Depression in Society

I am trying so hard to conceal my feelings, but it is so hard, I can feel cracks starting to show.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up sweating and gasping for air, what was I dreaming about? I can't remember. I look down at my arms, they are dripping with blood and hurt like hell. What the fuck?! What happened? I look around and see blood all over the freshly painted white walls, red bloody hand prints everywhere, The shaggy black carpet cannot be seen as it is covered with clothes, bloody clothes. What was once a cosy room, would now give a murderer nightmares. My fiancée, Chris, lays next to me on our Parisian bed spread with cuts all over his hands and in between us lays a kitchen knife stained red with blood. Chris looks at me and said, "It's time" And then I woke up.
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