Saving Lucas

Lucas Moore is your not so average teenage boy. Having straight A’s, 4.0 GPA, a 2350 SAT score, the complete math nerd as his best friend, anime manga books secretly hiding somewhere in his closet and his not so extravagant social circle, you can say that Lucas is the typical high school nerd. In the eyes of Lucas Moore, every day of his life is like a song playing over and over again and not that he’s complaining, it was just that he craved for something different. Then everything changed on the first of senior year when he saw that one thing on the other side of the hallway that would change his life forever.


1. i.

[chapter 1]


If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I don’t care. About what you ask? Well I just don’t care about…basically anything. I mean who knows, maybe the reason to this inattentive attitude could be the fact that as of today, August 31, I am now dreadfully starting my senior year of high school or maybe it’s because of the fact that my very first (and so far, only) kiss was in 5th grade with freaking Elizabeth Wyatt. And I can tell you one thing, no one speaks to the Elizabeth Wyatt. No one.


Those two things mentioned has been, so far, the two most significant dilemmas I am facing as of this moment. Well, also setting aside the fact that my damn alarm is blaring like a freaking fire truck siren into my ears. And before I even decide to take move a single muscle fiber of mine, I take a deep breath and pray to the gods of the world for me to have at least, a decent first day of school.


I opened my eyes and the very first thing that I did on my last first day of high school was grabbing my alarm clock and throwing it on the other side of my room. The sound as the alarm clock shattered definitely wasn’t pleasant and I’m pretty sure my mom heard every bit of it and now she’s going to kill me and-


“Lucas!” came a loud shout from my British mom from outside my room.


I groaned in frustration and lazily climbed out of my bed and in the process of doing so, my foot just had to catch on the side of the blanket causing me to nearly fall to my death. This day keeps getting worse and worse and it hasn’t even been half an hour yet. I’m screwed.


Before heading out my room, which is surprisingly, extremely neat, I grabbed a bath towel and walked out the door. I could already smell the crispy bacon and steamy eggs the moment I stepped out in the hallway, I inhaled the delicious scent and walked quietly towards the bathroom.


“Lucas!” My mom yelled again, “Would you please hurry up, dear? You walk like your granny for god’s sakes”


Without response, I rolled my eyes and headed to the bathroom for my daily 30-minute shower jamming to The Weeknd.

Then we move on to the most devastating crisis of every first day of school: outfit. And yes, the stereotype that boys really don’t give a single crap about outfits exists but hey, some guys want to look decent and presentable instead of looking like some hobo who woke up on the wrong side of the street. After some long deliberation, I pulled out my favorite Pulp Fiction t-shirt, some jeans and my black converse. Typical teenage boy look? Oh well. Get bullied by the stupid jocks in school? Oh well.


I grabbed my backpack that was hanging lazily on my chair and walked out my room. I went towards the staircase and ran down the stairs, eagerly impatient to eat my mom’s best bacon and eggs. As I stepped into the living room, I couldn’t help but miss the usual yearly school routing my family would do. My father would be sitting on his side of his table reading the newspaper and making opinions and arguments against some articles (he’s a very opinionated person). My sister would be seated cross-legged on her chair; one hand holding her iPhone6 and the other hand would be holding the fork with a slice of egg dangling on it. My mom would be wearing her polkadot apron around her waist, running around the kitchen singing some British folk song. Then there’s me, sitting on my side of the table, eating my breakfast quietly yet enjoying the company of my family.


“Good murning Lucas, how was your sleep, darling?” my mom asked as she turned off the stove and hung her apron on the wall.


I bit off a piece of my bacon and gave her one of my very famous fake smiles, “Oh it was astounding, mom. I’ve had loads of sleep”


“Oh well,” She said before sitting herself down on her side of the table and cutting up a piece of her egg. “You’re a lucky lad, Lucas. Back in Cambridge I wasn’t able to get much sleep because of the neighbors that I had, played music all night! Those wankers-“


“Julie! Please!” My dad exclaimed, giving her his usual old man frown. “We do not use curse words in this house, even those native to you. We have children in our home, honey”


My mom sighed heavily, “Oh all right dearie” then before she chewed on her egg, she looked at me straight in the eye and mouthed the words: they were such wankers.


I couldn’t help but chuckle and surprisingly, a chuckle came out of my sister’s mouth as well. I looked at my sister and she seemed quite busy with what she was doing on her phone so I leaned in and before she swatted my face away, I read that she was texting Ashton. The number one jerk head of the school is texting my sister, just great.


“Ruby, why on earth are you texting freaking Ashton McLair?” I whispered to my sister.


She snapped her head towards me and gave me the scariest death glare I’d ever seen her give. “Stay out of this Lucas, that’s none of your damn business”


I rolled my eyes at her and mumbled under my breath, “Now he’s a wanker”


Next time I knew, I was in the car with my entire family heading to school for the last time ever. I was seated on the back seat and as my mom blasted the British Radio in the car, I stared out into the window of admired the dull view of the city streets of Greensburg. I sneaked a peek to the left and once again, saw my sister texting madly on her phone. I rolled my eyes at myself and made a note that I would sneak into her phone tonight. Hmm, actually, maybe not.


A few minutes passed and I suddenly felt a vibration on my pocket. I pulled out my phone and unsurprisingly received a text message from my best friend since grade school, the number one ultimate Naruto nerd and Metallica fanatic, Toby Davis. I couldn’t help but rolling at my eyes at what he texted me.


Toby: HEY MY FAV LIL BRIT BOY!!! u ready to be a senior??? i heard those sophomores have a thing for the sexy nerdy seniors ;)


Me: u can try, Toby but all you’ll get is a black eye and desperate girls laughing at your face


Toby: jeez lucas, you gotta lighten up!!!! You’re a senior for god’s sakes, a SENIOR, you basically rule the entire school


Me: um no, Tony rules the entire school, u dimwit


Toby: my gawdddd tony’s just some dumb human being, forget about him




Toby: eh he probably already hit it with her already


Me: srsly toby? Srsly?


Toby: well I wouldn’t blame him, ur sister is hot as fireeeeee


Me: wanna know who’s going to be hot as fire? YOU WHEN I SET UR ASS ON FIRE


Toby: aw lucas, why didn’t you tell me you were gay for me? <3


Me: ……………………………………toby, gtfo


Toby: okay bby, give me a kiss when u see me later :****


Me: I’m actually going to stab you


Toby: with what….? ;)


Me: yup that crossed the line goodbye toby goodbye


Yup. I am traumatized. A shiver ran down my spine as I re-read the conversation with my best friend for a bagillion years. I honestly wondered why he always acts so weird but then I just tell myself every time that he probably just needs to get laid. Well I do recall him telling me that he hit it off with a sophomore last year but even though 90% of our school doesn’t believe him, I have a bit of faith in him for many reasons. First of all, Toby isn’t at all a terrible and embarrassing human being, he can be extremely nice at times and he’s crazy smart. Second of all, his facial appearance is actually way way better than mine, with his blonde hair, tan skin, 6’0 height and lean body structure, if he just wasn’t so weird at times, he would definitely have the potential to be some popular kid. But Toby will be Toby and that’s what’s amazing about him. He just never changes.


A few minutes later and my parents pulled up on the driveway of our school. I looked to my left again and saw Ruby grinning and blushing heavily while reading whatever the hell she has on her phone. I growled inwardly and fought the urge to text freaking Tony to leave her alone. My mom suddenly turned around from her chair and gave us the biggest grins ever.


“So my little chaps off to school again,” my mom said excitedly. “Your mum’s very proud of you. Especially you, Lucas, off to your senior year! How exciting, innit? Oh and also you too Ruby, dear, enjoy your sophomore year”


My mom then shifted in her seat and pulled something out of her pocket and to my surprise she handed us both $100 dollar bills each. My eyes widened in shock and my sister did nothing but grin like crazy. Jeez this never happened before. My sister immediately squealed in joy and grabbed the cash then she leaned forward and kissed my mom on both cheeks.


“Thank you so much mom,” My sister exclaimed in joy. “I love you so so much”


“Aw I love you too, dearie” My mom said, giving her the kindest smile. “Now off to school, honey”


My sister immediately dashed off the car and into the doors of hell. I looked back at my mom and she raised her eyebrow at me. Honestly, I was reluctant to get it from her because well, she doesn’t really do this and it’s just odd because I wouldn’t say we’re the richest family in the world.


“Just take it, Lucas,” my mom said then chuckled.


It took me about 5 minutes just to say goodbye to my mom because she started tearing up after I put the cash in my pocket and here I am now, standing by the doors of my high school. There weren’t much people left since the bell was about to ring in about 5 minutes. Tons of people rushed in the door excitedly while I just stare at the double doors and as I pushed them open and as I walked down the hallways, I started to make a list of the things of what to do and what not to do today.


Number 1: Make a mental list of what to do and what not to do


As I walked towards my locker which wasn’t too far way, I passed by the group of the popular kids standing by Tony’s locker and to my utter unsurprised mental state, there were already about 5 freshmen girls hovering around the boys. I rolled my eyes at them and kind of felt bad.


Number 2: Do not get involved with any of the popular kid’s business UNLESS it’s related to Ruby


Once I passed the first hallway, there I saw Ruby standing by her locker with her group of 3 other girl friends all gushing over her phone, probably reading the messages her and Ashton have been exchanging. I slowly walked past them and heard one of her friend’s whisper, “Oh my god, he sent you this picture?”


Number 3: Ignore all possible popular girls today. Even the hot ones.


As I neared my locker, I looked down to my right and there were the popular girls click. The ones who were the provocative attire and take five bagillion hours to do their make up and hair. but I’ll be honest, some of them are actually really attractive and I wouldn’t mind having a crush on them except for the fact that some are just….impossibly stupid.


Just as I was about to make mental note number 4, I stopped dead in my tracks and was left dumbfounded. I knew something was different with the popular girls group….something was different. I squinted my eyes and watched as they giggled at their stories about boys and whispered their secrets to each other. But something was different.


Beyond all the pink skirts, blonde hair, heavy make up, full teeth smiles and high pitches giggles something else stood out. I don’t know if it was the long brown hair or the bright green eyes, or maybe it was the perfect body frame or the knee high boots that made me oblivious to everything else around me. I didn’t care if my mouth was slightly hanging open or if I was standing at the same spot for almost 5 minutes but what I did care about was that for a slight second, I swear to god, her eyes met mine and then came mental note number 4: talk to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. 


[A/N: hooray for new stories!!! i hope you all like it heeheh please comment down what you think and omggg im so excited to keep writing more <3 this feeLS LIKE WRONG NUMBER ALL OVER AGAIN IM EXCITED]

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