Saving Lucas

Lucas Moore is your not so average teenage boy. Having straight A’s, 4.0 GPA, a 2350 SAT score, the complete math nerd as his best friend, anime manga books secretly hiding somewhere in his closet and his not so extravagant social circle, you can say that Lucas is the typical high school nerd. In the eyes of Lucas Moore, every day of his life is like a song playing over and over again and not that he’s complaining, it was just that he craved for something different. Then everything changed on the first of senior year when he saw that one thing on the other side of the hallway that would change his life forever.


2. ii.


[chapter 2]


I honestly, with all my heart, regret standing in the middle of the hall for literally 5 minutes just eye balling the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. Scratch that. I don’t regret it one bit, and now that I think about it, there’s no doubt that she would ever turn an eye to me. Here I am, sitting down trying so hard to pay attention to my lame English teacher ramble about Jane Austen. Not that I hate Jane Austen, I just hate the teacher that’s teaching Jane Austen’s astounding novels.


“Now what do you kids think about Pride and Prejudice?” Miss Wester, my teacher questioned the class who was ninety percent falling asleep.


She looked around the class for a full minute, taking note of those who were sleeping and those who tried to look like they were listening. I rolled my eyes at her and fought the urge to stand up and tell her that people would actually listen to her if she weren’t such a lame ass teacher. Minutes ticked and she just shook her head disappointedly.


“It’s fine, it’s fine. That book was too cliché anyways, no one would be interested-“


Yup. That crosses the line; you do not insult Jane Austen. Anger rose in my system and I immediately stood up from my chair and gave our English teacher the most threatening death glare I could ever manage.


“Excuse me, Miss I’m-Better-Than-Everyone,” I burst in anger, clenching my fists on each side of the chair. “What makes you say that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a cliché? What makes you say that the world’s most renowned romance novel ever since the 1800s is something uninteresting?”


“Well, Mister Moore, it’s a matter of opinion isn’t it? It’s simple. It’s boring, cliché, not special and most definitely not interesting,” argued my English teacher, putting some emphasis on the last few words.

“Well, if it weren’t so interesting, then please, Miss Wester, enlighten me. Tell me why Pride and Prejudice is still in the bestseller’s section of every library even after it’s been published for about 2 centuries, when unlike you, you can’t even get your manuscript past the-“


“Hi, I’m sorry I’m late. I was lost and…” interrupted a girl who was standing by the doorway with a bunch of books on her arms and a worried look on her face.


Once her words drifted off, not finishing her sentence, the entire classroom went quiet and for some apparent reason, we were all staring at her. And it was her. That same girl.


My entire brain just stopped working the moment my eyes fell to her and I have never felt ashamed my entire life. Her eyes shifted from Miss Wester to me and vice versa, trying to comprehend the situation at hand. She stepped back by an inch when she saw the frustrated look on Miss Wester’s face then she looked towards me and for some reason, a cold chill went down my spine.


Get yourself together, Lucas. I shrugged the odd feeling off, tried very hard to contain my anger and just sat down on my chair with my arms crossed. I looked at the girl from the corner of my eye and she still had the terrified look on her face.


“I apologize, Miss…um…?”


“Wester, dear”


“Right, Miss Wester. Sorry, was I interrupting something?” she asked, giving our English teacher a nice little smile. “It seems like there was quite the conversation going on”


“Yes, there was. In fact, Mister Moore here just insulted my opinions and because of that,” she said then before she continued, she looked me straight in the eyes and gave me her usual evil witch-like kind of smile. And I knew very well where this was going. “You all have a 3 page essay paper due by the end of this week about your own interpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice”


The whole class grumbled in anger and frustration; I had to sink down into my chair in complete embarrassment. I didn’t dare look at anyone in the eye, especially her. She’s probably glaring at me in the back of my head. I crossed my arms and stared at my desk table. Miss Wester chuckled and began to rumble off at what she was teaching earlier. I didn’t even try to listen to her anymore.


“You just had to keep your big fucking mouth open, Moore,” whispered a guy from behind me. “You’re fucked”


And for the first time, I let the bitter words sink into my system and into my brain and I have never felt so guilty in my entire damned life.


Once English ended, I experienced the worst walk of shame the world has ever seen, and no not that kind of walk of shame. When the school bell rang, literally the entire class stood up and walked hurriedly out the door, while I sat there, waiting, still staring at the same spot I was staring at the entire class. I waited for the last person to leave and once the coast was clear, I grabbed all my stuff and without hesitation, I stormed out of the classroom I never want to enter ever again. Way to go, Lucas, you’ve just had a tremendous fucking disastrous first day of school.


While walking to my next class, I made sure to duck my head down and walk hurriedly, hopefully to not make any sign of eye contact. But as I recalled my class schedule, my day kind of lit up because my next class was something I was extremely excited for, AP Biology.


Unfortunately, the girl isn’t in my AP Biology class, I was hoping she would be there so she would see that I wasn’t really that much of an ass or a dimwit. Before heading off to look for Toby, I headed towards the men’s bathroom. Once I walked in there I had to suppress a frustrated groan escaping my lips. There he was, the number one fuckboy the world has ever seen, Ashton McLair. I rolled my eyes as I walked towards one of the cubicles of the bathroom and closed it.


A few seconds later, while I was taking a piss, Ashton and his gang started whispering to each other thinking that I couldn’t hear them at all.


“Hey, who was that kid?” asked one of Ashton's friends curiously.


“Who?” snapped Ashton.


“That kid that just walked in this bathroom,”


“Oh,” Ashton said then let out a rather loud chuckle, making it intentional that it was for me. “That’s Lucas Moore”


“Moore?” said the same person who asked Ashton the question, “Moore, Moore, Moore. Why does that last name ring a bell?”


“Because Lucas Moore is Ruby’s brother, smartass” Tony said in a rather harsh tone.


“Ruby? As in Ruby the super hot chick you got it off with in Chris’ party last Friday?”


“Yes and-“


Before he could even finish his sentence, I slammed the bathroom door open and without even looking at any of them in the eye, I walked out of the bathroom. Honestly, if I was a stupid fuck I would have punched them all on the face but I knew well enough that that could get me in big trouble. I clenched my fists hard and walked towards the cafeteria and to my very utter luck, there I found Toby with his back on the wall and his eyes on his phone.


I walked right up beside him and snatched his phone from his hand, sticking my tongue out at him as he tried to reach for it.


“Give it back, Lucas!” Toby yelled, pushing my hard as he tried to reach for his phone.


I laughed at him and shook my head. “You gotta keep your head up, Toby. Unless you’re talking to one of your so called ‘hot’ friend that you met on the internet” I teased him as I dangled his phone on the air.


“Jesus Christ, Lucas, when will you ever believe me?” Toby said as he stopped fighting me and gave me one of his signature smirks.


“Just show me one of her pictures and I’ll be the judge of that,” I said teasingly then winked at him.

“Euw Lucas, you’re fucking disgusting. My woman is my woman, not yours” Toby said, turning all protective and all; I just wanted to laugh at him but being his friend, I’d rather not. “Anyways, are we going to talk about our kinky fantasies or are we going to have lunch?”


“Lunch,” I replied, ignoring my actually grumbling stomach.


Toby and I sat on our usual chairs in the cafeteria, which was, far far away from everyone else. Well it wasn’t that depressing unlike those who sat dangerously close to the garbage bins. Toby and I just sat at the table on the farthest corner, trying to avoid any popular kids that like to mess up with people like me for fun.


As I nibbled on my chicken sandwich, I suddenly felt to warm hands slam on both of my shoulders. I jumped up in shock and turned around and to my surprise, there stood another good friend of mine, Cara White.


“Hey Cara,” I said, motioning her to sit down on the table with us. “I thought you were going to ditch school today”


“Well,” she said in her usual rebellious voice as she sat down on the chair beside Toby. “I didn’t want to miss seeing my two absolutely awesome friends didn’t I?”


I laughed and Toby just gave her a disgusted look. Lissa giggled then rolled her eyes before leaning in and giving Toby a nice little kiss on the cheek. Out of shock, Toby jumped up and started blushing all over the place. As usual, lunchtime with Toby and Cara was just another laugh. I gotta admit, Cara was giving Toby all the hints in the world but Toby just shrugs them off and thinks she’s being preposterous. Lissa has had this huge crush on him ever since 7th grade and Toby, being Toby, just keeps sticking to his online friends, who he never actually talks in depth about any of them, which also makes me concerned for him.


Lunch ended in a bliss and here I am now sitting in the very back seat of my history class. I was staring absentmindedly at the PowerPoint Mister Jenkins was showing us about the American Revolution, I mean come on we already learned this a hundred times. I placed my elbow on my chair and rested my chin on my palm, allowing myself to stare into space and drift off….a few minutes later, I started having not so vivid imaginations of flannel shirts....ripped jeans….brown hair…green eyes…


*nudge nudge*


I started mumbling something I didn’t know but honestly I didn’t care.




Ughhhh leave me alone, dammit.




My eyes slammed open and I turned my head to whoever was giving me the most irritating pokes I have ever felt but once my eyes met with the person who kept nudging me, I calmed down completely and felt nothing but confusion. To my surprise, the school’s most popular girl, Desiree Leighton, was looking straight at me in the eye with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. I couldn't help but look at her for an extra second and I'll be honest, she really was beautiful. She had really soft looking dirty blonde hair, a strong facial structure, brown eyes and a beautiful smile. But besides all that,  I raised my eyebrow at her and looked behind me to see if her attention was actually towards me and to my surprise, it was.


“Um yes?” I asked her, trying to sound polite.


“You’re Lucas Moore right?” she asked curiously.


Ugh here we go again with the Moore Moore fucking Moore.


“Yes I am Lucas Moore. Yes I am Ruby Moore’s brother. Yes I am a fucking nerd. Yes I-“


“Shut up will you, those aren’t the answers that I was looking for,” she snapped, rolling her eyes at me.


Yup. This day is fucked up.




“You’re not giving much away, Lucas”

“Says the girl who nudged me to annoyance when I was having such a blissful sleep,”


“Also having dreams of Vanessa, weren’t you?” Desiree said giving me a little wink.


“Excuse me? I don’t know who Vanessa is,” I said in confusion.


“Actually, Lucas,” she said shifting in her seat to face me properly and giving me the most excited look. “You do know her”


“I don’t”


“You do”


“I fucking don’t”


“Yes you do,”


“Listen, Desiree, you’re annoying me, I’m trying to sleep-“


“Jesus Christ, Lucas, calm yourself,” She said rolling her eyes at me. “She’s the girl you’ve been giving googley eyes this morning in the hallway”


“What? Really? Are you serious? Fuck. How did you know?” I said, starting to get scared that maybe the entire school had seen me staring at some new girl at school.


“Well for starters, I saw you staring at her and second, you were murmuring her physical appearances and I pieced things together and viola! Vanessa”


“Um congratulations?”


“Jesus, you’re so awkward,”


“Why are you talking to me? You don’t give a crap about me,”


“Yes I don’t but now I do,” She said mischievously.


“What is that supposed to mean?” I asked, starting to get annoyed with how this conversation was going.


“Because, Lucas,” She said, grinning from ear to ear. “I’m your one and only personal Jesus Christ”


What the fuck? I shook my head vigorously, trying to understand on why my first day of school turned out to be an entire freak show day. All I wanted to do was get this day over with, forget Vanessa and forget this day ever happened.


“Seriously, Desiree. What is going on with the school today? It’s fucking crazy, this has never happened to me before and honestly, I don’t like it” I snapped, giving her a stern look that apparently, didn’t affect her at all.


“Oh Lucas, you just don’t understand,” She said teasingly, rolling her big brown eyes at me.


“Then please. Elaborate,”


“I’m your savior, Lucas!” She said, throwing her hands up in the air for emphasis.


“And what exactly does that mean?” I asked, even though a part of me already knew what she was going to say.


“Well Lucas, lets just say I’m going to be spending a lot of time with you the next couple of days,” she said then winked at me.


“What? Why?”


“Because Lucas, I’m going to help you get your girl” She said loudly with an excited and proud look on her face.


A/N: hello world so I just want to say that I'll be working really slow on this story and what i mean by this is that, when I write each chapter I wont rush too much on the plot. well i'm not going to make lame chapters or anything but i'm just trying my best to avoid rushing in on stories too much :3 but thanks to everyone who's been reading, ur all amazin 

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