The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


6. pass out

Meghan's POV

I need to go to the bathroom

I went to the bathroom and ...

I saw some people behind a tree and it was Jess and my brother?!! Jess was talking on FaceTime with Ellie

"Matt , Jess ?" I said and went to them

"Um... Hi Meg " Matt said and hugs me

"Meghan?" Ellie says through the phone

"Hey" i said

"Tell Chris that i am at Australia"

"Chris!!! Meg is in Australia !!"

"What "

"Im just kidding ill be there in 1 minute" I said and grabbed my bother's arm.

"I miss you "

"I miss you too "

We where back at the boys and they where In shock.

(Mitchell Hope as Matt Bellarini)

"So... This is my brother Matt and Matt she is Sabrina and Rowan,And they are Calum,Ashton,Luke,Peyton ,Corey and Michael "

"Hi " they said in unison

"Hey " he said Sabrina came to me and whispered to me

"Damn he is Hot "and I laughed

"you can have him, he is all yours " i whispered back

"Matt do you have a hotel room?" I ask


"You can stay with us if you want " Calum said

"Okay " he said and i hugged him and everyone went back to the pool

"Whats wrong ?"

Idk ... I dont feel really well , i pulled back

"I dont feel-"and everything went black

Matt's POV

Meghan hugged me like our little sister did before she died at age 7 . Meghan doesn't like to talk about it .

"What's Wrong?"

She pulled back

"I dont feel-" and she pass out , i ran to her and grabbed Her .

"Meghan, Meghan " i said and everyone looked at us and came running

"Please dont, Please " i hope she doenst leave like Ally,mom and dad died in a car accident yesturday, i was going to tell Meg today but this happened

"Matt, matt " Ellie said and i tryed to talk but words didnt came out of my mouth... I can't Move .

"Matt, come on try " said Rowan

"I-" i tryed to talk

"What "

"I - dont- have -family, i - can't -lost-her " i said and started crying

"You arent going to lost Her , and you have a mom and a dad that cares about Meghan and you " Ellie said

"Mom and dad died yesturday " i said looking down

Before i knew the ambulance was taking Meghan to the hospital.

"Omg... I am so so sorry " Ellie said

"It's okay "

The ambulance took off leaving me behind, we don't have a car so we can't go to the hospital , so i called to the hospital .

"Hi , how may i help you today "

"Hi,My sister is in a ambulance on the way there and i dont have a car "

"Okay so whats her name and info "

I told Her everything

"Ok so what happened "

"I dont know she hugged me and then she pass out "

"Ok we will call you as soon as we know whats wrong "

"Thanks " and we hang up .

Katy's POV

Next day .

We went to Luke's room and Matt's cellphone rang and he picked up.

"Ok " he smiled

"Yeah " he smiled again

"Thanks bye " he

"Whats wrong?"

Cliffhanger!!! Hahhahahah

Lub you guys


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