calum has always stripped for Michael but what happens when Calum wants Michael to strip for him? This is a finished short story!

© 2015 all rights reserved as distributed this may not be distributed, modified or reproduced in any way without the authorization of me or my co-writers


6. Adding More Of That Pressure Calum Loved So Much

“Well if you do, you know what I have to do to you, right?” Michael growled and leaned down to let his tongue slide up the side of Calum’s neck.

“I know.” Calum’s voice quivered lightly when he spoke. The light wet pressure on his neck and the firm grip around his wrists did things to him. The way his wrists were pressed together in Michael’s hand and the way Michael held him in his place, so he couldn’t move his arms, felt like toxic in Calum’s veins.

“I have to teach you a lesson.” Michael murmured against Calum’s neck. He let his teeth grace over the soft skin before biting down; tightening the grip around Calum’s wrists a little as he did so.

“Yes-“ Calum sighed and pressed his head further into the bed, arching up his neck to give Michael better access to his sensitive skin.

Michael quickly took advantage of the newly exposed skin and made sure to mark every part of it with his teeth and mouth. Sucking and biting at it and tasting everything that was just Calum. He’d tasted Calum a lot of times before, but every time felt like the first. It was just so delicious.

While Calum enjoyed the sensation of Michael’s teeth on his skin, both of them knew that compared to what Calum really wanted, this was just teasing. Incredibly good teasing. Calum arched his back up, frustrated with still being completely dressed.

“Clothes-“ Calum whimpered into Michael’s hair. He would have said something more, but Michael’s teeth dug into Calum’s shoulder, and he couldn’t get any other words over his lips. He could clearly feel Michael grin, but yet Michael let his free hand creep up under Calum’s shirt; resting his weight on the hand around Calum’s wrists, adding more of that pressure Calum loved so much.

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