6 feet deep

my name Annabella, and i'm a half vampire and i live with the Volturi. i've lived with them for as long as I can remember.
But now that I'm fifteen- and suddenly pregnant- I have to go live with the Cullen's, who are full on vampires! Yea that's gonna work!
But see what happens along the way with me, the Cullen's, my baby daddy Zane, and my little baby.


6. Ch. 6( Window shopping!!

When we were in town we first went to a jewelry store.

"Jane, why did we come here?" I asked Jane.

"So we could get your crown." She said.

"Oh, okay." I said then went over to Rosalie who was starring at a diamond necklace.

"You like that one?" I asked her.

"Yeah, it's so beautiful."

"I can buy it for you, if you want?" 

"Oh honey you don't have to do that."

"I know I don't have to, I want to. You are one of my favorites out of all seven of y'all."

"Aw, thank you sweetie. But, you aren't going to buy me a 1,550 dollar necklace."

"Soot yourself, I'll buy it for me then."

"Is she trying to get you to buy that necklace, sweetie?" Edward asked me.

"No, I saw her looking at it and I offered to buy it for her but she denied my offer, so now i'm gonna buy it for me."

"Wow, Rose you denying diamonds. I'm surprised."

"Oh shut up Edward." Rosalie said while punching Edward on the arm.

"Miss. Bella Rose, would you like to buy this necklace?" Mrs. Trina walked up and asked me.

"Hmm, I think i'll look around a little bit more, to see if I find anything else Ma'am." I said to Mrs. Trina.

"Okay baby-girl, you just tell me when you've found something."

"Will do Mrs. Trina." I said then turned around and walked to another part of the store.

"Did she just seriously call you 'Miss. Bella Rose?'" Rosalie asked as I was walking towards the shelf for diamond rings.

"Yes, why?" I asked.

"Well you're five years and don't need to be addressed as 'Miss. Bela Rose' to be honest." Edward said while Rosalie was nodding her head in agreement.

"So." I said. "Hmm... that one has one medium sized diamond, but that one has three little diamonds. which one, which one?" I ask myself.

"Choose the one with three little diamonds, Zane will like it." Alice says from behind me.

"Oh my gosh Alice, don't just walk up behind me and start talking without telling me you're behind me." I turn around and face her, why does she have an evil grin on her face?

"Sorry, but Zane will like the one with the three little diamonds."


"Remember what you saw this morning?" 

"Yes, and?"

"And, he is supposed to be your soulmate."

"Eh, I don't care for soulmates."

"How? Why?" 

"Because they are useless."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because, no one can love someone for forever. I mean eventually you're gonna get bored with that person."

"You're making me sad for you." She said while pouting.

"Hey you made little Alice sad." Zane said while putting his arm around Alice's shoulder.

"Zane, she said she doesn't believe in soulmates or true love." Alice said while pouting.

"So? I don't believe in soulmates or true love." 

"How? How can you not believe in that stuff?" She said while glaring at him.

'Zane Joseph Carter Cullen, she is your soulmate.' Alice said in her mind.

"Alice." He warned her.

"Fine. Later then." She said then walked off leaving me and Zane alone.

"How come I cant read your mind?" I asked him after a few awkward seconds past by.

"I honestly don't know." 

"Oh okay." I said then went back to looking for rings.

I ended up going with both of the rings, and I also picked out a necklace with a big black heart.




Sorry I haven't been updating regularly, I've been a little busy.


Bye lovebug's XOXO


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