6 feet deep

my name Annabella, and i'm a half vampire and i live with the Volturi. i've lived with them for as long as I can remember.
But now that I'm fifteen- and suddenly pregnant- I have to go live with the Cullen's, who are full on vampires! Yea that's gonna work!
But see what happens along the way with me, the Cullen's, my baby daddy Zane, and my little baby.


8. Ch. 8( My birthday

After Jane and I argued over it for a while my dad said that I had to open my presents.

"Okay, but I swear Jane if it's anything girly I will kill you!" I said as she gave me my gifts.

"Whatever." She said as she sat next to me. I started unwrapping the gift from Carlisle and Esme. They got me a necklace that said 'hope' on it in black.

"Wow!" I said to Carlisle and Esme. "Thank you! I love it!"

"You're welcome, sweetie." Esme said to me.

"Okay ours next, then!" Alice said, handing me a big box wrapped in silver paper.

I unwrapped the box and opened the box and in it were the white chucks that I wanted and I saw a few other pair of shoes in there to.

"Thank you Alice and Japer, I love 'em." I said to them.

"You are welcome, Bella!" Alice said.

"Ours next!" Emmet said, handing me a blue little box. I opened the box and in it was a diamond necklace with matching earrings!

"Mother of penguins! These are beautiful!" I said to them.

"Well I'm glad you like them sweetie." Rosalie said.

"Okay, my turn." Edward said while handing me a medium size red box. Inside was a black dress.

"A dress? Seriously?" I asked Edward.

"His gift." He pointed to Zane. "My gift is under it."

"Oh, okay." I said then moved the dress to see a book labeled journal.

"I love it! Thank you, Edward. And thank you, Zane." I said while moving my presents aside.

"So, birthday girl? What do ya want to do today?" Emmet asked me while throwing the trash away.

"Um, how about we go to MY castle." I said while getting up from my chair.

"Bella, you can go today. But, you have to at least try to use your magic and try to shift." My dad said while getting up to go to a meeting.

"Okay." I am SO lying, I am NOT practicing magic and shifting on my birthday.

"Okay, well come on." Jane said while taking my hand in hers while walking out of the man room.

"Hey Bella!" All of the Cullen's yell out to me.

"Yes?" I yell back.

"Can we come with?" Edward asked me.

"Duh! Now come on!" I said while walking to the front of the castle.

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