The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


5. heartbreak girl

Meghan's POV

We got out and i Kissed Chris

"I like you " he whispered

"I like you too " i whispered to him

Ellie grabbed my arm and taked me away

"You cant date Chris "

"You have to date My brother or Luke Hemmings"

"You cant force me to like someone i dont" i said and walked away. Crying

I went to my hotel and changed into my swimsuits.

Ellie's POV

She walked away and i walked to the guys

"Where is Meghan "

"Idk ""Lets go to some rides we could call Her later "

We called Her and txt and nothing we went to the hotel and searched everywhere and we went to the pool are and there she was alone and Crying i was walking to Her and A girl walked to Her .

"Hey ... Are you okay?"

"No "

"Wanna talk about it ?"

"Yeah "

"Ok "

"My friends and i went to universal and i kissed the boy i like... Then she grabbed me and told me i cant date him that i have to date Her brother or ...Luke Hemmings "


"Are you talking about my friend Or Luke Hemmings "

"Your friend ... I mean Luke Hemmings Is hot...but your friend crossed the line " "Hey wanna meet some of my friends?"

"Yeah "

"By the way i am Sabrina Carpenter "

"I am Meghan Bellarini ""and i know you, you are from girl meets world "

And they walked to some people (at the pool of course)

"I cant belive it you forced Her , What i great friend " Cameron said and walked away .

"Luke i -"

"Save it " he said and Michael, Ashton and Calum walked away.


"Leave me alone " he said and tears started to felt from his eyes

"Katy -"

"And i called you friend " She said and walked away with Chris

I went to my hotel room and started Crying.

Meghan's POV

I meet Sabrina Carpenter!!! Yay 🎉🎉👏🏼👏🏼

We went to 'their friends "at there they were the , Rowan Blanchard , Peyton Meyer and Corey fogelmanis

"Hey... Guys this is Meghan Bellarini and they are-" i cut Her off

"Rowan Blanchard, Peyton Meyer and Corey fogelmanis "

"I guess you know us " Peyton said and i smiled

"Yeah "

We talked a little bit about my day and i Felt someone hugging me from behind

"I heard " he whispered i turned around and saw Chris and i hugged him.

"Im sorry because of my sis " Cameron said

"Yeah,im sorry too it was i little bit Awkward when i heard about it " Luke said

"I cant belive that she do that " Katy said

"Guys is not Your fault "

I said and everyone hugged me

"Omg ... Peyton is Hot!! " Katy whispered to me in the and the guys heard and strated to laugh.

"Shut it "

We pulled out of the hug

"Peyton Katy likes you " Calum said and started to swim

"You little bastard"Katy followed him in and and outside the pool.

Me and the guys where laughing so hard

"So she is Katy, he is Chris , he is Cameron and - " I said ponting to her but Rowan cut me off

"He is Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin " She said ponting at the guys.

"That's it I give up " Katy said and picked her things

"Party popper " Calum screamed and got inside the pool again he dint notice Katy and Katy put her things again back and jumped on Calum.

"You. Little.bastard"

"Peyton do something " Corey said

"I can take the animals away ... Watch and learn " Luke said

"Chuu... No dogs and cats allowed!!"

"Fine " Calum and Katy said in unison and got out of the pool.Luke was walking to us and Calum screamed.

"No penguins allowed on the pool " Luke turned around and walking away.

"No pretty boys allowed on the pool " Katy said

"You heard her" Rowan,Sabrina and me said in unison and we pushed out of the pool : Ashton,Chris , Cameron Peyton and Corey. Michael didn't want to move .

"Michael get out... You are not allowed "

"No preatty girls allowed on the pool " Chris screamed and I pushed Sabrina and Rowan out of the pool.

"Get out you too you are not allowed " Chris said

"Im not pretty " me and Michael said in unison , Michael looked at me and Carry me out of the pool.

I sat on the floor and and started baby crying. And I saw a jacuzzi.i went runnig to the jacuzzi and got in .

"No dogs, pretty boys or penguins or people with color hair allowed " I screamed

Sabrina, Rowan and Katy came running

"Yeah " we high fived each other and I saw Ellie with a boy Uriah Shelton

"Meg...can I talk to you please"

"My name is Meghan For you and you can talk to me ,is have to be in public what are you going to tell me now ... Marry Peyton Meyer "i said and his face went blank

"Im sorry " She whispers

"What i cant hear you !!" I said

"I am sorry okay... Here " She said giving me and envelope and i saw her wrist and grabbed her wrist.

"Can you please stop cutting , you are not a damn paper " i screamed

"You what!!?" Cameron screamed and came running and grabbed her through her other hand . He took a pic

"Mom is calling, pick it up "Cameron said giving hes phone to her.

"No Please dont"

"Pick it up " She grabbed the cellphone and throw it at the pool and i pick it up.(it's a FaceTime call)

"The phone is waterproof darling " Jess said

"Hi Meg "

"Hi Jess "

"Can u pass me Ellie "

"Yeah sure " I pass the phone to Ellie.

"Mom... Cameron is lying "

"Ohh new bracelets can I see them?"

"Mom... I don't have any bracelets on " Ellie show Jess her wrist

"Aha "

"Mom did you just taked a screen shot !! "

"Yeah and I am going to send it to your dad "

"No " Ellie said

"Yes " Jess, me and Cameron said at the same time

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