The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


4. disney

Meghan's POV

In the hotel

I share my room with Ellie and Katy , Luke share his room with Calum and Chris and Michael shares his room with Ashton and Cameron.

You wonder why didn't Cameron got a room with Chris and Luke , Because there was going to be a fight over me .

It was early so we went to universal

"So watcha wanna do ?" Calum said.

"Idk let's just go to ramdom Roller coasters "

*tower of terror *

"I'm not going in there again, never !! " I screamed and holded Chris hand.

"It wasn't that bad " he said and i looked at him

"Okay, it was a little scary " he said and I looked at him once again.

"Fine , it was horrible " he said and And I looked to the trail we where walking .

"Good to know "

"Let's eat something "

We went to eat something and when we finished everyone went to the bathroom except me and Chris.

We where talking until somehow our lips crashed.

I know is super short but I have to go , sorry

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