6 feet deep

my name Annabella, and i'm a half vampire and i live with the Volturi. i've lived with them for as long as I can remember.
But now that I'm fifteen- and suddenly pregnant- I have to go live with the Cullen's, who are full on vampires! Yea that's gonna work!
But see what happens along the way with me, the Cullen's, my baby daddy Zane, and my little baby.


4. Ch. 4( The future speaks for it's self

The next morning...

I woke up to Jane, Alice, Rosalie, and Esme shaking me so I would wake up.

'Damn does she ever wake up?' Rosalie thought- one of my powers, mind reading.

"What the hell is wrong with y'all, i'm trying to sleep here!?" I yelled.

"Bella Rose! Watch your language." Jane said while helping me out of bed.

"Sorry, that's just my first reaction when people are shaking the Hell out of me." I said.

"Just don't do it again." She said while handing me a red dress with short sleeves and short in the front and long in the back.

"Whatever." I said while taking the dress from her and walking to my bathroom and changing.

After changing into the dress, we went to the main room.

"Good morning Bella." My dad said.

"Morning." I said and walked to the table were everyone was sitting.

"Bella cussed." Jane blurted out after they finished their conversation, I on the other hand was eating cereal and taking a sip of milk when Jane said that. I nearly chocked.

"Bella?" my dad asked after i stopped coughing. I looked at Jane and sent her a death glare.

"Yes?" I asked.

"What cuss word did you say?"

"It's not really a cuss word, I least I don't think it is." I said.

"What word?" Everybody was now starring at me, just waiting for me to answer.

"Hell." I whispered. Everybody laughed except for me and Jane.

"That's the 'cuss word' you were worried about Jane?" Dad asked Jane. She nods her head.

"You're not mad at me?" I asked.

"No." He said while shaking his head.


"Mainly because 'hell' is a place."

"Oh," I paused and looked at Jane. "See Jane it doesn't matter."

"Oh shut up Bella." Jane said.

"Make me." I said then stuck out my tongue.

"Y'all act so childish sometimes." Alec said while looking at me more than Jane.

"So?" I asked.

"Well it matters mainly because you are a queen. Remember?" He points out- another thing is I am queen of Italy.

"Annabella, are you done eating?" My dad asked me.


"Okay, Jane can you go give this to the secretary and tell her to give it to Ms. Mary?"

"Yes." She grabbed my plate and glass and ran out of the main room at vampire speed.

"Daddy?" I said.

"Yes?" He asked me.

"Can me and Jane go to the field and play?"

"Yes, but someone else has to go with you besides Jane."

"I'll go with them." Emmett, Edward, Alice, and Rosalie said at the same time.

"Zane, you go with them too." Carlisle said to Zane who'd been starring off in la la land all morning.

"fine, whatever." he said while sighing. "What about Jasper?"

"The Volturi wants to talk to me, Esme, and Jasper." Zane nodded his head meaning he's understanding. 


When we were outside and in the field I started running while grazing the grass with my fingers while running past it.

"What is she doing Jane?" I heard Emmett ask Jane.

"She does this every time we can come here." Jane said while sitting under our tree.

"Why?" I heard Rosalie ask.

"We don't get to come out here that often, and the last time we've been here was on Halloween." She said then leaned against the tree bark and closed her eyes.

After a couple more minutes of running a ran to the tree and sat down next to Jane.

"Jane, Jane, Jane!" I said while shaking her arm.

"Yes?" She asked once she opened her eyes.

"Let's play."

"Not right now."


"Because, you need to be practicing with your powers."

"Why?" I whined.

"Because, now start with the mind reading."

"Fine." I closed my eyes and concentrated on peoples minds.

"Now, listen and tell me what you hear that's if you hear anything at all, okay?" I nod my head and concentrate.

'I look really good today.'- Rosalie.

'I can't wait to get home and eat a grizzly bear.'- Emmett.

'I can't believe Bella Rose is gonna live with us in the future! EKK!'- Alice.

'I can't believe Aro has a half vampire half human child living with him.' - Edward.

Then there's Zane and... nothing.

"Okay. Rosalie was thinking about how good she looked today, Emmett was thinking about eating a grizzly bear when they go back home, Alice was thinking about the future, and Edward was thinking how Aro could let a half vampire half human live with him."

"Okay, and what about Zane?" Jane asked.

"Nothing." I muttered.

"What was that?" 

"I said I didn't hear anything from him."

"Oh my gosh, you know what this means right?"

"No, what?"

"Read my mind." I roll my eyes at her. 'It means he's your true love.'


"Language young lady."

"Well anyway, I don't believe in that kind of bull-"

"Annabella Rose! Watch it young lady, you're threading on thin ice."

"I don't care. So now what?"


"Why that?"

"Because I said so, now when you see something tell me, okay?" I nod my head.

I close my eyes and concentrate hard, then it happens...

Trees, that's all I see for miles, i'm running from something but I don't know what. I stop and look around me and see i'm in a wide open meadow. I sit down and look around me,I see a shadow in the trees and i get up and walk towards the tree. The shadow moves out of the tree and in front of me.

'I love you' Said a way to familiar guy voice. 

'I love you too" I say.

 WAIT A MINUTE! Zane?! Me?! TOGETHER?! That's fucking impossible?! RIGHT?!




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