Depression in Society

I am trying so hard to conceal my feelings, but it is so hard, I can feel cracks starting to show.


2. Chapter 2

I woke up short of breath, gasping for air and sweating profusely. That wasn't a dream. The room is the same, stained with blood. 'Chris,' I whisper expecting him to be laying in the bed next to me. When he doesn't reply I started to get worried. What if it was his blood smeared over the walls. 'CHRIS,' I yell as I crawl to the edge of the bed. Still no answer. I stand up get light headed so I reach my hand out to hold onto something to stabilise myself. I don't know what I grabbed ,but I let go and soon as I made contact. It was slimy and smelt horrible. Once I could see again I realise that I had touched Chris' arm. He was facing away from me so I walked around and saw that he was hanging from the ceiling with a note in his hand. I collapse in a river of tears, how could he be dead, we had only been engaged for 3 months, and we were going to get married in a month. We had our whole lives planned out, and now none of it will happen because he’s dead.


I take the note from his hand with trembling fingers, it reads:


Dear Absidy,

I am so sorry for putting you through this. But it was time. Time for me to complete my transition, don’t get too upset because I will be back.


Love Chris x


What does he mean that he will be back? He is dead, and I wish I was too.

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