6 feet deep

my name Annabella, and i'm a half vampire and i live with the Volturi. i've lived with them for as long as I can remember.
But now that I'm fifteen- and suddenly pregnant- I have to go live with the Cullen's, who are full on vampires! Yea that's gonna work!
But see what happens along the way with me, the Cullen's, my baby daddy Zane, and my little baby.


2. Ch. 2( Main room

We arrived at the main room after a few more minutes.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" I yelled to my father(Aro).

"Yes my child." He said while standing up from a chair in front of a table.

"We played hide-and-seek, and while playing I broke my leg." He walked over to where Jane was standing while holding me.

"Any blood?"


"Does it hurt?"

"Uh-huh." He took me from Jane and carried me to the table and placed me genitally down on the table.

"Do you think you can heal it yourself?"

-Oh another thing is, I have almost all powers out there.


"Can you show us?" I nod my head yes. 

I rose my hand up and genitally placed on my broken leg. After a few seconds I could hear my leg snap back into place.

"Amazing." My uncle Marcus said.

"Interesting." My other uncle Caius said.

"Extraordinary." My dad said. 

"Thanks." I said then jumped down from on-top of the table. 

"Oh Bella," My dad said. "Tomorrow you will be meeting the Cullen's, I want you to look your best."

"Yes, father."


That night me and Jane were in my room picking out a dress for me to wear tomorrow.

"Jane?" I said.

"Yes Bella?" She asked.

"Why is it important I look my best tomorrow?"

"Um because-"

"Jane, Aro said to put Bella to sleep." Alec said while walking up to us.

"Don't you knock?" I asked.

"I did knock. Now little missy you have to go to sleep."

"Fine," I said while stomping to my bed. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, Annabella." Jane and Alec said at the same time and then left. Not to long afterwards I fell asleep. 

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