A Michael Clifford One shot

A Michael Clifford one shot


1. Surprise

Alexis's P.O.V

        I waited as the clock struck midnight signaling that it was my birthday. I was Happy, but sad since my boyfriend Michael was on tour still. We talked about this yesterday and we are both glummed about it. The worse part is that all day today he is to busy to even talk to me over skype or the phone. I sighed. I Grabbed one of his shirts I stole from him and squeezed it as I fell asleep.

       I woke up to my parents shouting ," HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIS!!" I groaned and said ," It would be a happy birthday if I can sleep!" My mother proceeded to laughed and said," Well then you can miss the pizza we got you for breakfast!" I shot up and said ," Alright I'm up, now let's go get me a slice!" I made my way down stairs. I went up to the counter and grabbed a slice. When I went to take a bite I couldn't help but think of Michael and how I would love for him to eat this pizza with me. As I attepted to eat this pizza while trying not to think of Michael my mom then came in and said ," Now honey, I need you to go and get you Cousin from the airport today, she flew in iust for your birthday!" I rolled my eyes and said ," Do I really have to, how come you or dad couldn't go pick her up!" She gave me that mom look and I said ," Fine , when do I need to go?"

     I left my house to the airport at 10:00 am to get there by 11:00. When I got there I waited at luggage for her. After ten minutes of waiting. I put in my headphones and listen to some of 5sos's songs. Listen to Michael's voice made me miss him more. I sighed and and began to be impatient.While waiting some jerk slapped my ass. I took out my head phones and whipped around. Before I could begin to swear out this guy. I saw Michael with a goofy smirk on his face and his eyes wide open! I jumped into his arms and said," Oh my Fucking gosh, Michael I thought you were on tour. I thought you were busy today. Oh my gosh." I was holding on to him tightly. I heard him Chuckled and say," Babe I thought I surprise you, do you really think I'll miss your birthday!" I hopped down and said ," Well you had me convinced." He then gave me a kiss and said ," Well apprently music is not my only skill!" I rolled me eyes and said ," How about we go back to my house!"

     When we got to my house we both were hungry so we had some of my birthday pizza. I was all too excited for him to be. After we ate he took me to a nearby place that had arcade games and a race track. We both wanted to race eachother first. On the first lap we were head to head and he kept bumping into me. Eventually I passed him and was coming up next to him about to pass again , but before I did I yelled out," See ya later Fucker!" He then proceeded to yell back," Alexis babe please , losing isn't punk rock!" After that we went into the arcade center and started to see who can get the most tickets. In the end we both ended up having around 500 each so. We decided to combine to get a thousand and get the giant set of matching hats. 

   The end of the day was coming newr so we had to go back to my house for dinner. We had cake and we singed happy birthday to me. On top of that he played it on his guitar too. I was all too happy. Then it came time for presents. Most of them were giftcards or clothes. The usually parent gifts. Michael then handed me a box. Inside the box was two plane tickets and a rowyso pass. I looked at him and before I could spit any words out he said," Your coming back with me on tour!" 

 This will go down as the best birthday ever


    Okay so I wrote this for my friend Alexis for her birthday, so Happy birthday Alexis I really hope you like this and that it makes your day!


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