A Michael Clifford One shot

A Michael Clifford one shot


2. Halloween Treat

 Alexis's P.o.V

               I was getting ready for Calum's Halloween party, while waiting for Michael to come pick me up! I was going as a skeleton Ballerina and right now I was trying to perfect my make up. I was so excited because I was able to convince Mikey to dress as a skeleton so we can match as a couple. Okay, it took two boxes of pizza to bribe him. The party started at 6 , but Michael has no care for time and he is running late since it is already 5:45. I started texting him, maybe I was spamming,but I was only doing one every 3 minutes. 5 minutes before 6 he finally showed up at my door step in his get up.

                    I smiled at him and was going to take off his mask to kiss him. He stopped me and said," Not now I have a surprise for you for later." I rolled my eyes and said," Fine then I won't kiss you!" He chuckled and said," Like you could resist me forever!" We then headed to the party which was crammed packed by now. We met up with the guys who were in their superhero costumes all making fun of Michael on how he isn't that punk rock. Eventually me and Michael went out on the dance floor and you guessed it danced.  As songs came and passed we go from slow dancing to basically jumping up and down as the songs switch. Eventually the sun goes down leaving us in the dark as the flashing lights guide our way.

             Michael grabbed my hand and led me to a slightly darker spot. I question him but he shushed me and said," Ready  for the surprise?" I nodded my head and he then goes to take of his mask. The minute it came off I was faced with a glowing Michael, his hair was glowing along with his face in the pattern of bones.I was super excited at my dorky boyfriend. I chuckled and and said," You know , what am I going to do with you?" He chuckled and said," Be my girlfriend, feed me, give me kisses!" I shook my head and said," Nope you are not messing up my make up!" He wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a sloppy kiss making sure he rubbed the makeup on me in the process!

             I laughed and said," Now i'm glowing!" He then said," Well I still have some left over with me, want to go mess with people!" I laughed and said," Let's hit it!" The rest of the night we went around seeing how much we could draw on someone with out noticing and going around and attempting to treat or treat and then followed the night with horror movies and candy!



                 Okay so every once in awhile I will update this with a new imagine and they will always be under alexis and michael, since this was intended for my friend alexis, but if someone out there wants me to write them one too leave your name and which guy you want in the comments and I can try and write one for you and ya. 

    P.S Alexis I hope you like this ; )

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