The sexret


I remember everything about us

The first time we saw each other our knees got weak and we felt butterflies in out stomach.

The first time we touched it was like electricity.

The first time we kissed we felt sparks.

Our first time was amazing.

No one must never know


3. ch. 3

I enter Luke's car. He turns and smiles at me making me smile back. 

He starts the car an starts driving. 

Luke: was school? 

Me: it's was good. My last day of school so no more test, no more annoying people. 

Luke: how'd you get that one your neck? 

Me: what? 

He takes one hand off the wheel and moves my hair to revel the hickey Niall left me. 

Luke: that

He says putting his hand back on the wheel

Me: oh...that..uh

I was trying to come up with an excuse. What could I do?! 

Me: there...was a fight at school. I was...passing and I hit by one of the uh...the uh guys. 

Luke slight nods and continues driving. 

After about 10 minutes of awkward silence we get to Luke's house. 

We get into the car and go inside. I go to the room that Luke got for me incase I didn't want to live with mom and dad or just for the summer. 

I put my backpack by the door and lay in the king size bed in the middle of the room. 

I sigh as my phone starts to blow up 

'@abby_123 caught leaving @Nialloffical 's house'

That's basically what all the tweets said. I groan and shut off my phone knowing that my phone would blow up when I turn it back on.


I've been in my room all day, listening to my radio and watching tv.

The movie I was watching finished when I heard the front door open and close.

Liam: Luke? You home?

Niall: where are you lad?

I smiled as I heard Niall's beautiful Irish accent.

I went and changed into a kinda loose pink shirt, white jeans and pink vans.

As soon as I reached the bottoms stop louis came and tackled me down

Louis: Abby!

He yelled with excitement. I laugh and hug him.

Zayn: Louis get off of her before you break her

Louis smiles and gets up holding out his hand to help me. I grab his hand and stand up

Harry: hey love, where's your brother.

Suddenly the back sliding door opens

Luke: the parties out here

He said kinda slurred since he was drunk.

Everyone but Niall smiles and goes to the back

Niall looks at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his and smirked

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