6 feet deep

my name Annabella, and i'm a half vampire and i live with the Volturi. i've lived with them for as long as I can remember.
But now that I'm fifteen- and suddenly pregnant- I have to go live with the Cullen's, who are full on vampires! Yea that's gonna work!
But see what happens along the way with me, the Cullen's, my baby daddy Zane, and my little baby.


9. Ch. 9( Coronation



One year later.


 Okay, so its been a year since the Cullen's left. And the next day I was SO sick that I was, like, dying almost. We didn't know what to do, we were all worried that I was dying from some disease. Then, one day I got letter from Zane, and I was actually feeling better as I was reading it. My father didn't understand, so I had to tell him that Zane is my soul mate.


* * *


 "Annabella, you have a letter from that Zane Cullen guy." My dad said while handing me an envelop. When I opened it up there was a note in it and I little necklace.


The note said,


Dear Bella,

I know I'm your soul mate, and I know you know also. I wanted you to know that the reason why I didn't talk to you was because I didn't think someone like me could end up with someone like you. See, your everything I'm not, your nice, sweet, caring, lovable, and you have the biggest heart and the most beautiful eyes, smile, laugh, hell everything about you is beautiful. Whereas me, I'm evil, cold, distant, and no sexy nor hot, I'm just an ice cold killer. But, even though I am those things, I still felt something when I first laid eyes on you and I know you did too.

                                Yours Truly, Zane.


  For some reason, I felt myself smiling for the first time in weeks.

"Bella? What was on that note that is making you smile?" My dad and Jane asked me with curiosity on their faces.

"Zane, h-he's j-just telling m-me s-stuff." I said while tears were streaming down my face, but for once they weren't the sad ones they were happy ones.

"Why are you crying child?" My dad said while holding my hand.

"Aro, Zane is her soul mate." She said while handing me the tissue box.

"Child, is that true?" He asked me, I nodded then felt Jane hugging me.

"I-I m-m-miss h-him, I-I n-need h-hi-him. I-I-I m-m-miss h-him s-so b-bad!" I cried into her shoulder.

"sh, sh, sh it'll be okay Bella." Jane said while rubbing my back.

"The p-pain h-hu-hurts s-s-so b-ba-bad! Ma-make I-it st-stop!" I cried, then started screaming because of the pain going through my whole body.


* * *

Anyway, so it turns out that all that was happening to me was that the bond was becoming stronger, and believe me it was awesome! It turns out that we can communicate through the mind, and we can feel each others feelings.


Any who, so right now I am fourteen years old. My father believes that when I turn fifteen that my aging will finally slow down.


'Bella! Bella, are listening to me?!' Zane shouts in the mind link.

'Zane, calm down I just zoned out for a bit.' I said while cleaning my room.

'I wanna come and see you.' he said. 

'Okay, then come and see me.' I said blankly.

'But, I know that if I come and see you I wont be able to control myself.'

Oh yeah, forgot to mention. When I was going through all that painful shit, Zane came here and well we had a few heated scenes together.

'Hmm, I don't mind, but please come and see me soon.' I said while grabbing stuff to go take a shower.

'Hmm, what you about to do right now?' He asked me.

'About to take a shower, what about you?' I asked while starting the shower and undressing.

'You'll see.' He said, which made me worried.

All of a sudden when I'm stepping into the shower, Zane walks right in and slams the door shut.

"I need you. Now." He said then wrapped a arm around my waist then kissed me with so much force it almost hurt.

"I need to take a shower, I kind of stink." I said while pushing him lightly back.

"I can take one with you." He said while removing his clothes.

"Okay." I sighed then turned on the water and stepped inside.

"Now, where were we?" Zane said after getting inside and closing the glass door.

"I was about to take a shower." I said then started to leave small kisses on his chest.

"Bella, I need you. Now." He said then attacked my lips in a long passionate kiss.

"Zane... To... Young... Can't... Get... Pregnant." I said in between breathes.

"I need you, and I'm not taking no for an answer." He said then started kissing my neck while trying to find my sweet spot. When he kissed over one part of my skin it caused a moan to slip, causing him to kiss and suck on that one spot.

He started to pull away causing me to whimper in protest.

"Don't worry baby girl, you'll feel real good soon." Zane said while starting to grind on me.

"Zane, please." I moaned, kissing on his shoulder.

He picked me up and turned off the water an walked out of the bathroom and to my bedroom. He threw me on my bed and crawled on top of me.


* * *

I woke up next to Zane with the his arms wrapped around my waist, and my blanket on us.

"Zane, wake up." I said while shacking Zane to get him to wake up.

"What time is it babe?" He asked me while rubbing my sides.

"Around seven. Now I have to go to my coronation, are you gonna come with me?" I asked while getting out of the bed and going to my closet to get dressed.

"I think I already came with you." He joked, I scolded him in return.

"Not what I meant Zane."

"Then yes I would love too." He said while getting up to get dressed

There's the very very late update, I haven't really read through it but once but here it is! Enjoy.




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