The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


3. airplane

In The airplane

I sat next to Luke and Chris ( i was in the middle )

Katy sat next to Ashton and Ashton sat next to Michael and Ellie sat next to Cameron and Calum.

"Hi im Chris and I think you Know Her already ,Meghan "

"Hi I'm Luke "

"Yeah I know Me-"I kiss Chris and he kiss me back

"Shut up " I whispered to him

"Fine, if I get another kiss "

"Fine " I said and kissed him again

Luke's POV

I like her she is so cute. I am so Quite around her because I am nervous. Really no kidding.

"Hi im Chris and I think you Know Her already ,Meghan "

"Hi I'm Luke "

"Yeah I know Me-"she kiss Chris cutting him off by surprise and then they whispered something to each other and then they kissed again and I looked away. God she has a boyfriend already.

"Wow "Ellie says And then she laughs (she was going to the bathroom i think, she was behind us ) (and the others where beside us at our right)

"Oh...shut up " Meghan says

Meghan's POV

"Did your brother saw "

"Oh yeah he did "

I look over to Cameron and he was making some fist

"Oh mister jelous is Mad " Katy said and laugh making me and Ellie laugh and then She sat on Her seat behind us

"Shut up...Katy " Cameron said

"Luv ya " Katy says and Grabbed Her blanket at turned around looking at Ashton.

"I am going to sleep " she saids in a baby voice making Ashton smile

I put my head on Luke's Shoulder and i guess he didnt mind and close my eyes and falled asleep.

Luke 's POV

She putted Her head on my Shoulder and didnt mind

After 4 minutes i notice she was asleep.

I look over to Michael and He looks at me and smiles .

I look over to Chris and he was Sleeping with his Headphone on.

Shit i need to pee.

"Um ... Meg...Meg " i said poking Her and she opened Her eyes and with her head still on my shoulder

"I need to go to the bathroom " i say and she moves her head and i took my sit belt off and went to the bathroom and came back.

I saw Calum and Ellie cuddling.

I sat back and Meghan Hugged me.

"You are my early birthday present , and you smell good " She said in a sleepy voice i put my head in Her head and falled asleep.

Michael's POV

Everyone was cuddling and sleeping!!!

Well Luke was cuddling with Meghan

Calum was cuddling with Ellie

Ashton was cuddling with Katy

And well Cameron , Chris and Me wherent cuddling with nobody but THEY WHERE SLEEPING!!! I feel like a Pizza with out Cheese!! TELL ME WHAT PIZZA DOESNT HAVE CHEESE!!!!

I will try to sleep!!

I closed my eyes but opened again!!

"I need to cuddle " i look at Luke and Meghan and stand up and hugged them , making them to wake up

"What the ?"Luke says and Meghan laughs

"I needed a Hug " i said and put my head on their heads and then pulled out

"Aww Mikey " Meghan stands up and hugs me and sat back down and cuddling with Luke again and they went to sleep and i walked back to my seat and falled Asleep

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