The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


9. 9

3:00 am

I woke up and put some pants on in case one of the boys came and went back to sleep.

After a while someone was poking me really hard .

Scratch that

Some of the guys were poking me .

I burried my face on my pillow

"wake up " Ashton said from the other side of the room, I think

"I don't want to "

"Why?" Chris said and poked me again

"I'm not a people person ""I am allergic to people " "except for Ellie and Katy , they crazy animals "

"Hey !!" Katy said

"Atleast She is not allergic to us " Ellie said

"Hmph, true "Katy agreed

"Chop,chop " Katy said And applauding and They stopped poking me.

"You Heard Her , She is allergic "

"but Ashton is allergic too " Calum said , cause Ashton said that in a keek.

"Idc ""Now out " She said and they got out.

"Mision acomplish " "Sweetie we can go back to sleep " Katy said in a mother Voice and i falled asleep again.

After 3 or for hours Of sleeping i Heard the door opening again

"Oh, come on really!!" Matt said.

"Shut up and out before i kick your balls " Ellie said and i turned around. I checked my phone and It was 6:00 am

"Guys fuck off is 6:00 Fucking am "

"I have 9:00 pm " Luke said

"Guys that is the hour Of Australia , now fuck off" i said and they left .

We finally woke up at our own and took a bath and did our morning routine, we ate some waffles and went to Luke's room and the guys were all sleeping.

"Wake up !!!" We screamed and Calum falled of the bed and smashed Luke that falled asleep on the floor , Chris sat and hit his head with a chair ( he falled asleep in the floor too ).Matt ,Cameron , Ashton and Michael were all mess up in the bed . ( you dirty minded !! )

"Omg " I said and the girls laughed . I went to Chris and helped him up and did the same with Calum and Luke .

"My head hurts so much " Chris said lying on the couch .

"Soowwy " Me and the girls said

"I'm hungry " Calum said .

"Me too let's go " I said and grabbed his hand and started running down to the food area of the hotel .

"I missed you so much food " I said dropping Calum's hand . I went and got a plate and put pancakes with syrup and sausage. Calum got eggs, pancakes and a pice of bread , we sat down and waited for the others to come . I started eating so as Calum .( Calum sat in the chair infront of me )

"Wow you guys were hungry " Katy said dropping a hand on Calum's shoulder, me and Calum nodded.

" I missed you so much food " Luke said seating next to me , Calum and Katy laughed .

"What ?" Me and Luke said .

"Are you sure you aren't brother's "

"Yeah , why ?" Me and Luke said in unison.

"Food , unison things , you know what forget it " Calum said smiling and Looked at his plate .

"I don't mind if Luke is also my brother " I said eating a piece of pancake.

"Sure, I don't mind either " he said drinking a bit of orange juice.

"I'm going to get myself food " Katy said leaving and Ashton,Ellie,Matt ,Mikey , Cameron and Chris arrived.

Ashton sat next to me,Mikey sat next to Luke and Calum changed his seat and sat next to Ashton , Ellie sat where Calum was seating, Chris sat next to Ellie, and Matt sat next to Chris .

Katy arrived with her Food and sat next to Cameron

"can we take a picture with you guys ?" a girl said comming to us .Calum looked at the guys , to escape from this one .

"Um ... We are eating " Ellie said , that bitch just broke a fans heart and mine.

"Oh , right, sorry " she said leaving.

"Wait " I said standing up with my finished plate.

"You can seat next to the guys , is the least I can do " " and maybe you can later go to the pool with us " I said and She smiled.

"Really?" She said and I nodded, she grabbed her plate and sat next to the guys.

"Be nice " I whispered in Luke's ear .i walked to Ellie .

"Don't you ever do that again " I said and she groaned annoyed.

"This could be the end of our friendship " Ellie said standing up and got rid of her plate and I did the same .

"Maybe " I said walking beside her and she stopped and I continued walking.

"Really? , are you going to be like that ?" Ellie yelled.

"Maybe , if you didn't treat me like that the first day we arrived here , we wouldn't be fighting " I yelled back and continued walking to Chris hotel room .

" I hate her " I said to myself and took my shoes off and lyed on the bed in a little ball .

I heard a knock on the door.

"Wat " I screamed.

"It's Chris "

"Oh sorry " "come in " I said and he came inside and closed the door .

"Why are you fighting again " he said and lyed next me and i turned around facing him .

"I told her to never break a heart of a fan of the guys again and she told be this could be the end of our friendship and I said maybe and you heard everything else " I said and he put his arms around my waist.

"She's a bitch " he said getting intop of me.

"Agreed " I said and I kissed him and he kissed me back.

We started a make out session.

"Will you Meg be my Girlfriend ?" He said pulling apart a tongue kiss.

"Yes , Chris ,I will be your girlfriend "

"Since now I pronounce you Meg Stewart " he said and I giggled.

"Sure " I said and he pecked my lips and we standed up and Fix the bed and I fixed my hair.

I put my shoes on and Chris changed to his swim Suit and I went to my room and saw Ellie making out with a random guy .

"What " Me and Chris jaws dropped .

"U'm I'm came to grab my things and then I'm out " I said and Chris helped me grab my things as fast as we could and got out of there.

"So can I -"

"You are moving to our hotel room " Chris interrupted and we put my bags at his room . I changed to my swim suit and saw Katy and the girl at the pool and the boys outside the pool in their phones .

"So surprised?" I said getting inside the pool and Katy nodded and looked at Ashton and he nodded.

"Who was that guy anyways ?" I said and the girl looks at me confused.

"I'm Melissa " she said

"Hi , I'm Meghan call me meg " i said

"Idk "

"Excuse me " "but may I ask how was this guy " Melissa ask

"He had Brown hair , he was tall and had a lip ring " I said and she standed up and went to the bathroom, she got out and she was changed.

" can you take me to your hotel room " she said and I nodded. I got out of the pool and put the towel around me .

" Can atleast on of you come ?" They nooded and everyone standed up.

"Okay " I said and we started walking.

We finally reached the hotel room and I opened the door.

We saw them still making out.

"Okay ... Um ... Im going to Change " Luke said and Michael, Calum , Ashton, Matt and Katy agreed.

Katy got inside and grabbed her stuff and went to another room.

"Um we will wait outside " Chris said and grabbed my hand and went to the hallway.

"Is that her brother?"Chris ask looking at the door .

"I don't know but she is crying that most be her boyfriend " I say he nods .

"I will never do something like that , it's heart breaking " he says pinning me against the wall and pecking my lips .

"Oh my goodness ! Get a room " I heard Ash yell from nowhere followed my soft giggles .

"Thanks but no Matt would kill Chris

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