The sexret


I remember everything about us

The first time we saw each other our knees got weak and we felt butterflies in out stomach.

The first time we touched it was like electricity.

The first time we kissed we felt sparks.

Our first time was amazing.

No one must never know


4. ch. 4

I smile back at him.

He walks up to me, grabs my hand and basically drags me upstairs to my room. 

I smile widely and lock my door as he starts undressing. 

I look at him, smile and undress. 

After I finish he picks me up, making me wrap my legs around and kisses me. 

I smile and kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck and tangling my fingers in his hair.

He wraps his arms around my back and deepens it.

As the kiss continues I could feel him getting harder. 

He pulls away and throws me on the bed. 

I smile widely as he slowly walks toward me. 

He slowly crawls on top of me. 

Niall: you wanna go slow? 

I bite my lip and nod. 

He nods in response and slowly enters me. 

I moan as he continues going slowly like he was grinding me. 

I moan and burry my fingernails in his shoulders. 

I hear him slightly moan as he continues. 

I moan biting my lip roughly and I scratch his back leaving marks. 

He moans and continues going deeper hitting my g spot making me moan like crazy. 

Me: I'm...I'm gonna...I'm gonna cum

I say under my breathes. 

Niall: hold it...I'm almost there too. 

He says putting his hands on my sides as if holding me. 

I moan loudly and cum as he pulls out 

Niall: suck

He says. I nod and lick his tip as if teasing him. 

He softly moans

Niall: babe...don't tease

He says under his breaths.

I obey and suck his tip. 

He moans and holds my hair. 

I deep throat him as he moans loudly and cums. 

We lay in my bed next to each other panting. 

I pull the blanket over us as we slowly drift off to sleep

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