The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


8. 8

Meg's POV


" wow " Luke said


"I'll be back in a sec " Ashton said , he came back with Jess .

"O... M...G " Jess said .

"When did that happend "

"8 grade " they all said except me and Ellie.

" my first one was in 7th grade , my 2nd one was in 8th grade and this one was ... " "the day before 5sos came to the school " " it still hurts a bit "

"Mine first one was in 8th grade and my 2nd one was the first day of school"

"I am calling the school " Jess said and went out of the room.

My tattoo spot started to itch a little bit.

"It iches " I said walking to the bathroom to put my shirt on . I went outside the bathroom and Chris was on the bed without shirt.

"I'm hungry " I said lying next to Chirs on the bed .

"Well we just ate " Ellie said .

"We can go and grab something we haven't eat jet and i don't want you to end up in the hospital , again " Matt said

"Let's just order room service, for us three " Chris said and called room service for food . After a while food came and it was a large pizza. We ate and went to downtown disney.


I bought a minnie jacket and putted on .

"Wtf?" "Where did that came from ? " Chris said

"Well while you guys were talking about girls and shit I bought it "

"Oh ... I want one " Luke screamed from behind us . We looked at Luke and he was hugging a penguin. I went to him and grabbed the penguin and went to the cachier. He gave me the recipt and a gave the penguin back to Luke. His smile went huge.

"Thank you " he said jumping.

"He looks like a 3 year old " Ellie said behind me making me laugh. I went back to Chris and he putted his arms around my waist.

" So wanna leave the guys here and go somewhere idk " I said and he smiled.

We escaped out of the store and we walked around the park until we saw a structure of lego.

"Oh ... God this must took months " Chris said

"Yes " I said mouth opened.

" its almost night already?" I said looking at the sky

"Yeah " " is 6:30 "

" I guess we need to find the guys " I said

"Let's just wait a little longer "

We continued to walk holding hands and We stopped by a bridge. We looked at the water and fireworks started to come out.

*fireworks sounds *

"Wow " "it's beautiful " I said.

"It's good that I am sharing this with you" he said and we looked at eachother.

"Yes it is " i said and he putted his arms around my waist , I put my hands around his neck and we strated to get closer and closer until our lips crashed. We pulled away and we smiled at eachother. We continued to see the fireworks until they ended.

We started walking the bridge until a hand dropped on my shoulder.

"so ... That's it that movie was the shortest one I have ever seen " it was Mikey .

"Oh shut up Michael " Chris said and slapped the back of Michael head .

"Where are the others?"

"Well Calum disappeared with Ellie " "Katy dissapered with Ashton " "Cameron is searching for Calum and Ellie " "Luke is searching for Katy and Ash " " and I was looking for you both "

"Oh ... "

"There's something called phone " Chris said showing his Phone.

"There's something called ignorating " Michael said showing the missed calls that he made to us .

"Sowey" I said

"Whatever let's just search for the others "

We searched until I saw Luke , Katy and Ash

I passed next to Katy and hit her on her arm on purpose and keeped walking.

"Oh ... Im sorry i didnt mean too is just that i dont like you " " so Yeah " i said walking back to Her . She looked at me with a smile and took my arm and We dissapered from the guys .

"Wow ... Whats up ?"

"I want to have a girls only moment " She said and i laugh.

"So where do you wanna go Its late "

"Lets go and buy some stuff And take pic " " idk lets just do something " She said and i nodded. We started walking and We saw Calum , Cameron and Ellie .

"Hey " i said and they looked at us .

"Hey " Ellie said and i grabbed Her arm and We started to run . We entered the girls bathroom.

"Wtf "

"Hey ... We just wanted a no boys time " Katy said and Ellie giggled.

"Lets go shoping "

We went to a candy story.

"Omg so many candys "

"I am grabbing some skitles " i said and picked a bag Of skitles.

"I am picking Jelly Beans " Ellie said .

"I'll just pick a bag of m&m's " Katy said . We payed for the candy and left the store.

We pased through a store that had a huge stich infront.

"Stand in there " Katy said to me pointing to a spot with water.

"First give me your phone and jacket " Ellie said and took my stuff.

"W-" i was cut off by the mouth Of stich slapshing water to me .

"I hate you guys " i said touching my wet hair.

I put on my jacket and We went inside the store .

" i like this " i said grabbing a Winnie The Pooh Shirt.

"Its cute "

I bought 3 shirt and a bracelet. We went out Of the store and saw the boys sitting in the edge of a fountaine giving their backs to us .

"Lets spy on them " Katy said

"Yes but lets put our Phones in mute " We put the Phones on mute and spyied on them.

"Where are they ?" Luke asked

"For the 100th time Luke, We dont know " Chris said.

"I just wanna go home " Luke said standing up .

"Call Meg " Luke grabbed his phone and called me . My phone vibrated but i didnt pick it up .

"Nothing "The guys standed up and started to walk forward, I jumped on Chris back and giggled.

"There you are " Chris said and holdded me .

"You can put me in the floor , if you want " I said and he holded me tighter.

"No , I am carrying you until we get to the hotel ""cause i don't want to search for another 3 hours ""I'll search for you the whole world, but not today cause I'm sleepy " he said which it maked me laugh. I put my arms around his neck ( not choking him of course) and he grabbed my bags from my hands.

"Why are you wet?" Chris said and I laugh.

"Put me in the ground I want to show you " I said an she refused.

"Fine , walk over there" I said pointing at the stitch.

"Give someone your phone " I said and he gave katy my phone and his . Water sprayed to us and I put my forehead on his back so the water only went to my hair , but water got in my face so it was no use . He got out and we were wet.

"I -""forget it " Chris said and i laugh.we , well they started to walk .

"We got 5 more days and we are back to Australia " Cameron said .

"Shut up " we all said in unison, we didn't want to go back to school.

"OMG is 5sos " a groupie said and stopped us .

"OMG yes " Calum said in a girly voice and jumped, which it make us all giggle.

"Can we take a picture with you?" A slut of the group said and put her hand on Chris wet chest.

"For the record im not in the band , and sorry to be rude but no " he said and took a step back.

"Fine " she said and then they finally took the picture with 5sos .

"Guys we are going to keep walking " Chris said and started walking with the others. We started talking about random things and I started shaking of the cold , I got wet my jacket so is no use.

"What's wrong?" Chris said and everyone looked at us confused.

"Nothing is just that I'm cold" I said and put my head on his shoulder. ( he is still carrying her), I closed my eyes and I felt a little warm I opened my eyes and I had Calum's jacket in my back( he was the only one of the boys with a damn jacket)

"Thanks " I said and smiled.

"Did you guys came running?" Ellie asked.

"Yeah""we had to escape " Michael said .

"By the way,Chris, I will somehow use that line "Michael said poking his cheek.

"Michael, you're in the band " Chris said and Michael raised a eyebrow .

" I am ?" He said and we laughed.

"see Matt , I told you that we are a band of idiots and that we suck " Ashton said .

" so that's why all the girls always want to take pictures with me " Michael said playing dumb.

"Dummie " I said

"Idiot " Calum said.

We ( they ) continued to walk until we got out of the park. We got in a Taxi and went to our hotel. We entered the hotel and Chris got me to my room.( the guys went to theirs) He finally put me on the floor and I hugged him, he pulled apart .

"Good night , beautiful " he whispered in my ear and kissed me on the cheek

"Good night " I said and he left. I closed the door and breathed in and out.

"So are you guys official? " Katy said and I smiled and sat on the bed.

"Not , yet " I said and standed up and grabbed some cloth.

"I am going to take a bath " I went to the bathroom and put on the hot water. I took some shampoo and put it on my hair,i rubbed the shampoo on my hair and started humming Girlfriend by avril lavigne. I took my shampoo off and did the same with the conditioner.

When I got out i put on a oversized shirt of Nirvana and my underwear. The girls and I didn't mind to see each other in underwear , I mean we are girls. I got out of the bathroom and saw the girls giggle and talking about boys on the couch.

"I am going to sleep, night "

"Night " they said in unison and I walked to my bed and brushed my hair and went to sleep .


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