The sexret


I remember everything about us

The first time we saw each other our knees got weak and we felt butterflies in out stomach.

The first time we touched it was like electricity.

The first time we kissed we felt sparks.

Our first time was amazing.

No one must never know


5. ch. 5

*Liam's p.o.v*

We head outside. 

Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum were already drunk.

Everyone else starts drinking but me being the responsible one I don't drink.

I just watch over them and make sure they don't do anything stupid. 

After about 4 hours everyone passes out. 

I got out my phone and decided to make a video to show them when they wake up again.

I go to my camera and start the video. 

Liam: so this is what happens when you have way to much to drink when you go over to a friends. Where's Niall? 

I go inside the video still on. 

Liam: Niall? Lad? Where are you? 

I go all over the house looking for him, the video still on. 

I go upstairs and figured 'hey why not check Abby's room?' 

I try to open the door but it's locked. 

I took out Luke's keychain, since I took all of their keys so they wouldn't drive, and opens Abby's door.

The video still one. 

As soon as I open the door I see Abby and Niall naked and asleep the video still rolling.

I gasp loudly and drop my phone. 

Suddenly Abby wakes up. 

She sits up using the blanket to cover herself 

Abby: Liam! What are you doing in here?! 

Liam: what are you doing naked with Niall?! Did y'all have sex?!

Abby: maybe

Liam: *gasp* yes you did!! Does Luke know?

Suddenly Niall wakes up. 

He sits up the blanket on his laps.

Niall: Liam?! What are you doing in here?! 

Liam: I was looking for you but I found you at a bad time!! 

Abby: okay, calm down. Just everyone stop yelling before we wake up Luke. 

Liam: he wouldn't wake up if a train was coming, but okay. But does anybody know about...well this?

Niall: No. Nobody knows. 

Liam: what would Luke think? Huh? His best friend having sex with his sister behind his back.

Abby: you can never tell him!

Liam: Abby he's my friend. I can't hide this from him. 

Niall: please Liam? 

This was hard. Would I tell Luke so he could deal with this or hide it from him? 

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