The 5 SOS boys when to a school For a month to help teachers and to be with some fans what happens when they meet some girls who cant belive there life .


7. 7!

Katy's pov

Next day

We went to Luke's room and Matt's cellphone rang and he picked up.

"Ok " he smiled

"Yeah " he smiled again

"Thanks bye " he

"Whats wrong?"

"Meghan, woke up " " she will be coming soon , she just passed out because she didn't eat "

"O right I forgot " "she is hypoglycemic "

"Yeah "

"she is hypoglycemic?" Cameron ask

"Yeah I thought you knew !!! since you are always telling us how beautiful she is and that you are in love with her " Ellie said and he blushed.

"Shut it " Cameron said.

"Well someone stoled away her heart " Matt said and looks at Chris ( everyone started talking about random things)

Luke gave Calum a ( I-LIKE - MEG) look

"Omg, really Luke " I said ( almost screamed) and everyone looked at me and Calum just gulped.

"What are you talking about Katy?" Chris ask confused

"Um ... Nothing it doesn't matter Luke and Calum understand "

"Um ... Okay? " Ellie said

And we heard a knock on the door.

Matt went running to the door and opened and saw Meghan stading there and Matt jumped intop of her.

Meghan's POV

I arrived to the room were the guys were

"Omg really Luke " I heard Katy screaming.

I took a deep breath and knocked, Matt opened the door and jumped intop of me and hugged me , making me to fall on the floor.

"Hi , Matty "

"Hello, Marie "

He said and kissed my cheek and hugged me again.

"You are heavy you know "

"But I want to hug you!!"

"Fine !! But we can cuddle later "

"I love you sis, but I have to tell you something " he said

"Bad or good "

"Is dead a choice?"

"Who died ?" I asked

"Mom and dad " he said and I started to cry and hugged him back. We pulled away and he standed up leaving me on the floor . I sat and he grabbed me and carried me inside the room,I put my legs around his waist and my head on his shoulder and continued to cry. He sat down and the bed and started to rub my back.

"I know is difficult, but atleast we have each other "

"I love you matt ""please don't leave me " " Amy did and Now mom and dad "

"I won't " "Amy and our parents are in a better place, they are free, they don't need to work, they don't need to suffer and they don't grow older ! Like mom was always complaining about she is getting older every year!" He said witch make me smile i cleaned my tears

"Matt, I wish I could see mom, dad and Amy one last time and hug them "

"Me too "

I putted my head looking at Matt 's neck and started to think about happy momments where Amy, mom , dad ,Matt and me where together and a happy tear falled . I closed my eyes and falled asleep.

Matt POV

I could feel Meg breathing against my skin. She most falled asleep with all that crying .

"Can someone open the door for me i am going to put Her in her room "

I went to Her hotel room and putted Her on the bed and she didnt let me go.

"Meg let go " i whispered

"Matt can you stay with me please "she said with a sleepy voice.

"Fine "

I lied next to Her and she hugged me and falled asleep. I started to look at the door and falled asleep too.

Katy's POV

It most be dificult for them .

"Yeah " Luke said

"Did i said that out loud?"

"Yep " Cameron said .

We started talking about ramdon shit.

2 hours later

"Hey wheres Matt?" Ashton asked

"Idk, ill cheek " Chirs said

Chris POV

I dont like boys to be around Meg, not even Her brother. God !!! why do i get so jealous? .

I went to Meg's Hotel room and opened the door . I saw Matt and Meg sleeping hugging each other. I turned around and i heard a voice saying.

"Leave me alone, no dont touch me " "Please dont " i turned around and saw that Meg was having a nightmare. I went to her and layed beside her .

"Hey it was alright that was a long time ago " I said and Rubbed her back. She opened her eyes and Sat .

"I know but I can still feel the damn machine "

"Hey don't worry everything is fine I went through that too " I said and Matt woke up .

"Through what ?" Matt said.

"The machines off the damn School "

"Oh right " " yeah it was a long time ago and yours wasn't that bad , they just typed you with the tattoo machine 'Crazy ""and I mean, I have a crazy sister " Matt added and she started crying.

"What's wrong " I said. She took off her shirt leaving her in her bra . We saw her back and she had 2 more tattoos. The tattoos were...




"Meghan why didn't you tell me " Matt said

I was shocked


Meg's POV

"Cause I was scared " I said and I put my Shirt covering my boob's , the room door opened standing there everyone.

"What's going on ?" Katy asked and standed up.

"Follow me " I said and took her inside the bathroom. I show her my back and her cellphone falled from her hands .

"Omfg " she screamed and Ellie opened the door.

"What's wrong ?" Ellie asked.

"I'm not the only one " she said .

"The only one ? " I said , she entered the bathroom and took her shirt off , my mouth dropped her back sayed ...



"Did you tell Cameron?" I said

"No "

"Tell him " I said and she grabbed her shirt and covered her boobs and went outside , I did the same.

"So what's with you both naked " Cameron said , we turned around and we felt that everyone stopped breathing .

"Are they alive " I said looking at Ellie .

"Probably no ""but hey if they are dead , we could leave them here and go to universal " she said and I laughed

"Okay "

"Katy are they alive?"

"Idk , should i pinch them "

"Yeah "

"Ouch " Cameron screamed. Making everyone to come back to earth.

"What is that ?" Calum asked.

"So in our school the sluts take tattoo machines and grabs people around the school, she do bully to everyone and she is popular, she supposed to only write one word, but I guess she has exceptions "

"Wanna see ours ?" Katy ask .

They all nodded , Katy went to the bathroom and took of her shirt she covered her boobs with her shirt. She got out and standed next to me . Chris , Matt ( he left because of that , he is in 11 ) and Cameron took off their shirt. And standed next to us. We where know forming a line .

Luke's POV

The guys took their shirt of and Katy's back sayed : nerd

Chris back sayed : idiot

Cameron's back sayed : looser

And Matt back sayed : jerk .


"Wow " that's the only thing that came out of my mouth

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