The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


1. Pass out


My name is Meghan Bellarini I am 15 years old and I study in a school called James Schotch Elementary and High school School (it's a fake school) . I live in Sydney, Australia and i have Dirty Blond hair and green eyes i am tall

I have my best friend , Ellie Smith , she is 15 years old like me and she is tall with black hair and hazel eyes

And my boy best friend is Chris Stewart is Tall ,have black hair and Blue Ocean eyes

And i am in 9th grade


• in the morning •

I woke up and did my morning things ( i actually forgot the word that goes in there)

I grabbed my phone and went downstairs and eat my pancakes made by my big brother ( Matt Bellarini) he is the best.

"So sis are you ready to meet 5 SOS " i looked at him he was seating next to me

"Ha ha ha , so funny " i said looking at him

"No really, check your instagram " i went to my instagram and saw a pic of my school and a comment saying " So we are going to visit some Fans at James Schotch School and we are going to go to that school For a month we are going to help some teachers "

Omg, omg , omg

And everything went black

I woke up in a car

"Hey Meghan " Ellie said

"Hi Ellie, Hi Jess , Hi Cameron " ( Jess is Ellie's mom and Cameron is Ellie Twin brother )

"Hi " they said in unison


School facts

I am in 9th 1 and i dont change group i am stuck with them all day and we just do class room changes For the diferent class and we take spanish. There is a 9th 2 where Chris is we only see each other in lunch time and in brake time.


We arraived to school and went to our class room and i saw Luke Hemmings ... And ... And my math teacher 😒 (lame )

And once again everything went black

Ellie's POV

So we entered the class and i saw Luke Hemmings, he is Meghan's Fav , my Fav one is Calum and yeah i like 5SOS

I went behind Meghan cause i knew that she was going to pass out, and she pass out and she falled on my hands.

"Um...Cameron can you hold Meghan so I can tell the teacher "

"Sure "he grabbed her like a bride style, Meghan is like a balon she doesn't weight anything. I went to the teacher ... Who was talking to Luke.

"Um... Excuse me Teacher ... Um Meghan pass out because of Luke ... She is a fan ... U know "

"Omg,omg " she said and she went running to my brother who was holding her. And I continue to watch my teacher freaking out and my brothers face .

"Wtf is wrong with the teacher Meghan is not dead " he said to me in a mute voice and I laugh . I feelt someone steering at me but i ignore it .

"Um...Hi " Luke said

"Hi , im Ellie "

"You already know me "

"Yeah, i know . Its the second time she pass out today "

"Wow "

"The first one was wen she saw on instagram that u guys where coming to our school For a month "

"She must really like our Band"

"Yeah,You are Her fav " i said and he blushed

"Do you likes the band?"

"Yeah, my fav one Is Calum dont tell him or i will kill you "

"Fine "

"Luke i need your help " the teacher screams and Luke went to Her

I went to my desk and put down my bags and Meghan's bags on the floor

I saw Luke grabbing ,Meghan from Cameron's hand

"Ellie can you show Luke the way to the Nursery " the teacher said

"Sure " i said and i went out of the classroom.

"So ... Can i seat with you guys in lunch ?"

"Sure, but Please dont bring Calum or i am going to be the one laying on someones hand " i said and pointed at Meghan . We entered a half

I saw Calum at the end of the halfway with Katy Boyce ( she is my friend) i guess he is with 9th2

"Omg... Luke hold me " i said stoping.

"But i cant i have someone in my hands , just keep walking and dont look at him "

"Fine " and i did has he said we where about to pass Calum when he notice Luke and me .

"Luke!!" He said walking

"Hey " i continued to walk until i reached the stairs (my school have 2 levels ) .

"Omg , whats wrong with my Cupcake " Katy said looking at Meghan (thats Her nick name For Meghan, Meghan likes it ) and she walks over to me

"Luke happened "

"Omg, right i forgot "

"Well see you later i need to take Luke to the Nursery " we said good bye to each other and she went beside Calum

"Luke move it " i said not looking at Calum

"Tlk to you later " they said and Luke went to me and Calum went to his classroom with Katy

We arraived to the Nursery

"Hi mrs.snow "

"Hi darling " said the nurse

"So ... what happend to Miss . Bellarini "

"Luke happened " i said ponting at Luke and Luke blushed

"Oh " She said and laugh

"Follow me " She said to Luke and Luke followed and putted Her in a bed.

And we went back to our Classroom

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