The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


2. lunch

Meghan's POV

I woke up in a bed in the Nursery room

I went to the Nurse and she told me it was lunch time. Wow i have pass out For to long

I went to the bench where my group 9th 1 seats (every group in the school has a bench)

I didnt saw Luke so i grabbed Ellie through Her arm and bringed Her to the bathroom.

"You woke up finally "

"Yeah... Where's Luke?"

"They gaved 5 SOS a bench for them only "(remeber when Luke asked Her about eating together? The teachers didnt want that the guys be in a tight bench so they gived them a 'private ' bench )

"Thank you God " "who took me to the nursery?"

"Luke "


"Yeap " she said eating a cookie, I grabbed one of her cookies and went outside the bathroom .

"I am going to see Chris and Katy are you coming ?"

"Sure "

We went to see Katy and Chris at there group bench.

"Meghan " Chris said and running to me

"Chris " i said and hugged him he hugged me back.and we pulled away

"Are you Okay? , Katy told me that u pass out "

"Katy ?!" I said looking at Ellie

"Long story baby, long story " Ellie said

"Katy " i said and hugged Her

"Meghan, oh im glad that u are okay "

"Did you saw your celebrity crush ( Ashton) " i ask and giggle

"Hell ... Yeah he is HOT "she said and I laughed

"So I have to go to my bench see you guys later " i said and Kissed Chris and Katy on the cheek

I arraived to my bench and i saw Cameron and i walked to him

"Hey " he said


"When do i get a kiss " he said and crossed his arms.i was going to kiss him on the cheek but he moved his head to try to kiss me but he failed because i notice.

"Fail " Ellie screams and we laugh

I saw Luke and the guys comming my why

"Please dont pass out " he screamed witch it made me and Ellie laugh.

"Hi Luke, im sorry about what happend before "i said and looked to the floor i felt my cheeks burning.

I put my head up and i saw Chris and Katy Running to us.

"Omg, omg ... Ellie , Meghan ... Mom is comming to bring us our bags so we go to the airport in the school bus "your brother maked your bags " She said ponting at me "and your mother made Cameron's And your Bags " She said ponting at Ellie

"And i did mine yesterday and so as Chirs "

"But why?" I said

"We are going to Orlando !!! To Disney and Universal "

"But that is so far "

"Hey what do you preffer school or Disney Land "

"Disney " Ellie screamed and high fived Chris.

"yeah but how long ?"

"5 days "

"Hell yeah lets go " i screamed and Chris hugged me . He smells so good.

"Did you just smell me ?" He ask

"No" i lied

"Yeah...right "

"So we should get going... "Luke said and turned around and i pulled away from Chris

"Where are you guys going with out my permission " Katy said crossing Her arms . They turned around they most be pissed

"Um whe-"

"The teacher said that you guys are comming too " "She made a disney Land trip For A+ students and For you guys "

"But we dont have our bags "

"Ohh dont worry about that they are in the office"

The office lady call

"Please go to the office : Chris Stewart,Katie Boyce , Ellie Smith, Cameron Smith,Meghan Bellarini,Ashton irwin,Calum Hood,Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings"

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